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4 Wardrobe — Reasons Why You Should Get Fitted Wardrobes. Fitted Wardrobes 101 - Choosing the Best Provider. The Pros of Having a Bespoke Fitted Wardrobe Over a Shop Bought One. Odd-Shaped Rooms? Try Fitted Wardrobes. Freestanding wardrobes are all very well if your bedrooms all have straight walls, but what if you have irregularly shaped rooms?

Odd-Shaped Rooms? Try Fitted Wardrobes

This is common in older houses, which often have chimney breasts or alcoves. You can place a wardrobe in the alcove, but that invariably leaves you with wasted space. There may also be awkward spaces under staircases that are difficult to utilise to their best, or areas under a sloping roof that you're at a loss how to use. Besides, free-standing furniture can look jumbled and bulky in rooms that already have the disadvantage of being oddly shaped.

The answer is to install fitted wardrobes, so that you can use every inch of space and create storage that suits your needs. Many London residents are choosing to convert their lofts into an extra bedroom to add value and space to their home. This dilemma is easily solved by building custom fitted wardrobes to suit the space. The Allure of Building Your Bespoke Wardrobe Online. A wardrobe is an essential in your bedroom that you should consider carefully when buying.

The Allure of Building Your Bespoke Wardrobe Online

Wardrobes will never go out of style, especially now with the option of getting bespoke ones. A custom-made piece of furniture has special appeal to different people. There are some regular benefits that you can’t overlook, though. Build it Fast You can get bespoke fitted wardrobes online. Now imagine if you had to get a custom built wardrobe the traditional way.

Build it Anywhere. The Pros of Having a Bespoke Fitted Wardrobe Over a Shop Bought One. Clothing one’s clothes: the value and qualities of a bespoke wardrobe. Three Things to Keep in Mind When Building Wardrobes. Storing your clothes is important if you don’t want them ruined.

Three Things to Keep in Mind When Building Wardrobes

A large wardrobe is often the best solution. If you are planning on building a spacious wardrobe in your home or apartment in London, here are three essential considerations for your closet design. Lighting. Your walk-in closet needs beautiful and functional lighting so you can easily find the clothes and accessories you have in mind. The Better Choice: Choose Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes.

When people are looking for storage for their clothes, they often buy off at the local furniture shop.

The Better Choice: Choose Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes

There is a better option though. Bespoke fitted wardrobes have numerous benefits over their standard, mass-produced, freestanding counterparts. Here are five of those advantages: Customisation. Fitted Wardrobes: Solving Storage Problems. Make the Most of London Space with Bespoke Storage. Fitted Wardrobes: Space-Saving for City Living. Modern Urban Life = Limited Storage In big cities like London where space is prime factor, everybody constantly craves for an extra nook or square inch of space for extra storage.

Fitted Wardrobes: Space-Saving for City Living

With new apartment units in new buildings—easily among the smallest in Europe—the nagging question is where to find a nook or a corner for storage. With adult children not likely to move out anytime soon, there is the constant challenge to look for extra space to prevent clutter. So what to do about storage to keep your place neat? Fitted Wardrobe Benefits The good thing about a fitted wardrobe is its efficient use of space: extending from the floor to the ceiling, precious inches of the furniture all work up to earn its place in the room.

The Benefits of a Bespoke Wardrobe.