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Apple Blogs. Why Every Child in America Needs an iPad. My wife and I sat down at a nice restaurant last week.

Why Every Child in America Needs an iPad

Our table was right next to a larger party of four adults and two young children — both girls under the age of 7 years old or so. Each of the girls had her own iPad, and each iPad had some high-end noise-cancellation headphones plugged in. One girl was engrossed in a children’s movie, and the other was enjoying a series of apps designed for kids. So of course I whipped out MY iPad and blogged about it. Granted, this scene took place in Silicon Valley, where there’s no such thing as an inappropriate social context for consumer technology and, in fact, in the very town where Steve Wozniak lives (Los Gatos). Letting kids use or own iPads is controversial.

Everybody’s asking: Are iPads healthy for children? I’m here to tell you: That’s the wrong question. The right question is this: Is the iPad a healthy *replacement* for TV? The iPad is scary because it’s new. Gosh, thanks, society! I could go on for pages. . * The iPad can be taken outside.

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About. June 1, 2009 The Loop has a variety of meanings.


For some people reading the site it’s a reference to Apple’s Cupertino address. To others it’s about being kept “in the loop” by reading the stories. For all its meanings, The Loop isn’t like other Mac and technology Web sites. What you can expect Of course, you get all of the latest tidbits of news about Apple and the tech market in general, but we also provide more in-depth coverage on the topics that matter to you. We write about the biggest product releases from all of the major companies in the industry. Jim Dalrymple is an accomplished guitar player. You’ll find how-to articles on everything from setting up amp modeling software to mic placement when recording acoustics. We hope you enjoy your stay at The Loop. Dropbox 1.4 Brings Tabs Back, Direct Uploads from Other Apps. A major update to the official Dropbox app for iOS was released night in the App Store, and it adds important new functionalities to the uploading aspect of the app.

Dropbox 1.4 Brings Tabs Back, Direct Uploads from Other Apps

Originally released last May on the iPad (a month after the iPad 1 went on sale), the app was often criticized because of its unintuitive navigation and limited upload features that didn’t allow users to interact with external applications or navigate between folders and starred items with ease. The latest update, version 1.4, aims at fixing these usability issues by bringing tabs back. Instead of having to tap on buttons in the top toolbar, Favorites, Uploads and Settings are accessible alongside the main Dropbox folder in a series of tabs at the bottom. The most notable feature, however, is the complete revamp of uploads. Start Here. Welcome to, a tech- and design-centric website with an affinity for fine software and writing.

Start Here

Subscribe to the RSS Feed and join 12,000 of the best readers. You can also follow on Twitter or get updates via email. Favorite and Popular Articles Interviews with Shawn Blanc More Reading. Explanation. The Apple community is concerned with the company Apple Inc. and its products.


Generally this has evolved into a proliferation of websites, all involved in online stories and discussions about Apple's products and how to use them, with some specifically speculating on rumors about future product releases. Such stories and discussions may include topics related to physical products like the Macintosh and iOS devices (e.g. the iPhone, iPod, and iPad); software and operating systems, like iOS, OS X, and Final Cut Pro; or even services Apple offers like MobileMe or iCloud. In recent years, a more specific subculture within the Apple community has developed, where some websites will focus almost exclusively on rumors about new Apple products and services.

History[edit] The culture of mass discussion about Apple products goes back to when the company started to sell significant numbers of their original computers in the early 1980s. Sites and publishers[edit] 9to5Mac[edit] AppleInsider[edit] Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters. Engadget. Ars Technica. The Best Technology News and Rumours Source. Gizmodo.

Apple News, Reviews and How Tos. Specific Mac blogs. Apple Insider News and Analysis. Apple Intelligence. News.

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