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Articles définis, indéfinis et partitifs

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Holt, Rinehart and Winston. French grammar exercise. L'article indéfini 1. Determiners: partitive articles. Exercices. Faire des crêpes- Module 3. French Grammar Practice. Le partitif. QCM. Dossier 1 - Unité 1. Module 2 - Unit� 4 - Point 6 - Exercice 2. Online activities - Outdoor activities (du, de la, de l') - Le plein air (du, de la, de l') Faire du/de/de la/des. Les articles partitifs. PagPorFormulario. Det5: determiners: partitive articles. Au point GrammarNet. Nelson Thornes is now part of Oxford University Press The Nelson Thornes website is no longer operational, and all Nelson Thornes products have now been made available to purchase from the Oxford University Press (OUP) online shop.

Au point GrammarNet

Bond 11 Plus and Kerboodle are now also part of Oxford University Press. Please browse this site to find all your favourite Nelson Thornes brands, and place your order online or via the OUP Customer Service team. If you are already an OUP customer, your customer number will replace your Nelson Thornes number. If you don't have an OUP account number a new number will be assigned to you and you will start to see this on invoices etc. Exercise 2D: Le pluriel. Un, une, ou des? BBC Languages - Make French Your Business - reference - Language notes. Indefarticles2. Det4: determiners: indefinite articles. Les articles définis; le, la, l', les. Holt, Rinehart and Winston. Le La L' LE ou LES - Prononciation des articles définis - Cours de français sur Internet. Liberté. Le toi du moi. Det2: determiners: definite articles. Definite articles2.