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9Dotstrategies - an IT Solutions, Website Developent, Internet/Digital Marketing and Outsourcing Company located in Makati, Philippines. Managed by Chief Operations Officer, Jonathan Engalla We are graphic design artists, web designers, website and software developers, programmers, SEO consultants, content providers, bloggers, social media strategists, CMS experts, payment processing providers and e-commerce specialist all rolled up into one. We are fanatical about what we do and we demonstrate our passion in our work. We’re proud of being a concoction of creative minds, technical and marketing experts. Our extensive experience in international markets allows us to build the technology that drives businesses to prosper online!

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Website for Beyond Animation by #9DotStrategies ... Instagram. Landing Pages Are a Must. Ecommerce Suite for Domestic Trading Inc. by ... Is PageRank Finally Dead? It Seems To Be, At Least In The Google Toolbar. Want to know what the PageRank of a page is?

Is PageRank Finally Dead? It Seems To Be, At Least In The Google Toolbar

The ability to easily do this using the Google Toolbar has gotten harder over the years, with the latest blow being no update in values for the past six months. The Google Toolbar is how non-tech-savvy people can discover how much Google trusts a page, as represented by its PageRank value. That’s why Google added a PageRank display to its toolbar years ago, to help consumers know this, as it explains in its help area. But over the years, support for PageRank has dropped. Google never offered a Google Toolbar for Chrome or any add-on to show PageRank values. Internet Explorer is the last browser to still have a PageRank display offered by Google, but the data that flows into that display hasn’t been updated for over six months. When asked when the next update would come, Google had no comment.

Earlier this year, Google said that PageRank in the toolbar wouldn’t be going away: 10 Awesome Tips for Hiring the Right SEO. By Adam Dince, Published August 28, 2013 If you’re like me and have scoured LinkedIn looking for potential SEO candidates, you’ve found many profiles that contain words like SEO, inbound marker, search marketer, etc.

10 Awesome Tips for Hiring the Right SEO

If you’ve hired through job postings, you’ve probably weeded through mountains of resumes from prospects who sound like the ideal candidate. The truth is—good SEOs are hard to find and what’s printed on resumes and published on LinkedIn can be misleading. This holds true for entry-level roles all the way up through senior management. As a hiring manager, I’ve experienced it first-hand. Below, you’ll find my top 10 tips to consider when interviewing for an SEO role. Dig deep: Standard interview questions like, “What’s your greatest weakness?” In closing, I wish you the best in your hiring journey; may the force be with you. Digital Marketing, Social Media, … Video: Google Drops Keyword Tool, No PageRank Updates, Google Hits Ghost Networks & Ballmer Retires From Microsoft.

This week in search, I cover that Google has finally killed off their old external keyword tool.

Video: Google Drops Keyword Tool, No PageRank Updates, Google Hits Ghost Networks & Ballmer Retires From Microsoft

Google has not updated their PageRank in the Toolbar for over six months, symbolizing a possible death to PageRank. Google's Matt Cutts issued a quiet warning to ghost spam networks. Google said they receive about 5,000 reconsideration requests per week. Google wants feedback on which small sites deserve better rankings in the search results. Google was told off by a webmaster who claims a link cited as unnatural is purely natural. Make sure to subscribe to our video feed or subscribe directly on iTunes to be notified of these updates and download the video in the background. For the original iTunes version, click here. Online Branding through Logos. A Compilation Of The Best Link Building/SEO Gui... 10 Myths That Scare SEOs But Shouldn't - Whiteb... Using Cartoons and Comics in your website. Importance/Uses of Brochures.

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Google. Thomas Høgenhaven: Online Marketing From A Research Perspective. Here is a resource with all tools talked about at Mozcon 2012.

Thomas Høgenhaven: Online Marketing From A Research Perspective

Hope it’s a useful resource for mozcon attendees and non-attendees alike. It will be updated through out the three days (real time if wifi allows it). Content Tools - Infogram is good at creating quick inforgraphics – especially if you aren’t a designer. There are limited templates, so cannot keep use it forever. Roger at MozCon. The Best King: Internet Marketing Will Help You... Importance of Graphic Design in Business. Graphic and Web Designing Jobs. Digital, Social Media and Int... Why It's Important To Herd The Social Media She... Search Engine Optimization. 8 Tips For Managing A Social Media Crisis. The Digital Marketing Trio Of 2013 [Infographic...