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Emmanuel Nataf sur Twitter : "Taking book publishing to the next level and learning from @espiekermann: #amwriting #design. Learning from a world-class designer and typographer, Erik Spiekermann. Learning from a world-class designer and typographer, Erik Spiekermann Today, our CEO Emmanuel has the amazing opportunity to interview Erik Spiekermann. Erik is a world-famous art historian, typographer, designer and author who says he is “suffering from typomania: a sickness that is incurable but not lethal.” Erik is the designer behind many global brands and publications such as Audi, Bosch and The Economist. Erik also designed exclusive typefaces for Nokia and Mozilla, as well as designing the reading app Blloon from his own design agency Edenspiekermann.

Followed by over 300,000 people on Twitter, he is frequently asked to contribute to books and magazines on a range of topics from visual language to bicycles (he owns 13 of them). When I first reached out to you to present you Reedsy and our cover designers, you said to me: “There are plenty of great cover designers out there and while I love designing covers, I find that way too easy and superficial. Yes, some take more care. London. ... for everybody - Jorge Arango. This is a transcript of the keynote speech I delivered at the 2015 Information Architecture Summit in Minneapolis, MN.

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to stand here before you. This is my tenth IA Summit, so in many ways I feel like I’m addressing friends and family. As a result, I feel comfortable telling you about one of the most exciting and terrifying episodes in my life. It happened in early 1994. It had been about 18 months or so since I had graduated from architecture school, and I was working as a junior architect in a small architecture firm in Panama, where I’m originally from. I was doing the sort of menial, entry-level design tasks that usually get delegated to junior architects – designing bathrooms, taking measurements on site, etc. – and I was frankly starting to feel anxious and panicky.

What excited me about these people is that they weren’t just making buildings; they were doing so within the broader framework of having their work be a catalyst for change. Review: The Language of Things by Deyan Sudjic. Deyan Sudjic presents us with a nightmare vision of a world drowning in objects. This is not a new perception. William Morris commented: "I have never been in any rich man's house which would not have looked the better for having a bonfire made outside of it of nine-10ths of all that it held. " What is new is the scale on which we waste human resources with our addiction to new, shiny objects.

We use design not to supply basic needs but to boost our confidence in a society ruled by fashion and celebrity. We are flattered into thinking that piling up our houses with ostentatious objects will make us better people, more lovable and human. What fools we have become. Sudjic's book is witty, well observed and wide-ranging. As the human attention span for words reduces, so does the human affection span for objects. It was not always so. Underpinning modernism was a stern sense of morality. Was there ever an innocent object? Is Sudjic right? • Fiona MacCarthy's books include Eric Gill (Faber) Mit Design zum Erfolg: Design Driven Innovation | Der Produktmanager. Mit Design zum Erfolg: Design Driven Innovation Gutes Design ist mehr, als nur schöne Produkte anzubieten. Vielmehr kann man aus der Designorientierung eine Produkt- und Unternehmensstrategie machen, die nur schwer zu kopieren ist.

In diesem Artikel fasse ich einige Quellen zum Thema zusammen, und überlege mir, wie man das Thema Design in der Unternehmens-DNA verankern könnte. Der Red Dot Designaward ist Ihnen sicherlich schon einmal über den Weg gelaufen, zumindest, weil gelungene Produkte in der Presse oft hiermit beworben werden, und dementsprechend das rote Logo häufiger zu sehen ist. Die Institution ist in Essen angesiedelt, und unterhält auf dem Gelände der ehemaligen Zeche Zollverein ein Museum, das Produkte präsentiert, die dort zur Prämierung eingereicht worden sind.

Die Preisverleihung wird regelmäßig in Essen organisiert und es kommen dann sehr viele bekannte Persönlichkeiten zusammen, um ich Preise entgegen zunehmen, und Arbeiten zu bestaunen. Arbeitsbeispiele. The Core Model: Designing Inside Out for Better Results. If you’ve worked on a website design with a large team or client, chances are good you’ve spent some time debating (arguing?) With each other about what the homepage should look like, or which department gets to be in the top-level navigation—perhaps forgetting that many of the site’s visitors might never even see the homepage if they land there via search. Article Continues Below Nobody comes to your website just to look at your homepage or navigate your information architecture. People come because they want to get something done. All too often, we blame the client for falling short on user experience.

It’s about time we take more of that blame ourselves. Long before “mobile first” or “content-driven design” were even buzzwords, information architect Are Halland tried to solve this conundrum by introducing the core model, which he presented at IA Summit 2007. A different starting point#section1 To use the core model, you need: But what happens with pages like “Donate”? 1. User tasks: 2. Recent. Web Design Collections : Categorized Collections of User Interfaces for Inspiration and Ideas. The CSS Gallery Alternative. InspirationTime - a Gallery of Beautiful Web Design.

Tutorials GFX Resource. Photoshop Shortcuts – The Fun Way. In this post I’m going to focus on several Photoshop shortcuts that I tend to use more often than others. Sure I could sit here and spell out every single shortcut available, but why reinvent the wheel? Here is a list of 10 of my favorite and most used Photoshop shortcuts delivered to you via Mr. Stickman. Zoom with scroll Sure you can use the zoom tool straight off of the tool bar, but there is a much easier way. Individual font scaling If you’re looking to change the individual font size for a particular word or word-phrase within the text of your Photoshop document, simply highlight the text and hold Ctrl + Shift while using the > or < key to change the size of the font in 2px increments. 100% zoom Often times when I’m working on a project, I’ll zoom in particularly close to handle detail-oriented aspects of the design.

Brush size I’m a fan of the brush tool, as most people are. Layer opacity The amount of transparency that a particular layer displays is know as it’s opacity. Super nudge. Consumer Spending InfoGraph. Uxrave: Experimental webpage layout inspired by...