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A Close Overview of Emergency Apps. Sexual harassment including molestation and attacks on women have become a common affair these days.

A Close Overview of Emergency Apps

It is a disheartening development. However, thanks to new technology a lot can be done to stay safe. Informing your family before going out alone and keeping an eye on potential threats can help to some extent. But it doesn’t ensure completely safety. How The Safety Apps Have Made Life Safe In Hospitals and University Campuses. The world today is a very dangerous place to live in because with every passing day the crime graph is going up.

How The Safety Apps Have Made Life Safe In Hospitals and University Campuses

The rising crime rate is a big threat to our safety. In other words safety of people is the key concern at present that calls for a collective effort both by the government and the public. Women are specially vulnerable in the present crime ridden world. Hundreds of cases of molestation, and assault are reported daily in the US, as well as throughout the world. The incidents of assault on women have multiplied in recent years due to the fact that an increasing number of women are going out of their homes daily to work. Crime Tipping App To Make The Environment In College University Campus Safe. Thanks to the proliferation of cell phones in the US market users now feel much more safe than before.

Crime Tipping App To Make The Environment In College University Campus Safe

With the convenient gadget in your pocket you can quickly call for help during emergencies like break out of fire, or when you want immediate medical attention. This facility has been made possible by the safety app that can be installed easily in the mobile device you carry. School and university students have been especially benefited by this unique app. It has certainly made life of school and college goers much more safer and stress free. Importance Of College Safety Apps. Having proper and organized life schedule can be really challenging for anyone.

Importance Of College Safety Apps

Being a college student, it's their keen responsibility to manage work load of course, internship and work. There are not many apps for the safety of the students in the case of emergency, when the students are stuck with the campus premises. Campus safety app will connect you to the required number. This app will provide you with more information regarding your location during emergency situations. 911Cellular Safety App. Smartphone Apps for Safety: Use Hand Device For All Your Needs In Life. The lifestyle of the people now changed, everyone possesses the mobile phone with them, everyone is understanding where they are right now staying, where they need to go, where the keys available to contact the emergency services as police and fire.

Smartphone Apps for Safety: Use Hand Device For All Your Needs In Life

In this scenario, still many people are using the mobile only to call a friend and send a message to a friend, even these people are not aware about sending mass messages through their devices, this is enabled now in many mobiles as apps. Different Apps Designed For Safety Of The People. Nothing can be predicated in today's world.

Different Apps Designed For Safety Of The People

Emergencies often come and challenge us to face them. Natural disasters have now become a part of our life. Health related problems are rising day by day. School Safety App Watches Your Premises All 24 Hours. We can see everywhere in the world that women are not safe at all while very time the debates and systems are discussed but still find zero results.

School Safety App Watches Your Premises All 24 Hours

It means you can understand well that how the safety is most important for all especially for women. Women safety today is a major problem all over world whereas, they still have to live under strict restriction. They are free to acquire education and all but they are not allowed to go outside at evening. As soon as possible this problem should be fixed for them but don’t know how long time takes to solve it. But at least every individual can take care of themselves and w. Mass Notification System. As society evolves, so to must mass notification systems which transmit critical information to effected persons.

Mass Notification System

Since the Clery Act passed, and was expanded in 2013, each university is required, by law, to have a mass notification system. But the need for mass notification systems extends far beyond universities; cities need to alert residents, businesses their employees, religious groups their communities, and so much more. And as the need for mass notification systems has changed, so to has the best practices required to launch a successful system. Gone are the days when phone calls were dominate, gone are the days when landlines were prevalent. Instead, todays mass notification systems require a mobile solution that can reach people who are “on the go”

. #1 Mass notification systems should send information to users based on the users real-time location, not simply a fixed address. The Revolutionary College Safety App. Have you ever been in a scenario where you witness a crime taking place within a place but know that even if you called the police they will not arrive at that place on time?

The Revolutionary College Safety App

Or maybe you had been in a situation where there was an emergency that had occurred and you are trying to get in touch with the relevant emergencies but they just do not seem to respond. Maybe your situation may be different, you have gone out with friends and would like to get back home but you realize you are now alone. It may not be safe for you to go back home alone and you are in desperate need of a professional escort that would take you home. Many of us have been in such situations and more in our lives. There gets a time in our lives when we feel that we would want some critical services that we need to be available more promptly. At 911 cellular, we make use of our mobile phone to create a highly effective app that brings to our palms highly effective security. Collage Safety App: The Premium Security System for Your Campus. The college day can be some the most memorable of your teenage life.

Collage Safety App: The Premium Security System for Your Campus

But not everyone's college day's memories are fond. With the report of college shooting, on campus rapes and other monstrous scholar offense on the rise. It is very essential to educate our daughters and sons about the campus security before they leave the house. Collage Safety App: The Premium Security System for Your Campus. Ensuring Safety through Technology. Cell phones have opened a whole new world for users, which brings safety, convenience and affordability at your doorstep. Whether it is about fire, police or emergency medical services, technology has enhanced the level of life in many ways. This means that people can experience safety at school, college, university and public places, like never before. 911cellular is the ultimate safety app, which brings together excellent safety features based on the latest technology in mobile phones.

With the increase in crime rate in the recent time, parents are usually plagued by fear while sending their kids and adolescent children to schools and universities. University Safety Apps, campus safety app, safety Technologies. StudentShield™ is a free safety app with a panic button, crime tipping, safety escort service and mass notification system-all built into one. 911Cellular has changed the status quo by creating a system which enables students quick access to safety forces, while providing your department PERTINENT real-time response information.

Request a Demo The StudentShield Advantage Indoor Positioning System Other mobile apps rely on GPS, can be wildly inaccurate when a distressed student is indoors. But StudentShield's iPS technology is so advanced that it can provide safety forces the precise floor and room of the student in danger. Perfect for large buildings, IPS is the Next-Next generation of 911 service, and its here today.