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Table of Contents. Buddhism - The Four Noble Truths, The Eightfold Path, Karma and Meditation Practice. Wildmind Buddhist Meditation - Learn Meditation Online. The Thirteen Mindfulness Trainings. The Thirteen Mindfulness Trainings form the moral guidelines to develop harmony in any simple community.

The Thirteen Mindfulness Trainings

One of the essential elements of the Mindfulness Trainings is that they are directly applied in our daily lives. Every moment of our lives gives us the chance to put them into practice. 101 Zen Stories. Daily Devotionals from - Bible Devotions, Study. Daily Prayer Online. Pray-as-you-go . . . daily prayer for your MP3 player. Essentials of Buddhism - core concepts.

Tiny Buddha. Tara Brach - Meditation, Audio Dharma, Podcasts. 10 Of the Best Websites for Buddhism - One City.

Religion & Belief Systems. Christianity in a nutshell. Rabbi Shmuley.