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Flipboard Hits 3.5 Million Downloads, 550 Million Flips Per Month. Flipboard CEO Mike McCue took the stage today with TechCrunch Editor-in-Chief Erick Schonfeld, talking about the future of tablet publishing.

Flipboard Hits 3.5 Million Downloads, 550 Million Flips Per Month

He revealed that the app has hit 3.5 million downloads in a year and two months, and has gone from 250 million flips per month to 550 million flips per month in the four months since June. Last time we checked in the app had seen over 2.5 million downloads and with 11.4 million “Flips” per day (which can be likened to pageviews). The 3.5 million figure is impressive considering Apple has said that it will have sold a total of 35 million iPads in 18 months. McCue said that the peak hours for the app are between 8pm-10pm at night, and then first thing in the morning. Flipboard received $50 million in financing from Kleiner Perkins, Index Ventures and others at the beginning of this year.

Flipboard 1.5 Integrates LinkedIn, Adds A Content Guide For Curated News Browsing. Flipboard 1.5 Integrates LinkedIn, Adds A Content Guide For Curated News Browsing An update to social news viewing app Flipboard goes live in the app store today, with a new souped up 1.5 version that optimizes the reader experience even further.

Flipboard 1.5 Integrates LinkedIn, Adds A Content Guide For Curated News Browsing

Earlier this week we had the chance to sit down with Flipboard CEO Mike McCue and did a demo of the new features, above. McCue tells me that the redesign focused on three core changes. 1. People can now navigate to an infinite number of feeds (previous limit was 21). 2. The biggest shift from the previous version is the Flipboard Content Guide, which separates curated content streams like Science and Tech and Design to easily connect first time and repeat users with the topics that they’re most interested in, similar to competitor app Pulse’s curated streams. Users can access the Content Guide by tapping on the red “More” tab at the top of the app and add frequently viewed feeds to Favorites by tapping on the “add” button.

Flipboard's Traffic Just Quadrupled: Now At 400 Million "Flips" Per Month. Flipboard has been on an impressive growth streak lately, thanks in part to Apple's iPad 2 launch this spring.

Flipboard's Traffic Just Quadrupled: Now At 400 Million "Flips" Per Month

Flipboard CEO Mike McCue tells us that Flipboard is doing about 400 million "flips" per month now -- the equivalent of a pageview, whenever someone flips the page in its iPad reader app. That's up from 100 million flips earlier this spring, when Flipboard was working on its big funding round. So, basically, in the span of a few months, Flipboard's traffic has quadrupled. Mike McCue: FlipBoard Is Seeing More Than 10 Million Flips Per Day (Video) Mike McCue: FlipBoard Is Seeing More Than 10 Million Flips Per Day (Video) When it comes to publishing apps on the iPad, there are two models: 1) social readers that bring all your realtime news feeds together like Flipboard; or 2) single-title apps from major publishers like the New Yorker, The Daily or the New York Times.

Mike McCue: FlipBoard Is Seeing More Than 10 Million Flips Per Day (Video)

Those two models are also dividing along the lines of subscriptions versus ad-supported/free. In the video above, Flipboard CEO Mike McCue makes the case that in tablet publishing, “the bulk of the revenue will come from advertising.” Exclusive: Flipboard Confirms $50 Million Funding at $200 Million Valuation. Late last month, BoomTown posted about a huge venture funding effort by the high-profile and even more highly designed social media reading app for the Apple iPad, Flipboard.

Exclusive: Flipboard Confirms $50 Million Funding at $200 Million Valuation

Today, its co-founder and CEO Mike McCue confirmed the $50 million round at an eye-popping $200 million valuation, in a wide-ranging interview at the start-up’s Palo Alto, Calif., HQ. “We’re obviously thrilled, because we think it confirms our focus that people want a beautifully designed way to interact with content and to share it,” he said.

“And there is a lot more to come–on a scale of one to 10, we’re just at a two or three.” The bulk of the new second round of funding–Flipboard had previously raised $10.5 million–came from New York-based Insight Venture Partners. Flipboard Is Raising Money At A $200 Million Valuation. Fly Or Die: Does Flipboard Have A Chance? It’s time for this week’s episode of Fly or Die, the TCTV show where CrunchGear editor John Biggs and I look at three new products and debate their longterm chances of survival.

Fly Or Die: Does Flipboard Have A Chance?

In today’s show, we discuss Windows Phone 7, the just-announced Casio Tryx digital camera, and the popular Flipboard iPad app. At the end of the show, a special surprise guest appears from one of the companies involved to respond immediately to our criticisms of his product. That’s the best part of the show, so be sure to watch until the end to catch it.

Okay, I’ll tell you who is the guest. Flipboard CEO Mike McCue. Flipboard is a beautiful iPad app that looks at the content your friends are sharing on Twitter and Facebook and reformats it into a digital, interactive magazine.

Flipboard CEO Mike McCue

The consumer reaction to the app since its launch last week has been nothing short of completely nuts. Click here for a quick walk-through → How nuts? Cofounder and CEO Mike McCue tells us that before launching Flipboard, he made his engineers hook up double the amount of servers they thought would be necessary. After the launch, Flipboard maxed out that server capacity in a shocking 20 minutes. We sat with Mike for an extended interview, which we've published below.

The most interesting thing we learned is how Flipboard plans to make money. 1) - How is Flipboard game-changing or innovative? Flipboard is potentially game changing in two ways:1.

1) - How is Flipboard game-changing or innovative?

The user interface and experience are extraordinary and it is one of the first applications to truly use the full capabilities of the iPad interface2. Superior design combined with content curation could make real time stream advertising more palatable to brand advertisers and even create new forms of advertising that are more effective because of the tight integration with content.Now for the unpopular part of the answer. Despite the wonderful design, I do not think Flipboard is game changing at all. I actually believe it is a step backward for the idea of real time.

Is Flipboard Legal? Social news app Flipboard was yesterday’s hot new app, despite—or perhaps because of—technical problems that prevented some features from working.

Is Flipboard Legal?

But there might be a bigger snag: Is Flipboard scraping content it doesn’t have the rights to? Flipboard, the new iPad app that renders links from your Twitter feed and favorite sites in a beautiful, magazine-style layout, has a problem: it scrapes websites directly rather than using public RSS feeds, opening it to claims of copyright infringement.

Unlike some similar news apps like Pulse, Flipboard appears to eschew the older syndication standby RSS to instead grab URLs from Twitter and Facebook feeds. While news sources that maintain their own automatic Twitter feeds tend to link the same stories as they do in their RSS feeds, there’s one critical difference: RSS also allows content to be included in the feed, whereas Twitter provides only the URLs that link back to the full website. Why Flipboard is Already One of the Best iPad Apps Available (And How it Could be Better) Social magazine app Flipboard fulfills the promise of the iPad.

Why Flipboard is Already One of the Best iPad Apps Available (And How it Could be Better)

It pulls down a real-time stream of social data from the cloud and delivers it to users in a bright, personalized, touch-screen interface. The app takes messages and links shared by your friends and other groups on Facebook and Twitter, assembles them as multi-media excerpts with whitespace on touch flippable pages and adds a variety of other social features. It's not a new idea but it's a very big deal. Launched with high-profile investor backing and an explosion of media coverage, the free app is struggling to perform under a big load of user interest. Flipboard, New "Social" iPad Magazine will be Powered by Semantic Data. The stealthy Kleiner Perkins-backed startup called Flipboard has now been revealed to be, as some suspected, a social application for the iPad.

The new Flipboard iPad app bills itself as a "social magazine" - that is, one which aggregates status updates, tweets, photos and articles from those you're connected to on social networking sites, like Twitter and Facebook. These updates are beautifully laid out into an easily digestible view which you can flip through with your fingers. What’s more productive? A stream or a page? A debate. Nova Spivak has been debating with me tonight about how much more efficient he feels news readers are if they stream items down like you’ll see on, or in social media clients like Seesmic or Tweetdeck bring. I used to agree with him.

Exclusive first look at “revolutionary” social news iPad app: Flipboard. You’ve seen Twitter clients like TweetDeck or Seesmic, but you’ve never seen one like this. You’ve seen news readers like NewsGator, Google Reader, or, even, newer ones for iPad like Pulse, but you’ve never seen one like this. You’ve seen news aggregators like Techmeme, Google News, Skygrid, Yahoo News, Hacker News, or Huffington Post, but you’ve never seen one like this.

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