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Sleazy Listening. ENNIO MORRICONE - IL MAESTRO. S C O R E , B A B Y ! Your guide to groovy soundtracks of the 60's,70's and Beyond. Paul Durango's - de Roubaix. It's deadlicious™ - Mozilla Firefox. Sleazy Listening - Mozilla Firefox. Martyrs of pop - Mozilla Firefox. The Crime Lounge - Mozilla Firefox. World of Soundtrack - Mozilla Firefox. Filmicability with Dean Treadway: MASTER LIST #10: The 170 Great. I'm a big soundtrack geek.

filmicability with Dean Treadway: MASTER LIST #10: The 170 Great

Many of the following scores I'm about to list are ones I've owned on vinyl or CD for years--some since I was 10 or so. Almost all of the works mentioned here are crafted so brilliantly that the often-superlative movies they were written for now seem like gravy; this is a list of records that are all great to just sit down and listen to on their own.

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