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Build your vocabulary and improve your arguments. NOTE: Even though I don’t necessarily agree with teaching writing in a piecemeal fashion, I do feel that helping students to improve their vocabulary and expression is essential … why?

Build your vocabulary and improve your arguments

No, not for their exams (although that is going to help them for sure) but simply because being able to articulate your thoughts into a coherent argument is a life skill absolutely essential for young people heading into the fray with ultra conservatives hell-bent on killing the planet, or at least the human race. (Oh, and yeah – I know there’s wanky literary-type stuff in there that probably ain’t saving any tree or fish anytime soon. How to use a semicolon. Creative Writing Prompts. By Marianne What are some creative writing prompts I can use to encourage writing and develop the skill of narration?

Creative Writing Prompts

Narration is firstly an oral skill and then transferred into writing. A passage, a paragraph, a chapter or a story is read and the child is then asked "What was that about? " Initially, it will be the parent who transfers the spoken word onto paper. Later on, the child can copy part of their own narration and finally write their own.Read more in Ways to Teach Writing.