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Future of finance?

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Is XBRL The Key To Escaping Small Cap Hell? Small cap hell is where you end up in about six months after your IPO, when all the high fives and champagne have receded into a distant memory.

Is XBRL The Key To Escaping Small Cap Hell?

Unless your company is big enough. How big is big enough? According to Investopedia, small cap refers to companies with "a market capitalization of between $300 million and $2 billion. " That's right, to escape small cap hell you need to have a market cap over $2 billion. To put that in perspective, that describes one out of 14 publicly traded SaaS companies ( YC-Funded Data Marketplace Is An Amazon For Structured Informati. There has always been a vibrant ecosystem around financial data.

YC-Funded Data Marketplace Is An Amazon For Structured Informati

Financial institutions, such as hedge funds and investment banks, pay thousands of dollars for quantitative tabular data (financial data in spreadsheets). But now, the web has provided a mechanism to distribute and publish large amounts of data, but much of this data is raw (meaning, it’s not built into a spreadsheet format) and hard to find in a Google search. An finding the data, and then putting the data into a format that is easy to digest can be a laborious task.

Y Combinator’s Data Marketplace is hoping to change this by providing a platform where financial professionals can request data sets and then data aggregators/consultants can then find and format the appropriate data. Founded by two former analysts at investment banks, Data Marketplace is essentially the middleman in helping financial organizations find quality data on the web. Chris dixon: @Pedaviet it's from the pe...