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Business Information and News: Track, Connect and Share - Yahoo! Pipes : RSS Widget. Voici un tutorial tout simple pour afficher un flux RSS quelconque sur un blog ou un site, en utilisant le service gratuit de Yahoo!

Yahoo! Pipes : RSS Widget

: Pipes. Le tutorial vous expliquera comment créer un flux, comment le configurer en ajoutant des modules, et comment publier le widget. Itools. Itools is a Python library which provides a wide range of capabilities: Workflow The simple workflow engine (itools.workflow) that uses automatons to represent a workflow system, is the oldest and probably the most widely used itools module.


Check it if you want something simple to solve your workflow needs. OpenDocument Format As a part of our commitment in standard file formats and internationalisation, we have developped the translation infrastructure and tools to translate an maintain office documents in several languages. Load CSV file and use them as a persistant layer with a rich API, automatic indexing, stored procedures and powerful search features (itools.csv). -> EuroPython 2006 itools.csv slides Internationalization Language negotiation, text segmentation, fuzzy matching, language guessing, support for the GNU gettext tools, automatic extraction of translatable messages from (X)HTML documents.

Strings. Buy this book at 8.1 A string is a sequence A string is a sequence of characters.


You can access the characters one at a time with the bracket operator: >>> fruit = 'banana' >>> letter = fruit[1] The second statement selects character number 1 from fruit and assigns it to letter. The expression in brackets is called an index. Handling CSV Files in Python. As a buddy of mine always says "the nice thing about standards is that there's so many to choose from".

Handling CSV Files in Python

Take CSV files for example. CSV, of course, stands for "Comma Separated Values", more often than not though, it seems that CSV files use tabs to separate values rather than commas. And let's not even mention field quoting. If you deal with CSV files and you use Python the csv module can make your life a bit easier. Dealing with CSV files in Python probably couldn't be much easier. . $ cat test.csv A,B,"C D" 1,2,"3 4" 5,6,7. YQL Console: select title from rss where url=" Using Yahoo! Pipes for Online Monitoring. La veille documentaire en 5, 30 ou 60 minutes : Articles : Thot Cursus. Les professeurs-documentalistes mènent une importante activité de veille documentaire pour leurs établissements.

La veille documentaire en 5, 30 ou 60 minutes : Articles : Thot Cursus

Ils doivent identifier et présenter des ressources variées intéressant les élèves, les enseignants et le personnel administratif. S'ils en avaient le temps, les professeurs-documentalistes pourraient aisément passer leur journée à veiller sur le net, tant le nombre de ressources numérique potentiellement intéressantes est grand. Ce n'est pas le cas, et ils ont donc besoin d'outils leur facilitant la veille, la rendant plus rapide. Chacun d'eux met en place ses propres stratégies, mais ils peuvent aussi bénéficier des outils et environnements de veille élaborés par leurs collègues, dans une démarche de mutualisation et de partage. La veille, une question de temps Trois sections proposent ensuite une sélection de ressources consultables en 5, 30 et 60 minutes. Nouvelles générales et de proximité Ce portail est évidemment en accès libre. Editing 'Social Media Monitoring Tool'

14 Great YQL Tutorials For Beginners « Ijaar. Yahoo!

14 Great YQL Tutorials For Beginners « Ijaar

Recently introduced its Yahoo Query Language to work with data on all Yahoo! Sites. Here are some excellent tutorials to get you started on learning the basics of YQL: 1. Learning Yahoo Query Language Available in both text and video form, this tutorial guides you step by step to get to know YQL. 2. This two-minute tutorial uses examples and screenshots demonstrate how to create a simple Web application that uses YQL to fetch an RSS feed. 3.

Yahoo Pipes : cela sera probablement un must. Figurez-vous que Jeudi dernier, une petite moité des "Web 2.0 guys français" qui ont participé à notre voyage d'étude en juin dernier aux USA, se sont retrouvés pour un dîner sympa dans un restaurant du 17ème à Paris...

Yahoo Pipes : cela sera probablement un must

Convert an http authenticated feed into a regular feed you can use with Google Reader copy copy. Data scraping with YQL and jQuery. For a project that I’m currently working on I need a list of all the US National Parks in XML format.

Data scraping with YQL and jQuery

Google didn’t come up with anything so I decided that I would need to somehow grab the data from this list on Wikipedia. The problem is that the list is in messy HTML but I want some nice clean XML ready for parsing with E4X in Flash. There are a number of ways I could parse the data. If I knew Ruby and had an environment set up I’d probably use hpricot. Or I could get my hands dirty again with PHP and DOMDocument. That’s when I thought of using jQuery to parse the data – it is the perfect tool for navigating a HTML DOM and extracting information from it. At this point I had at least a couple of ways to proceed with my jQuery approach: Copy the HTML file from Wikipedia to my server thus avoiding the cross domain issues.

The YQL platform provides a single endpoint service that enables developers to query, filter and combine data across Yahoo! Nothing's Gonna Change The World. Nous parlions hier du projet de webharvest que nous mettions sur les rails.

Nothing's Gonna Change The World

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