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Gender-neutral fashion: beyond menswear and womenswear | Fashion. From men in wigs in the 1700s, to David Bowie and Diane Keaton’s Annie Hall in the 1970s, fashion has long toyed with gender boundaries. But this coming season, a new trend of gender-flouting suggests the next phase will be less about men in skirts, and more about men and women sharing skirts. Welcome to the world of gender-neutral fashion. An as yet untitled new documentary produced by Lena Dunham’s company, A Casual Romance Productions, is set to chart the growth in gender-nonconforming fashion.

Its main subject, Rachel Tutera, 29, who works for New York tailors Bindle & Keep and describes herself as “a clothier to the LGBTQ community”, began making bespoke suits for women after years of struggling to find clothes that suited her tomboy style. Her success marks a growing demand for gender-neutral fashion – a style which almost completely disregards the gender of its wearer. Pejić recently underwent sex reassignment surgery and had been working as a womenswear model since 2010. Saskia De Brauw. Gender-neutral fashion: beyond menswear and womenswear | Fashion. Andrej(A) - The Kickstarter Backed Documentary by Michael Hirschorn. Gender-neutral fashion: beyond menswear and womenswear | Fashion. Androgyny. Lauren Hutton Uses Shoes As Weapons; <i>Tatler</i>'s Controversial Breast List. Yet another set of old battle stories whipped together into a book by a writer-journalist, you say? Hardly. Men of War is a strikingly vivid, well-observed, and compulsively readable exploration of combat—of its sounds, smells, feel, of the explosive emotions it engenders, of its beauty and its terror—and a book that has a great deal of interesting things to say about the place of major battles, and the ordinary men (and, more lately, women) who fight them, in the collective American consciousness.

The project was inspired, we learn early on, by another book: British military historian John Keegan’s The Face of Battle. Originally published in 1976, Keegan’s book has been through several dozen printings and is a military classic of the first order. It is a searing and searching exploration of three seminal clashes in British history—Agincourt, Waterloo, and the Somme, with some brilliant observations about the writing of military history thrown in as dessert. Ah, now I understand… Arum maculatum. "Naked boys" redirects here.

For other uses, see Child nudity. Arum maculatum is a common woodland plant species of the Araceae family. It is widespread across most of Europe as well as Turkey and Caucasus.[1][2][3][4] It is known by an abundance of common names including snakeshead, adder's root, arum, wild arum, arum lily, lords-and-ladies, devils and angels, cows and bulls, cuckoo-pint, Adam and Eve, bobbins, naked boys, starch-root, wake robin, friar's cowl and jack in the pulpit. The name "lords-and-ladies" and other gender related names refer to the plant's likeness to male and female genitalia symbolising copulation. [5] Description[edit] Above the male flowers is a ring of hairs forming an insect trap. The root-tube may be very big and is used to store starch. 1. All parts of the plant can produce allergic reactions in many people and the plant should be handled with care. Uses[edit] Culinary[edit] Cultivated[edit] Arum maculatum may hybridize with Arum italicum.[10] References[edit]

Forbes Welcome. What 20-Something Virgins Want You to Know About Them, in Their Own Words. Being a virgin isn't exactly a positive thing once you've hit a certain age. Or, at least, that's what society and pop culture want you to believe. Stereotypes of older virgins lean towards the extremely conservative, the religious or the socially awkward. After all, there must be some explanation as to why a woman isn't having sex when she's older. But the fact is, while the average age women first have sex in the United States is 17, average is simply the most common experience, not the only acceptable one. "It leaves out so many different types of people. Indiana University's National Survey for Sexual Health and Behavior — the largest nationally representative study of sexual and sexual-health behaviors, according to its website — found the most common reasons women don't have sex are far from the stereotypes. We talked to women who waited — or who don't want to have sex at all — about their choices.

"I don't have a big stance on virginity as a construct," she told Mic. Charli Howard. Open Space, modella lascia lo studio. | Velvet Style Italia. Emma Watson: Fashion on Gender Equality. Home - HeForShe. 5 Things We Learned For The HeForShe University Tour. At ELLE we're huge advocates of the HeForShe campaign, which launched last year with UN Women and our former cover star Emma Watson. So when it was announced that UN Women was heading on the road to deliver the message of equality to university campuses we jumped at the chance to see change in action. The Get Free University Tour has been making its way across the UK and we caught up with it at LSE University, where actor Douglas Booth gave a keynote speech followed by a panel discussion on equality.

Here are five things we learned from the afternoon. 1) Men are our partners in bringing about equality. Elizabeth Nyamayaro, the Senior Advisor to the Executive Director of UN Women and Head of the HeForShe Initiative opened the afternoon event with a reminder about what the HeForShe campaign is about and that is getting everyone, all genders, involved in the fight for equality. 2) Both the everyday inequalites and the extremely terrible atrocities need to be tackled. Earlier this week, Jennifer Lawrence wrote an essay for Lenny about the pay gap between the male and female stars of ​American Hustle​. Now fellow actors including Sienna Miller, Emma Watson and Bradley Cooper have come out in support.

Watson tweeted her appreciation, writing, 'O Jennifer Lawrence I love you so.' J.Law's ​Hunger Games ​co-star Elizabeth Banks responded similarly, tweeting a link to the essay with the message, 'I love Jennifer Lawrence.' But really, who doesn't? Cooper, who was one of the male co-stars paid more than Lawrence for ​American Hustle​, responded positively and further shored up his position as your number-one dream boyfriend. 'There's a double standard in the whole world, yeah, for sure,' he told ​Entertainment Tonight​. He also expressed his love for 'strong women' and said he thinks that women like Lawrence, Amy Adams, and Sienna Miller talking about the pay gap 'is making a difference.'

Hilary Stauffer - People - Centre for the Study of Human Rights. Hilary Stauffer is an international lawyer with extensive experience working on projects in the U.S., Europe, Africa, and Asia. Her specialties include International Law, Rule of Law, Human Rights, Humanitarian Affairs and Diplomacy. She has a B.A. in International Affairs and a J.D. with a concentration in International Law. Hilary has previously served as a diplomat in Geneva, an aid worker in Monrovia, an NGO executive in Singapore, and a legal officer with the United Nations International Labour Organization.

More recently, she was the Deputy Director of Reprieve UK’s human rights and counter-terrorism team, covering issues like Guantanamo Bay and drones. Since 2013, she has advised law firms, think tanks and international organizations in London, Geneva, New York, and Brussels on issues relating to international humanitarian law, accountability, business and human rights, and the promotion of democracy.

Selected publications include: Log in to EZProxy. Log in to EZProxy. Epistemology - definition of epistemology in English from the Oxford dictionary. Model Charli Howard defies pressure to lose weight - BBC News. A model, who is smaller than a size eight, has posted an open letter on Facebook claiming she was put under pressure to lose weight because she was deemed "too curvaceous". Charli Howard, who is 23, received many messages of support after posting the statement alleging her agency - who she does not name - dropped her because of her size.

She said: "I refuse to feel ashamed and upset on a daily basis for not meeting your ridiculous, unobtainable beauty standards. " Victoria Derbyshire programme presenter Jane Hill got the reaction of Caroline Nokes MP, who heads the all parliamentary group on body image and Natasha Devon, a former model and founder of the Self Esteem Team, which visits schools across the country to help teenagers cope with body image and mental health issues. About – Craig Green. London born designer Craig Green established his namesake label in 2012, upon graduating the Fashion MA at Central Saint Martins. With an evolving cult-like vision, he has quickly carved a unique position amongst the city’s most innovative menswear designers. Marrying concepts of uniform and utility with a distinct streak of showmanship, Green’s runway presentations have been a much anticipated fixture of London Collections: Men since Autumn/Winter 13. Though notorious for their dramatic and deeply emotive qualities, each show is firmly rooted in the subtle development of simple signature pieces.

The clearest example of this is the worker jacket, which appears consecutively. Green’s unique offering of substance within spectacle, has gained some of the world’s most prestigious stockists, including Dover Street Market, 10 Corso Como, Selfridges, Barney’s, Joyce and Galeries Lafayettes. Craig Green Interview. Mr. Green, do you take it as a compliment when a tabloid newspaper like the Daily Mail makes fun of your work as a fashion designer? (Laughs) I think that season there were three labels that got ridiculed by the Daily Mail. It was me, Sibling, and J.W. Anderson. And it was all “weird” and people were really ripping into these things and the comments from the general public underneath… It was quite funny. What was your initial reaction when your first collection was ridiculed by one of the biggest newspapers in the UK? I was a bit like, “Oh God… it’s a joke. And it wasn’t like it was universally panned.

What kept me going was that people that I respected actually liked it. Well a lot of people come out of school with crippling debt nowadays and starting a fashion label isn’t the most sure-fire way towards financial security. True, I would never have been able to do the MA if I were doing it now. Yeah I didn’t actually know what Central Saint Martins was… (Laughs) I was quite naïve. Michael Caine Interview. Mr. Caine, what is it like to get older?

You are going to make every moment count. I mean, you better make every moment count. Live your life now; start in the morning. You mustn’t sit around waiting to die. When you die you should come into the cemetery on a motorbike, skid to a halt by the side of the coffin, jump in and say: “Great I just made it.” So death doesn’t scare the hell out of you? Well I always get worried when people say to me, “Oh we’re having a retrospective of your work.” You just refuse to think about it too much? You quite often see these middle aged people on television who’ve won the fight against cancer and now they want to live their lives differently and enjoy every moment. What happened to you as a soldier that made you appreciate every moment? I was a soldier in Korea and I got into a situation where I knew I was going to die – like the people know they are going to die of cancer, except then we got out of it.

How do you always look on the bright side of life? No.