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Lityitl3rV1qbpwzeo1_500_large.png?1302811905 from whicdn.com - StumbleUpon. Truths That Men Have About Women. As promised, like I mentioning in my earlier post on what truths women have about men, this post will be about the truths men have about women. Such as: I look at and am attracted to other women. Everyday.I will never tell you the full details of my past relationship.I sometimes enjoy hanging with my friends more than I do with you.I don’t really know if I’m happy in this relationship or not.

So stop asking.I love sex. More than you will ever know.I care about how you look. The ‘men’ list is shorter than the ‘women’ one simply because men think about these things less than women (or maybe men have less to hide in a world where mainly women are pressured to be perfect). Sex Position Playbook. Truths That Men Have About Women. Sex Tips to Turn Her On: Men's Health. Going down on her. The days of one-sided lovin' are over.

Going down on her

With TheSite.org's secrets to giving and receiving great head, you can both enjoy oral sex. Left a bit... viewed 20720 Oral sex advice for the giver: Easy tiger Don’t just go barging in down there. Oral sex advice for the receiver: Relax If you spend lots of time giving him oral sex, it’s only fair that he should do something pleasant for you too. Oral sex safety Remember, it’s not just penetrative sex that transfers STIs. Next Steps Got a question about friends, dating, love or family life? Back to top sorry, comments closed. Men’s Mistakes During Sexual Intercourse. Truths That Men Have About Women. The Rules of a Gentleman. The Best Gear For Guys. AskMen - Men's Online Magazine.