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Today launch-Vivo U20 Price and Specification. Vivo U20 is ready to launch in India today, and also the phone has been teased intensively running up to the launch.

Today launch-Vivo U20 Price and Specification

The phone’s key specifications are been elaborate by the company, and its style is graet. The Vivo U20 will sport a waterdrop-style notch, and a triple rear camera setup at back of the phone. it’s seen to sport a blue gradient back panel finish with fingerprint sensor. The Vivo U20 is the upcoming phone of Vivo U10 that is launched in September 2019. Vivo U20 is coming today at 12pm in india.The company are streaming live video on YouTube, so if you want to cheak it you can watch live streaming video on youtube.. As the Amazon India teaser page the price of Vivou20 will be unveiled today. Looking for laptop-chromebook-tablets-hybrids-thinkpad-or-thinkbook-Technologydrift. Confused between them- cheak it out Chromebook Chromebook mainly run on Google’s Chrome OS and are web-centric.

looking for laptop-chromebook-tablets-hybrids-thinkpad-or-thinkbook-Technologydrift

These laptop are much in demand in market especially education market as it has Google’s operating system, so they heavily feature of Google’s suite of applications and have most of google app like Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive. Chromebook has an 11.6-inch HD display, an Intel Celeron N3150 CPU and 2GB/4GB of RAM. Chromebooks typically offer an exceptional battery life of almost 9 hours. These machines are specially designed to work with the Internet, with most applications and documents living in the Chromebook that is related to the cloud.

Best branded pocket friendly laptop-Technologydrift. Want to buy a budget-friendly laptop with all features….

Best branded pocket friendly laptop-Technologydrift

Want to have a 15-inch display, 4 GB of main system memory with USB 3.0 port or USB 2.0 port or two. A Wi-Fi with speedy 802,11ac protocol. These budget-friendly laptops should be carefully packed with the best combination of performance and reliability or you can also go with machine looking like laptops like chromebook, Thinkbook, Thinkpad etc. Check out top branded laptop…Here is the list of top 10 laptops. Acer Aspire 5 Acer Aspire 5 is much in demand because of its i5 Intel Core processor. Top branded laptop in budget-Technologydrift. If you’re in the market for a good branded laptop, with good price (pocket-friendly)in the budget, regardless of whether you’re buying for work, school, or home.

Top branded laptop in budget-Technologydrift

Days are gone when buying a new decent laptop is very costly, now in the market, many manufacturers have invented new ways of laptops with aggressive price-cutting so you can buy best budget-friendly laptop. Now pick up a full-size or ultraportable window10 with a processor powerful enough. Branded laptop would be around 30 to 40 thousand according to your budgets and pocket. Amazon echo Show 8-price and specification-Technologydrift.

Amazon announced a new outstanding 3rd generation Alexa smart display to expand its smart display family.

Amazon echo Show 8-price and specification-Technologydrift

It has combined the best of Amazon’s past smart displays. The new Echo Show 8 has a larger, high definition screen. This new device is launching on 21 November with even better specifications. Specification of 3rd Generation echo show 8 The new Echo Show 8(3rd generation) comes with 7.9 x 5.4 x 3.9 inches, Hd display with a total weight of 36.6 ounces. Echo Show 8 can also be used to make announcements to other devices in your home. Providing cooking classes Since a lot of people love cooking and use smart displays while cooking, Amazon announced the “exclusive voice service” partner for Food Network’s just-launched paid video subscription service for customers.

Alexa helps you to control your smart home with your voice command, making your day to day life easier. Amazon echo buds-Price and Specification-Technologydrift. The Echo Buds the new wireless earphone introduced by Amazon to give you a great experience.

Amazon echo buds-Price and Specification-Technologydrift

Amazon is not the first manufacturer that offers Alexa assistant in earbuds, but it’s looking likely that it will have made the best yet – at least if Alexa access is your primary concern. Echo loop ring-Technologydrift. Amazon echo studio-Price and features in India-Technologydrift. Amazon has announced the new Echo Studio with first high-end smart speaker.

Amazon echo studio-Price and features in India-Technologydrift

These echo studio speakers are very amazing, even the design and the features are also very much attractive. Features of Amazon Echo studio Features of Amazon Echo Studio are amazing. It has the pleasant round fabric-wrapped cylinder and a bit of an unsightly bass vent on the lower half of its speaker, but it serves a practical purpose, maximizing airflow and naturally, bass output that is generated by the speakers within. When you used Echo studio “Alexa” will wake and a ring will illuminate the blue shade, and on the top of the speaker you’ll find volume controls, an Alexa wake button and a button to disables the mic.

Amazon echo flex 3rd generation devices - Technologydrift. Amazon 3rd Generation Echo Dot-Alexa - Technologydrift. Echo Dot is a voice-controlled 3rd Generation smart assistant that contains a smart speaker which is powered by Alexa.

Amazon 3rd Generation Echo Dot-Alexa - Technologydrift

The speaker lets you control a virtual assistant called Alexa using your voice. This latest Amazon Echo 3rd Generation Devices are perfect for your room. It works on voice command which can play music, news, information, set timers, look up for recipes, ask questions and many more things. It can also control your home with a voice command like Controls lights, plugs, and more with compatible connected devices from Philips, Syska, TP-Link and Oakter. Amazon Echo devices-3rd Generation Alexa Devices - Technologydrift. Amazon has just launched a new Echo line (3rd generation devices) with AI as smart home devices and giving a tough fight to Google Home line.

Amazon Echo devices-3rd Generation Alexa Devices - Technologydrift

Amazon Echo is a brand of smart speakers developed by Amazon and these echo devices (3rd generation) are voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant names as “Alexa or echo”. Like, google assistant, Amazon echo devices will also work fully over voice command and they are giving high competition to google assistant. These Alexa devices will have voice interaction, music playback, making a to-do list, setting alarms, playing audiobooks, streaming podcasts, weather report, traffic updates, and all real-time information. Humbird Speaker the smallest speaker-Technologydrift. Humbird Speaker as the name suggests its like “Humbird” the world’s smallest speaker and its is has bone conduction technology and moving coil acoustic technology in it.

Humbird Speaker the smallest speaker-Technologydrift

It allows you to have a different and spectacular experience of sound anywhere. It can transform any hollow thing Into a speaker, at any time, anywhere and deliver you with a high sound volume. The sound Humbird speaker delivers is equivalent to 4 or 5 times louder than the speaker of the average smartphone. The sound can reach up to 115 dB and it also allows you to personalize the quality tone of the sound. This new ultraportable Bluetooth-enabled 5.0 small Humbird speaker has been launched by Kickstarter. True Wireless Stereo Humbird has true wireless stereo sound. Different Surfaces, Different Sounds. Samsung Galaxy Dongle-technologydrift. The answer will be No……so let me tell u Samsung doesn’t get enough credit for the quality of its in-box earbuds but now the new phone of Samsung galaxy note 10 will have a dongle in it. So you might become used to dongle instead of wired headphones.Even the price of Bluetooth earbuds will drop dramatically with the coming of this new Samsung Galaxy dongle.

The pictures of Samsung’s upcoming 3.5mm USB-C dongle just leaked, The story isn’t the image itself, but much more than what it has ? It has taken years in the making, of course, irrefutable confirmation that Samsung will be joining the ranks of Apple, Google (not counting the budget Pixel 3A), and nearly every other flagship of phone maker in killing the headphone jack.