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Distributors. Brands. Accessories. New Members like me! - Longboarding New York City (New York, NY. Stoked Longboarding. The LBD Wholesale Club. From: Chris Rempel (Owner of To: My Fellow Longboard Enthusiasts Imagine yourself riding your dream board - you know, the one you've been "eyeing up" for the past few months - trying to justify shelling out a couple hundred bucks (or more) to put it under your feet...

The LBD Wholesale Club

I know the feeling all too well: Reading every last review, watching Ebay like a hawk, searching high and low for an online store that has it in your price range - all the while wondering how you're going to scrape the money together to buy it - OR how you're going to explain to your significant other why you just spent $300 on a piece of wood with 4 wheels... Boardfolio. Exploratorium. Chris Rempel Longboards. Longboarding is not about ollies and kickflips; the only real trick involved in longboarding is being able to enjoy riding no matter what your ability is or what the conditions are like.

Chris Rempel Longboards

Longboarding is not about trying to be something you're not - it's about being who you are. Longboarding is not about sponsorships, contracts or stopwatches; your sponsor is the road, and the only contract you sign is with yourself. It's about simplicity. Longboarding transforms a trip to the grocery store from a monotonous annoyance into an adventure. It's about remembering that there's more to life than money and schedules as you feel gravity locking your feet into the board on a tight carve.