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Thomas Shelby

Hi, I’m Thomas and I’m a Computer Science graduate and a tech geek who loves to resolve issues related to this modern technology. I also work part time as a techy in an IT Company. During my early days of School I used to write, and I still write sometimes for my company and sometimes for myself.

What Is Lucky Patcher? Fully Explained. With the advancement in technology, mobile devices have become a big part of everyone's life, especially android smartphones.

What Is Lucky Patcher? Fully Explained

There are so many entertainment apps, gaming apps, movie apps, video apps, music apps, photography apps etc. that require an android OS to function. All these apps have their features through which they have acquired space in our lives. Download Official ThoopTV APK Latest Version V23.0 On Techravy. Are you too from a time when more than 20 people used to gather in one house to watch a movie after waiting for a week on television with a black & white screen?

Download Official ThoopTV APK Latest Version V23.0 On Techravy

From no TV to in the house to a 6 inches smartphone in the hands of every person of the house, the millennials have seen a drastic change in technology. Who would’ve imagined at that time that a time would come when people around the world would see each other from different places at any time they wish. Thanks to smartphones! With the changing taste, preference and behaviour of consumers around the world, the innovators seeing an opportunity have tried their best to deliver everything to meet users demand. And so, an app was launched by Thopster Athen, to give the consumers what they’ve always wished for, Thoptv. A TV in their hands! Note: Link To Download The Thoptv APK Is Given At The Bottom. Subway Surfers or Temple Run- Who Wins The War? When it comes to never-ending mobile arcade games, there are two names which cross our minds- Subway Surfers and Temple Run.

Subway Surfers or Temple Run- Who Wins The War?

Both the games start and end similarly but with different stories. Let’s explore the differences and similarities between the two and see who wins the war? Temple Run The game was launched by Imangi Studios and was accepted by all. The most beautiful thing about the game is it’s graphics scenes, just like the Indiana Jones adventures. The game starts as soon as you touch the screen. How To Download Vidmate APK? Is it Safe? With the advancement in technology, today people are so dependent on their phones, PC and other such electronic devices.

How To Download Vidmate APK? Is it Safe?

Everything in his world can today be done directly from your phone. All you need is an internet connection. So we can say that anything that has an internet connection is capable of moving mountains. There are so many amazing apps with so many interesting features that people spend most of the time on their mobile phones, PC or laptop. Today everyone has an android device in his hand. Vidmate is one such app that gives people an advantage to access the world of entertainment without any hassle.

Download Shareit On Android, iOS & PC- A Complete Guide. SHAREit, developed by Microsoft is one of the best data sharing apps in today’s advancing world of applications and technology.

Download Shareit On Android, iOS & PC- A Complete Guide

After being launched in April, 2015, it has now crossed over 520 million+ users across the globe. It not only provides you with a cross-platform sharing experience that means SHAREit acts as a medium for the users to transfer files from a device to another device in a hassle freeway. Shareit for android and Shareit for PC, both versions are quite popular and available for download on our website. It also provides online streaming articles, videos, movies, GIFs etc. The latest version of this app is 5.3.28 which is 14.5 MB in size. Extravagant Features Of SHAREit One of the fastest data transferring app Inbuilt video player that supports all media formats An inbuilt music player that supports millions of songs both online and offline Any type of file transfer is possible Download and share Wallpapers and Stickers.

Thomasshelbyboy - Shareit APK Download and Install Shareit APK Latest Version. How Can I Create A Form to Track IP Address? Topic: Assignment Help. Linux server management We provide installation and setup for application servers like Apache, Exim mail server, Mysql database server and DNS nameserver setup.

Topic: Assignment Help

Server management services We can also setup and optimize PHP on the server with multiPHP selector. Additionally , We can also assist to setup website on servers without any control panel. AWS price reduction Our team can handle disaster management by keeping your data safe and recover it completely if your server is under attack by hackers, spam, viruses, or any other malicious entities. Linux small business server Critical applications deployed on Linux servers need the right management solutions or tools. The use of application Linux servers ensures persistent availability of mission-critical applications and web services.

Server management company A system administrator needs to monitor all these processes for the operating system, application or other web services. Episode #30: City Docs – 3620 Podcast. Waze - Editor Community Blog: New WME Version, New Bi-Weekly Format! Hey Everyone and Happy New Year.

Waze - Editor Community Blog: New WME Version, New Bi-Weekly Format!

We're starting 2015 with a bang! Lots of new stuff to tell you about, including new additions to the blog! On our list: a new version of WME, great meetups in New York and Mexico, and some new sections in the Bi-Weekly: This week you'll see Unholy's meme, and a spotlight on a major traffic event that rocked the Waze needle enough to make us feel it. Disqus_IqNenUKvO5.