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The Pmarca Blog Archive Is Back… as an Ebook. Somewhere along the way Marc Andreessen went from being pmarca to @pmarca.

The Pmarca Blog Archive Is Back… as an Ebook

He took down his popular blog, and years later took up tweetstorming. Which means you can keep up with his current thoughts on Twitter — and also catch up on them (in the form of tweets, podcasts, and op-eds) here. But by popular request, you can now also download many of his older blog posts — The Pmarca Blog Archives — as an ebook, below. [And yes, we do get the irony of doing this!] That said, here are some of our edit notes*: We removed all links (and text) that referenced resources that no longer exist or were otherwise outdated out of a live web context. To download the free ebook — available in multiple formats for most e-readers — we’d appreciate your filling out the optional form below.

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Forbes Welcome. 10 Steps To Creating A Successful Sales Team From Scratch - Business & Personal Growth Tips. A few months ago, I was crunching numbers for the company and doing research on how competitors grew and it donned on me – we had to create a sales team.

10 Steps To Creating A Successful Sales Team From Scratch - Business & Personal Growth Tips

But not a boiler room type of deal where people just pounded the phones, I wanted something that felt more consultative and not as disruptive. I’m not saying cold calling is dead, I’m just saying it has changed. We had a fundamental problem where only one person was closing deals and that, to me, was a major bottleneck. There was only one problem: I’ve never built a sales team before. Sure, I’ve done sales but putting together a sales team is an entirely different story.

Right. Here are 10 steps I took to create a manage a sales team that is now humming along: Successful teams are built on smart onboarding. Hiring great people is expensive.

Successful teams are built on smart onboarding

Losing them because you didn’t provide them with enough support to get up to speed will cost you double. Good employee onboarding saves time and money. Before joining Intercom’s Customer Support team, I never really thought about onboarding. Successful teams are built on smart onboarding. Bijan Sabet. I am really enjoying the “the everything store”, a book about Jeff Bezos and Amazon by Brad Stone.

Bijan Sabet

(I’m reading it on my new iPad mini retina which is an amazing tablet btw) Anyway back to the book. I am about halfway through it. It’s quite interesting to sneak behind the curtain and learn about how the company was started and their culture. One thing that was foreign to me before reading the book is how amazon employees conduct meetings. The memo is presented at the beginning of the meeting (not in advance) and the meeting starts with everyone silently reading the memo for 15-20minutes.

It’s an interesting model and approach to say the least. A better way to visualize pipeline development? (WIP) When founders show me their sales pipeline, the data is typically visualized in some variations of one of these formats: When I see charts like this, I often find it hard to quickly wrap my head around the data and draw meaningful conclusions.

A better way to visualize pipeline development? (WIP)

Sometimes, important numbers are missing altogether. In other cases, they are there but are shown on another page or in another report. a16z - a16z Podcast: The Why, How, and When of Sales. Episode Info: The hallmark of many great technical founder/CEOs is that they envision a better way of doing things, and that's why they're building a company that delivers on that better way, often disrupting the way things have always been...

a16z - a16z Podcast: The Why, How, and When of Sales

The Right Kind of Mania. In 76 years, the British cycling team have recorded only one gold medal.

The Right Kind of Mania

In 2002, pushed by new head coach named Sir Dave Brailsford, the team implemented philosophy of continuous incremental improvement. And the results were astounding. In the last two Summer Olympics, the British cycling team has won seven of a possible 10 gold medals at each event, a remarkable transformation. 10X Your Business. Often when I meet with a startup I will ask them to put aside their existing product/distribution roadmap for a minute and brainstorm around a simple question - Question 1: "What circumstances would lead to a 10X increase in the value of your product or business?

10X Your Business

" Most product and distribution roadmaps are incremental. Do x, then y, then z, each of which has a linear increase in the value of the product or company. Why It's Safe for Founders to Be Nice. August 2015 I recently got an email from a founder that helped me understand something important: why it's safe for startup founders to be nice people.

Why It's Safe for Founders to Be Nice

I grew up with a cartoon idea of a very successful businessman (in the cartoon it was always a man): a rapacious, cigar-smoking, table-thumping guy in his fifties who wins by exercising power, and isn't too fussy about how. The New Tech CEO Archetype. When your tech company was in need of new management you used to go get a proven executive, like Lou Gerstner or Meg Whitman, who had experience running large companies. But now, it seems, you go get a strong technical person who rose up the ranks of product management and knows how to ship great products. The new tech CEO archetype is a computer scientist who got into product management early in their career, led large product teams at a big important tech company, is in their 40s, and has great taste in technology, tech talent, and most of all tech products.

Marissa Mayer, Satya Nadella, and Sundar Pichai are examples of this archetype. It’s not really different from what we look for in startup founders. Most of the time, the founders we back come from product backgrounds. When young people tell me they want to start or run a tech company, I always tell them to go work in product at a big tech company. Should You Sell Your Company? Sittin’ up drunk shuffling thoughtsGot paper but I’m lostLosing focus what a n#%$a still hustin’ for? My seed is straight the family’s settledIdle time get the man in trouble—Nas, Suicide Bounce One of the most difficult decisions that a CEO ever makes is whether or not to sell her company. Logically, determining whether selling a company will be better in the long term than continuing to run it stand-alone involves a huge number of factors, most of which are speculative or unknown. Notes on the acquisition process. Ten years ago, startup financing was an insider’s game.

Since then, the topic has been widely discussed on blogs, to the great benefit of entrepreneurs. What You Can Learn from a Scorpion. Anxious Investors. Anxiety is something all investors feel at one point or another. Investing is a mix of greed and fear. When things aren’t going great, anxiety sets in. In public equity when you get nervous about a stock, you can usually sell the position and move on. In private equity, you are stuck with the investment. So anxiety sets in. The most important piece of advice for folks starting their careers. [ From a tweet storm last week ] 1/The most important piece of advice I can give folks starting out: be great at an important skill. Luck and the entrepreneur, part 1: The four kinds of luck.

Aug 14, 2007 In the last few weeks, I've been reading huge stacks of books on the psychology of creativity and motivation -- which is the reason for the relative scarcity of substantive blog posts. What’s The Most Difficult CEO Skill? Managing Your Own Psychology. How to Build a Marketing Team at a Consumer Technology Company.

I receive many questions about how to build marketing at technology organizations. Our startup needed to grow. — Startups & Venture Capital. 10 Throwback Startup Homepages. Career Advice for Recent Graduates. Why Design Matters More than Moore. From the beginning of the semiconductor industry a half-century ago, Moore’s Law has propelled Silicon Valley into the future. The Inside Story on How SurveyMonkey Cracked the International Market - First Round Review. Here is BuzzFeed’s first pitch deck to investors in 2008. In 2008, BuzzFeed had just five employees working in an office in New York City’s Chinatown district, and its website was attracting just 700,000 unique visitors a month.

What does Apple provide for its interns? Startups in 13 Sentences. February 2009. Good-product-manager.pdf. Little Things. Guide to Business Development and Partnerships. The Long Lost Myth of Capital Efficiency. Startup Best Practices #10 - Building Your Startup's Institutional Memory. End of the year startup checklist. How to Be an Expert in a Changing World. Two eras of the internet: pull and push. Ten Realities of Taking Venture Capital Money. If You Don’t Respect Your Customers You Won’t Be Successful. The Fatal Pinch. Subject: Airbnb. Airbnb. Divine Inspiration Fallacy.

Mean People Fail. How to Get Startup Ideas. Box CEO - Aaron Levie. The Struggle. Nobody Cares. Why Product Managers Need Sneakers. Crossing the Chasm. Moneyball: A Quantitative Approach to Angel Investing (Austin, TX -... The Entrepreneurial Age. What’s A Startup? First Principles. Hackers & Painters - Paul Graham. Customer Centric Selling. The Innovator's Dilemma. Assessing the Magnitude and Sustainability of Value Creation. BCG Perspectives. America-s Most Successful Startups. Invisible Engines.