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Unspoken tears – The most important person of my life, my dad; is not believing me!!

Unspoken tears –

And this uncle coming to my home is abusing me, taking advantage of the situation. I tried to tell dad but perhaps he didn’t understand what I meant to say. Although I described the scenario, he didn’t respond. I want this hell man out of my home! My dad is taking this lightly, he thinks I’m just 14; how could I understand those things? He held my hand, kept it for long, rubbed it; rubbed my feet. Why you don’t listen to me papa? You were the reason I live for and now, when you’ve left me alone; I don’t find any reason to survive. With a hope that everything will be fine, I moved on. I could not imagine how could a man elder than my father, behave like this. He asked me that he won’t disturb me if I promise that I will do whatever he wants after my exams.

A Relationship begins with Devotion….. – We live in an era of relationships.

A Relationship begins with Devotion….. –

Being in a relationship is a fashion today. Everyone wants to be in a relationship. You need someone to be called as your girlfriend or boyfriend. The quality of relationship does not matter much. Do you think, you have the most difficult life? – Almost everyone who is in pain thinks that he/she has the most difficult life, but no, it’s not that way.

Do you think, you have the most difficult life? –

It’s merely your assumption because you can only see your own difficulties. You cannot live anyone else’s life and feel what he/she feels when difficult moments come along. For every person on this planet, his/her own difficulties are hard to deal with. Be with yourself; forever… – Being you is one of the most difficult things on our planet.

Be with yourself; forever… –

Our society has a habit of growing in silence, since we think, “no one will accept me after knowing the truth” but the question is, “Can I accept myself with this silence?” I agree possibly everyone will leave you since they, every time want you to be ideal; but nothing is ideal in this world. He, who has never mistaken; has never lived, and I just want that even if everyone in this world leaves you for your truth, be with yourself.

If no one else, at least You need Yourself! Realize this. Can you imagine LOVE could be this much beautiful!! – Can you imagine LOVE could be this much beautiful!! – Summer arrives there are some common changes which can be seen at all clothing stores – As we all have noticed that whenever summer arrives there are some common changes which can be seen at all clothing stores.

summer arrives there are some common changes which can be seen at all clothing stores –

These changes are not gender specific as they can be seen on all the stores. But with every coming summer there are some new changes added to and they are our main focus to find out what are all these trends are why are they added ? Reason why we see a change in clothing and fashion with the change in season is because every season has a definite demand and need for a change in fashion. In her fifty shades – “Women” this word itself is good enough to feel glorious.

In her fifty shades –

This word emphasizes Dignity, Love, Honor, Gratitude, and Respect. This is the only word which has assembled the whole world in it. Women are complicated to understand but they are also the simple one to it’s all about who get that key to understand a woman. They love everyone and want to be loved. 5 Social media etiquette of all time – We live in a generation where social media has become an essential part of our day to day life.

5 Social media etiquette of all time –

In Social media there are certain etiquette which we have to follow because nowadays ones social media profile can be very troublesome. Here are some basic social media etiquette which one should not do to prevent himself from being a social media jerk. जियोमी का पहला लैपटॉप एमआई नोटबुक एअर लॉन्च – जियोमी ने आज आज बहुत सारे उत्पादों की लॉन्चिंग की है।

जियोमी का पहला लैपटॉप एमआई नोटबुक एअर लॉन्च –

आज कंपनी ने अपना पहला लैपटॉप एमआई नोटबुक एअर लॉन्च कर दिया। Does Shakuntala exist today? And if she exists, is she accepted? – A woman, who dares to accept that she loves a man with all her heart; who accepts her emotions and takes a step to get married to the one she loves.

Does Shakuntala exist today? And if she exists, is she accepted? –

She loves him endlessly; devotes everything to him. A woman whose love never faints like a continuous river, a woman who never allows her heart to be hardened from the evils of world. A woman who is herself no matter what! A woman who cannot think about any other man in her life except the one she’s accepted her husband with all her heart. Dear adorable woman, do you exist? आईबॉल का बजट स्मार्टफोन एंडी 5एल राइडर लॉन्च – भारतीय स्मार्टफोन के बजट फोन की कैटेगरी में आईबॉल ने भी अपना कदम बढ़ा दिया है।

आईबॉल का बजट स्मार्टफोन एंडी 5एल राइडर लॉन्च –

Marriage isn’t a joke! It’s one of the holiest words. – People who can’t dare to be with the one they love a lot, they justify it with the things that they are sacrificing love for family. But they don’t consider a fact that LOVE creates FAMILY! Sacrificing love because your family will feel good about it and then, so unfair with the person you get married and way more unfair with the one you left with a broken heart. You can’t be true to your spouse because if you’re really in love, every instant of intimacy with your spouse will make u feel “I wish it were u!”

When your parents say something wrong to you, does your heart really starts hating them? – We all know, our parents love us a lot. This is true; our heart realizes and says “Yes, it is true.” But sometimes from our parents’ acts we feel as if they don’t love us, perhaps because the acts are not in favour of us. And sometimes our parents feel that we are very rebellious that we just not understand them!

We both become silent and we call it a generation gap and end the discussion. Actually we just make our own concepts, we don’t discuss. We cannot assume that our parents should understand us and they should not assume that their children will always work according to their wishes. इंडस 2.0 ओएस के साथ माइक्रोमैक्स यूनाइट 4, यूनाइट 4 प्रो भारत में लॉन्च – ₹21,599 में रिलायंस लाइफ अर्थ 2 लॉन्च – मुंबई में रिलायंस रिटेल ने अपना नया स्मार्टफोन अर्थ 2 को डिजिटल स्टोर में लॉन्च किया। इअसकी कीमत ₹21,599 है, यह क्वॉलकाम स्नैपड्रैगन 615 एमएसएम8939 ऑक्टाकोर 1.5 गीगाहर्ट्ज का प्रोसेसर है।

इसमें एंड्रीनो 405 जीपीयू के साथ 3जीबी का रैम है। जियोमी एमआई मैक्स भारत में ₹ 14,999 में लॉन्च – मेजू एमएक्स5 की समीक्षा – एंड्रॉयड की दुनिया में चायनीज डिवाइसों को बहुत ज्यादा प्रभाव है। वे अपने प्रोडक्ट को पूरे उत्साह के साथ भारतीय बाजार में बेचते हैं । अब भारत के बाजार में एक और चायनीज कंपनी ने दस्तक दी है जिसका नाम है मेजू, जो अपने एमएक्स 5 के साथ भारत में आ रहा है। बनावट और निर्माण इसक पूरी बनावट मेटल का बना हुआ है लेकिन अन्य मेटल सेटों की तरह यह हाथ से फिसलता नहीं है। वोएलटीई सपोर्ट के साथ लाइफ फ्लेम 5, ₹3,999 में लॉन्च – रिलायंस रिटेल के लाइफ ब्रांड ने एक और अपना नया सेट लाइफ फ्लेम 5 स्मार्टफोन लॉन्च कर दिया। इसकी कीमत ₹3,999 निर्धारित की गई है, यह काले रंग में ऑफलाइन रिलायंस डिजिटल स्टोर पर उपलब्ध है।

रिंगिंग बेल्स फ्रीडम 251 की डिलीवरी 30 जून से शुरू – रिंगिंग बेल्स, जिसने विश्व का सबसे सस्ता स्मार्टफोन फ्रीडम 251 इंडिया में लॉन्च किया, रजिस्ट्रेशन करने वाले लोगों को डिलीवरी देने के लिए तैयार है। लेनोवो लाया कलाई में बांधा जाने वाला स्मार्टफोन – MOTO G4 PLUS REVIEW IN HINDI – Why a woman feels that she gives more to his man than what his man gives her? – If we lower our expectation levels, we might be able to see the efforts they make for us.

A woman generally thinks that her man does not love her to the extent she loves him. Almost every second woman feels this. The question is why? Every man wants to keep his lady happy and satisfied. Almost every woman will deny this but it is a fact. It’s hardest thing for a man to show love. Men don’t find words so important but women do. If he had proposed you some time in past, and he talks to you every day, listens to all your stories, and even then you want to know, if he still loves you! We, being woman are basically very insecure by nature. So, in order to live happily, allow your man to be what he is!

The unvisited magical beauties of India – There are times when some places on earth might make you reconsider the saying that’ “Nothing is best like Home”. Nature’s lavish allowances to some parts of the world are beyond description. While even the best of places on earth may not equal to your sweet home, certain places on earth may hold your attention with such authority born out of their endless beauty that you may be unwilling to get out of the hold. Here, on this platform I am going to describe some of the peaceful and magical beauties of India, who makes the saying truthful that if there is any wonder then it is here, it is here, it is here. Tawang, The Largest Monestary. “Near By” Feature in Android helps you to discover things around you –

Google play store offers over billions of paid and unpaid mobile apps, in which hundreds of them are used to get specific locations. Now, Google has introduced a new feature in android known as “Nearby”, a new way to discover things around you. Or you can say that “Nearby” feature tells you right app at the right moment. Since, getting the right apps at the right time cannot be possible all the time, at this time “nearby” feature notifies you of things that can be helpful near you. The nearby technique will utilize Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to establish communication. With this new API, people will be able to communicate cross platform between Android and iOS. Google has already built the technology in its sservices like Chromecast Guest Mode, Google Tone and Nearby Players in Google Play Games.

With “Nearby” on Android, the suggestions are a bit more intrusive, thanks to its use of push notifications. Facebook Launches 360 Photos Worldwide – Arnold Schwarzenegger Chased By a Elephant On Safari – Dalai Lama : Refugee Should Only Be Allowed “Temporarily” To Europe – Dalai Lama :Tibetan Buddhist Spiritual Leader Says refugee Should Only Be Allowed “Temporarily” To Europe. Dalai Lama Said Europe Has Let in Too Many Refugees The Lama Also Feel Very Unhappy With The Way Each Individual Refugee. Dalai Lama Said That Each individual “Refugee is the Responsibility Of Every People”. But There Are Too Many Who Accepted In “Europe”. Dalai Lama Said An Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper Interview “”Europe, for example Germany, cannot become an Arab country.

India VS Zimbabwe 2016 Match Dates – ICC champions Trophy 2017 Schedule and Teams Announced – Few Economical Tourist Destinations – In the hottest days of May June and July, generally people thoughts about to put themselves at some cold travel destination, but it is not so simple as it looks, there are lots of difficulties in organizing a tour like firstly leave from office is not certain because in this period everyone wants to take leave and spent some time with his family, anyhow if got leave then searching a proper destination in the budget is the another major problem. So, to reduce some of the complexities, I am here to help you in sorting out a tourist destination in this hot weather, so that we can enjoy our vacations without getting disturbed. Lansdowne Lansdowne is originally known as Kaludanda (कालूडाण्डा) after Kalu (Black) and Danda (Hill) in Garhwali. First thing about Lansdowne is that it is just 250 Kms (approx.) away from Delhi-NCR, so we can easily visit there in just 6 hours of driving.

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