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am trying to learn more spanish words to expand my vocab !!

One day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a Cheshire cat in a tree. "Which road do ..... - Lewis Carroll. Talk Sex: Fetish Flip 'N Match Game. Mind & Spirit Vaults. 742 Ways to say I LOVE YOU -- A Must Read&-&Mia Carmel - StumbleUpon. Mysteries, Ancient Civilizations, and Forbidden Archaeology. Consciousness, Wisdom, and Self-Realization. Were you born on a Full Moon? Buddhas Wheel of Life - StumbleUpon. 15 of The Worst Mistakes Women Make Trying To Look Pretty - Tastefully Offensive | Premium Funny: Shakespeare Insult Kit - StumbleUpon. 17 things no one probably have told you yet (comics by alex noriega) - wave... - StumbleUpon. Sarah Kay: If I should have a daughter ... | Video on - StumbleUpon.

22 Beautiful Uses For Vaseline | - StumbleUpon. Top 40 Useful Sites To Learn New Skills. The web is a powerful resource that can easily help you learn new skills. You just have to know where to look. Sure, you can use Google, Yahoo, or Bing to search for sites where you can learn new skills , but I figured I’d save you some time. Here are the top 40 sites I have personally used over the last few years when I want to learn something new. Hack a Day - Hack a Day serves up fresh hacks (short tutorials) every day from around the web and one in-depth ‘How-To hack’ guide each week.eHow - eHow is an online community dedicated to providing visitors the ability to research, share, and discuss solutions and tips for completing day-to-day tasks and projects.Wired How-To Wiki - Collaborate with Wired editors and help them build their extensive library of projects, hacks, tricks and tips. Ten Steps for Boosting Your Creativity - StumbleUpon.

Life Tips. Self Improvement Articles. fMotivation aProductivity hHealth cSelf Improvement Skip to content m Articles This page indexes the most substantial and popular self improvement articles posted to Personal Productivity Motivation Philosophy Psychology Self Education Writing Search Sign Up. What Does Your Body Language Say About You? How To Read Signs and Recognize Gestures - Jinxi Boo - Jinxi Boo. Art by LaetitziaAs we all know, communication is essential in society. Advancements in technology have transformed the way that we correspond with others in the modern world. Because of the constant buzz in our technological world, it's easy to forget how important communicating face-to-face is. When conversing old-school style, it's not only speech we verbalize that matters, but what our nonverbal gestures articulate as well.

Body language is truly a language of its own. We all have quirks and habits that are uniquely our own. 10% from what the person actually says40% from the tone and speed of voice50% is from their body language. Lowering one's head can signal a lack of confidence. Pushing back one's shoulders can demonstrate power and courageOpen arms means one is comfortable with being approached and willing to talk/communicate. The Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun. Brain Amusement. Skittles Vodka (with instructions) Jolly Rancher Vodka Tutorial. Life Long Learning.

Golden Rules for Living - StumbleUpon. Personality Types. The Mind and other Dangerous Things. Life. Life is a characteristic distinguishing objects having signaling and self-sustaining processes from those that do not,[1][2] either because such functions have ceased (death), or because they lack such functions and are classified as inanimate.[3][4] Biology is science concerned with the study of life. Though life is confirmed only on the Earth, many think that extraterrestrial life is not only plausible, but probable or inevitable.[15][16] Other planets and moons in the Solar System have been examined for evidence of having once supported simple life, and projects such as SETI have attempted to detect radio transmissions from possible alien civilizations.

According to the panspermia hypothesis, microscopic life exists throughout the Universe, and is distributed by meteoroids, asteroids and planetoids.[17] Early theories Materialism Herds of zebra and impala gathering on the Maasai Mara plain Democritus (460 BC) thought that the essential characteristic of life is having a soul (psyche). Self Love to Manifest the True Love of Your Dreams | Lipgloss Culture. By Christine Gutierrez The manifestation of your true love and the man of your dreams begins with something very cliché and yet the most magical tool of all – self love. Sounds easy, right? Well not exactly. Self acceptance is often times the hardest love to provide. Well, in order to help or heal others, we all need to heal ourselves first. Click here to read self love techniques. MY POPPING HEAD. Self Improvement. Interesting. Stumbleupon Stuff. The Brain—Information about the Brain. 1 Introduction “I think, therefore I am.”

—René Descartes, 17th-century philosopher Few of us question the crucial importance of the brain. It is vital to our existence. The brain makes up only 2 percent of our body weight, but it consumes 20 percent of the oxygen we breathe and 20 percent of the energy we consume. Scientists have worked for many years to unravel the complex workings of the brain. Despite these and other significant advances in the field of brain research, most of the processes responsible for the integrated functioning of billions of brain cells remain a mystery. An essential aspect of any scientific research is communicating results to the public in a way that is easily understood.

To correctly interpret the information transmitted through these venues, we need a better understanding of basic concepts related to the brain. 2 Myths and Realities about the Brain Myth: The brain is separate from the nervous system. Myth: The brain is a uniform mass of tissue. Figure 1. Seek to know. 30 truths to tame your tongue, temper & intolerance. Architecture + design. 30 Habits that Will Change your Life - StumbleUpon. Developing good habits is the basic of personal development and growth.

Everything we do is the result of a habit that was previously taught to us. Unfortunately, not all the habits that we have are good, that’s why we are constantly trying to improve. The following is a list of 30 practical habits that can make a huge difference in your life. You should treat this list as a reference, and implement just one habit per month. This way you will have the time to fully absorb each of them, while still seeing significant improvements each month. Health habits Exercise 30 minutes every day. Productivity habits Use an inbox system. Personal Development habits Read 1 book per week.

Career habits Start a blog. What do you think? Update: A reader put together a downloadable copy of all these habits. 50 Life Secrets and Tips. Memorize something everyday.Not only will this leave your brain sharp and your memory functioning, you will also have a huge library of quotes to bust out at any moment. Poetry, sayings and philosophies are your best options.Constantly try to reduce your attachment to possessions.Those who are heavy-set with material desires will have a lot of trouble when their things are taken away from them or lost. Possessions do end up owning you, not the other way around. Become a person of minimal needs and you will be much more content.Develop an endless curiosity about this world.Become an explorer and view the world as your jungle.

Stop and observe all of the little things as completely unique events. Read “Zen and the Art of Happiness” by Chris Prentiss.This book will give you the knowledge and instruction to be happy at all times regardless of the circumstances. Positive psychology. Secret-Internet. Greek Myth in Today's Culture. Mythical Creatures and Beasts. Personal growth. ‪Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna‬‏ WORD for Teens. Young People. 100 Ways You Can Start Loving Yourself Right&160;Now ... - StumbleUpon. Radical Self Love is a big topic.

Kind of daunting, actually. If you want to delve into it, where do you begin? Here are some ideas. To you from me, Pinky Lee! Make lists of reasons why you love yourself… & write down (or keep mental lists) of the compliments other people give you. Reach out to others… …& do it regularly. Think of a way you could make your life easier — then do it.

Change the way you think about food. Stretch in the mornings. Really listen to people when they are speaking. Have media black-out days. Have that “awkward” conversation. Read through the results when you search Tumblr for “love yourself”… & be proud at the way this generation — YOUR GENERATION — is shaping up. Ask for help. Know that you are good enough ALL THE TIME. Find a mantra & hold it close. Print out Sark’s picture & stick it in your Radical Self Love Bible. Do your very, very best to stop judging people. Explore your sexuality. Express love in as many ways as you can. Wear sequins. Nourish yourself. Inspiration. Philippines. RMN Manila. Bad Meets Evil - Fast Lane ft. Eminem, Royce Da 5'9. The Dalai Lama’s 18 Rules For Living. May 6, 2011 | 42 Comments » | Topics: Life, List At the start of the new millennium the Dalai Lama apparently issued eighteen rules for living.

Since word travels slowly in the digital age these have only just reached me. Here they are. Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk. Via OwenKelly Hot Stories From Around The Web Other Awesome Stories. Meditation May Protect Your Brain. For thousands of years, Buddhist meditators have claimed that the simple act of sitting down and following their breath while letting go of intrusive thoughts can free one from the entanglements of neurotic suffering. Now, scientists are using cutting-edge scanning technology to watch the meditating mind at work. They are finding that regular meditation has a measurable effect on a variety of brain structures related to attention — an example of what is known as neuroplasticity, where the brain physically changes in response to an intentional exercise. A team of Emory University scientists reported in early September that experienced Zen meditators were much better than control subjects at dropping extraneous thoughts and returning to the breath.

The same researchers reported last year that longtime meditators don’t lose gray matter in their brains with age the way most people do, suggesting that meditation may have a neuro-protective effect. Where does all this lead? Buddhism & Mind. The Five Tibetan Rites - Excercises for Healing. By Mary Kurus Copyright Mary Kurus 2001, All Rights Reserved Background In 1985 a book called The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth written by Peter Kelder was published which for the first time fully described an exercise program for "youthing". This is an exercise program used by Tibetan monks to live long, vibrant and healthy lives.

Potential Benefits of the Five Rites The authors provide many examples of the benefits of the "Five Tibetan Rites" including the following: looking much younger; sleeping soundly; waking up feeling refreshed and energetic; release from serious medical problems including difficulties with spines; relief from problems with joints; release from pain; better memory; arthritis relief; weight loss; improved vision; youthing instead of aging; greatly improved physical strength, endurance and vigor; improved emotional and mental health; enhanced sense of well being and harmony; and very high overall energy. How the Five Rites Work Chakras Detoxification Rite #1. Mindfulness meditation training changes brain structure in eight weeks. Participating in an 8-week mindfulness meditation program appears to make measurable changes in brain regions associated with memory, sense of self, empathy and stress. In a study that will appear in the January 30 issue of Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging, a team led by Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) researchers report the results of their study, the first to document meditation-produced changes over time in the brain's grey matter.

"Although the practice of meditation is associated with a sense of peacefulness and physical relaxation, practitioners have long claimed that meditation also provides cognitive and psychological benefits that persist throughout the day," says Sara Lazar, PhD, of the MGH Psychiatric Neuroimaging Research Program, the study's senior author.

"This study demonstrates that changes in brain structure may underlie some of these reported improvements and that people are not just feeling better because they are spending time relaxing. " Lamrim: The Stages of the Buddhist Path | How to Meditate. In general, any virtuous object can be used as an object of meditation. If we discover that by acquainting our mind with a particular object our mind becomes more peaceful and virtuous, this indicates that for us that object is virtuous. If the opposite happens, for us it is a non-virtuous object. Many objects are neutral and have no particular positive or negative effect on our mind. If we appreciate the great potential of this life we shall not waste it There are many different virtuous objects of meditation.

We need to meditate on love, compassion…. and develop and maintain a good heart towards all living beings. We need to meditate on death and impermanence to overcome procrastination, and to ensure that our Dharma practice is pure by overcoming our preoccupation with worldly concerns. We need to meditate on love, compassion, and bodhichitta so that we can overcome our self-cherishing and develop and maintain a good heart towards all living beings. LYRICS TO LIVE BY. Email Etiquette for the Super-Busy. In a recent blog post, venture capitalist Fred Wilson talked about his ongoing struggle with email management and the various solutions he’s tried, concluding: “Every time I make a productivity gain, the volume eventually overwhelms me.”

It’s a familiar problem. We’re all extremely busy, and we all get too much email. So what to do? It’s time for a more mindful approach, one that fully embraces a “less is more” strategy. 1. Do you like getting long emails? 2. It’s standard practice to begin an email by summarizing what happened at a meeting or during a phone conversation, then following on with any “action steps” that emerged. 3.

This is Email 101. A good rule of thumb is to strive to keep emails to one line or less. 4. Emails that offer nothing but a “What do you think about X…?” 5. Some people think that handing out deadlines can seem dictatorial. 6. Some emails need to be shared to keep everyone in the loop. 7. 8. 9. 10. What’s Your Approach? How do you keep email manageable? Be a Presence in Any Room | Potential2Success. Develop Mental Toughness | Potential2Success.

Words of Wisdom ~ Communication & Relationships. Top 100 Personal Development Blogs. Drinks:) Eight (harsh) Truths That Will Improve Your Life... 70 Reminders to Help You Break Any Barrier. What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Weaker. Ten Politically Incorrect Truths About Human Nature. 20 Truths About Failure. The Find Your Great Work Movie - by Michael Bungay Stanier. 10 Instant Emotional Fitness Tools. 100 Ways To Develop Your Mind | Change your thoughts. - Thousands Of Free Recipes From Home Chefs With Recipe Ratings, Reviews And Tips. How The Male Angler Fish Gets Completely Screwed. Best TED Talks. Food and Recipes - Italian, Indian, Greek and more at SBS Food. Small Is Beautiful: Impressions of Fritz Schumacher by Donald Brittain , Barrie Howells & Douglas Kiefer. Beginner's Corner. Most Important - Jesus. Healing the Body with Mindfulness of Breathing « Metta Refuge.

Quotes to live by. Cooking With Love. 101 Cookbooks - Healthy Recipe Journal. 13 sites to get your creative juices flowing | dreambeaker. 60 Ways To Make Life Simple Again. Love & relationships. To be sorted. 10 Tips for Designing Presentations That Don't Suck: Pt.1 | Design Shack - StumbleUpon. Women's Health.

The Top 20 Things Oprah Knows for Sure. 99 interview tips that will actually help you get a job - StumbleUpon. How To Train Yourself To Be In The Mood You Want.