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The Startup MBA. Startable - Healy Jones' & Prasad Thammineni. I am a little late to the party, but earlier this week Dharmesh Shah posted on the “10 Things MBA Schools Won’t Teach You” if you are doing the startup thing.

Startable - Healy Jones' & Prasad Thammineni

It was a great post and I agree with his points. I know I’m a bit new to the actually being an entrepreneur (ok, ok, pretending to be an entrepreneur), but I’ve thought about his ideas and came up with a few of my own. Keep in mind I can really only speak to my experience at Wharton; different MBA programs are probably pretty different and may teach these particular issues.

Sales – When I was a venture guy hanging around BOD’s, and now that I am trying to help Pixily with customer acquisition, it is quite clear to me that my MBA program lacked real “sales” education – yet this seems to be pretty much the most important part of taking a company from $0 revenue and product to $100 million and profitable. Mark Pincus, Zynga - Bing Gordon, Kle.

What makes an entrepreneur?

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