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3h care, a leading portal for healthcare services at best prices offers exceptional packages and discounts for all kinds of diagnostic tests. You can check out the right cost for ultrasound, CT scan, MRI scan, PET scan and other lab tests.

Health Checkup Packages in India. Best Preventive Health Care Packages in India. Most Common Diagnostic Tests to Prevent Disease. When it comes to health, it is best not to risk it, so it is important to have regular check-ups and diagnostic tests to prevent future health problems and, if you have them, to be able to treat them immediately.

Most Common Diagnostic Tests to Prevent Disease

If you are looking for a trustworthy clinic, visit diagnostic labs in Delhi. These labs are famous for professional experts and advanced state-of-the-art machinery with which they carry out diagnostic tests. What is preventive medicine and how does it influence your health Preventive medicine is the branch that focuses on disease prevention in line with curative medicine, from which it cannot be separated. There are diseases that humans can contract more easily, either by location or by genetics.

Genetic or hereditary diseases that can be prevented with medical tests There are certain diseases that can be passed from parents to children through DNA either from birth or over time, that are divided into three types depending on whether they affect one or more genes. How to Prevent Osteoporosis with a DEXA Scan Test? Prevention begins with a good diagnosis If you notice that your bones fracture easily, if you are a woman of pre-menopausal age or if you have sedentary lifestyle habits, it may be necessary to have a DEXA scan to rule out osteoporosis and be able to prevent it before it appears.

How to Prevent Osteoporosis with a DEXA Scan Test?

How To Detect Alzheimer's Early? Alzheimer's is very high in the ranking of diseases that concern society.

How To Detect Alzheimer's Early?

Every day more people turn to search engines like Google to find more information on this type of senile dementia. What is Alzheimer's disease? The first definition of Alzheimer's states that it is a type of dementia in older people. There are others such as Parkinson's, vascular or multi-infarction. In this case, the abilities to develop a normal life disappear, starting with memory, thought and language, and progress slowly until forgetting family members, how to write and read, or patients becoming more nervous or aggressive. This disease, without cure, usually appears from 60 years onwards and the probabilities are higher when there are cases of other relatives who have suffered from it.

Health Check-Ups That Smokers Must Take. Smokers are exposed to developing many more illnesses than non-smokers.

Health Check-Ups That Smokers Must Take

So, to try to get your health under control and know how tobacco is affecting the body, you should carry out certain medical checks at best CT scan center in Delhi. It is convenient that from the age of 40 regular medical check-ups are carried out to detect possible health problems early, especially if you have been smoking for a few years. The most important basic checkup! First of all, the most basic checkups should be taken. Anyone who needs health checkups (blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, etc.) or five cancer checkups (stomach cancer, colorectal cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer) for cardiovascular risk factors should receive it.

Diagnosis by Lumbar Magnetic Resonance Imaging. What is seen on a lumbar spine MRI?

Diagnosis by Lumbar Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Magnetic resonance imaging is based on the effects of a very powerful magnetic field and radio frequency waves on hydrogen atoms, to obtain detailed images of the organs and structures of the body. The MRI test of the lumbar spine is non-invasive procedure, it is used when the radiograph is not able give the cause of pain in the lower back, leg pain, numbness, tingling or weakness, problems with control of the intestine or the bladder. The most common problems that resonance detects are as follows: Injuries to bones, intervertebral discs, ligaments, and the nervous system such as the spinal cord, cauda equina, and spinal nerve outlet are evaluated.

MRI test lab in Delhi diagnose tumors, bleeding, inflammation, physiological or embryological abnormalities or infectionsof the vertebrae or surrounding tissues. Lumbar MRI to diagnose a herniated disc. All About Ankle Ultrasound In Case Of Sprain. 3D ultrasound is a diagnostic imaging process that uses high-frequency waves to examine injured areas within the body.

All About Ankle Ultrasound In Case Of Sprain

Although the most frequent use of pregnancy Ultrasound is to observe the development of fetuses in pregnant women, they can also be used to see organs and bones, as in the case of the ankle. Contrary to traditional radiographs, ultrasound scans do not require radiation, so patients are not subject to the risks of these tests. Mammography, Tomosynthesis and Breast Ultrasound. What is a digital mammogram and what is it for?

Mammography, Tomosynthesis and Breast Ultrasound

The digital tomosynthesis mammography is the most effective study to detect early breast cancer and other diseases of women. There are different types of mammography, but undoubtedly the digital modality offers more accurate diagnoses and, therefore, patient treatments will be more effective, less aggressive and of a shorter duration. How Advanced Radiology Paved Way In Cancer Treatment? Cancer is one of the leading deadly diseases that spread rapidly in our country as well as all over the world.

How Advanced Radiology Paved Way In Cancer Treatment?

Cancer is increasing, but there are promising new ways to strengthen diagnosis and treatment. Especially when diagnosed at an early stage, full success can be achieved in the treatment of many types of cancer. The share of high-tech devices in this success is huge. Beam Treatment Makes a Smile Face. Early Diagnosis Of Chronic Kidney Disease By KFT. The awareness of kidney diseases has an undeniable pace in the prevention of disability problems due to increased deaths and non-communicable diseases (especially cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and chronic kidney diseases) worldwide.

Early Diagnosis Of Chronic Kidney Disease By KFT

What is chronic renal disease? Chronic kidney disease occurs when there is a significant decrease in kidney function or glomerular filtration rate. This causes high blood pressure, anemia, heart and blood vessel diseases. How often does chronic kidney disease occur? Role of Echocardiography in Blood Flow Obstruction Disorder. Ultrasound of the heart (echocardiography) is one of the most widely used techniques for diagnosing cardiac disease since it provides excellent quality images and is: Non-invasiveHarmlessRelatively cheapWidely available Level 2 ultrasound is also used to diagnose vascular disorders in other parts of the body.

Role of Echocardiography in Blood Flow Obstruction Disorder

Echocardiography can be used to detect if the heart muscle is moving normally and to measure the volume of blood pumped with each beat. This procedure can also detect abnormalities in the structure of the heart, such as defects in the heart valves , congenital anomalies (such as holes in the walls between the different chambers of the heart) and increased thickness of the walls or chambers of the heart. What Are The Diseases That An MRI Can Detect In Gall Bladder? MRI of the gallbladder not only provides an opportunity to see the internal structure of the organ, but also identifies changes in pathological characteristics, malignant or cancerous growth. Magnetic resonance imaging makes it possible to identify many pathologies in the early stages of development. MRI of the gallbladder and ducts is one of the additional methods of examination and is appointed after the patient has undergone ultrasound and ERCP. MRI test labs in Delhi can detect the smallest strain of the bile duct.

Often, doctors examine the gallbladder (LB) and liver at the same time or do an MRI test in East Delhi of the abdominal cavity. The patient is exposed to magnetic field that does not pose a danger to human health, does not adversely affect the state of the immune system and does not cause cancerous lesions. Digital Mammography: New Technology in Breast Imaging. The most important factor in the treatment of diseases is early diagnosis. Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer among women today. Breast cancer, which has become the fearful dream of most women over the age of 35, is a type of cancer that can be diagnosed and treated early. Mammography helps to show the formation and development of even small tissues and cells that are not noticed when examined by hand. Mammography, one of a kind of imaging systems, helps doctors in the medical world with its life-saving feature in breast cancer. Women are sensitive to breast cancer, of course, but some types of examinations they perform on their own are not sufficient to understand whether breast cancer has occurred.

Is 4D Ultrasound Safe During Pregnancy? The ultrasound used for the baby's controls during pregnancy works with sound waves. Thanks to these waves, a general view of the baby in the womb is obtained. This image controls the other elements, such as amniotic fluid, which are important for the development and development of the baby.

All these checks are extremely important to ensure a smooth delivery. Although Pregnancy Ultrasound has been used for a long time, it has been continuously improved over the past time. One of the latest options offered by the technology is a device called 4-dimensional color ultrasound (4D) and as it can be understood from its name, it provides a realistic view of the image of the babies. Top Rated Mri Scan Centers Near By You. Stress And Hyperthyroidism: A Relationship you Should Know. In most cases, stress is a poor health companion, which can be seen when the thyroid is not working properly. Do you know why the relationship between stress and hypothyroidism is dangerous?

SARS-CoV-2 (COVID 19) Detection In Delhi/NCR, Mumbai Online Booking Price 4500 at SRL Diagnostics. India's Most Trusted NABL Accredited Diagnostic Labs. Fastest and discounted 24X7 online booking with the facility of home sample collection anywhere, anytime in Delhi, Noida, NCR. Best diagnostic labs with accurate lab test results. Call Us on TollFree No. 1800110045. Tips For Healthy Lifestyle. Alzheimer's Diagnosis, What Are The Differences Between A Resonance, A CT Scan And A Cerebral PET? Magnetic resonance imaging, Computed Axial Tomography (CT) or Positron Emission Tomography (PET) are three neuroimaging tests that allow us to obtain 3D brain images and high resolution.

Neurologists can request them to confirm a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease and rule out other causes that may be behind cognitive disorders such as memory loss. When we talk about these tests, the image that comes to mind is that of diagnostic testing which we have to be completely still, lying down and with our heads inside a donut-shaped device. Medical Diagnostics: CT or MRI? Specialist Explains. It is impossible to imagine modern diagnostics without such imaging methods as computed (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). But many patients do not know how CT differs from MRI, and sometimes mistakenly believe that the difference is only in price.

Can Diabetes Change The Physical Appearance? India's Most Trusted NABL Accredited Diagnostic Labs. Fastest and discounted 24X7 online booking with the facility of home sample collection anywhere, anytime in Delhi, Noida, NCR. Kids health checkup. The Importance Of Hygiene In Daily Life. India's Most Trusted NABL Accredited Diagnostic Labs. Fastest and discounted 24X7 online booking with the facility of home sample collection anywhere, anytime in Delhi, Noida, NCR.

Best diagnostic labs with accurate lab test results. Call Us on TollFree No. 1800110045. Magnetic Resonance Imaging Under General Anesthesia. Myths And Realities Of Ultrasound, In Pregnancy. First of all, it is very important to understand the way an ultrasound device works. General Knowledge About MRI Test Scan. In the simplest way, it is possible to describe Magnetic Resonance, MR, as the technique of creating images through radiofrequency waves in a strong magnetic field environment. Being a radiation-free technique, MRI is also used for imaging soft tissues. Common Queries About Ultrasound. Here is a list of most common questions one should want to ask before undergoing an ultrasound test: 1- Can ultrasound harm the baby? Strategic Market Trends Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Systems Growth, Revenues And Forecasts 2026. Several research reports proclaim that new statistical data can be obtained on its repository entitled Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems (MRI) market 2020 - 2027.

It covers the most diverse aspects of companies such as pillars, functionalities, sales strategies, planning models to get better information for the business. Liver Function Test: Interpret The Results. The Role Of MRI In Prostate Care. Alzheimer's Disease: Ultrasound To The Rescue Of The Brain. Computed Tomography Of The Chest.

What Does 3d And 4d Ultrasound Reveal? NON-INVASIVE PRENATAL TESTING (NIPT) BY NGS Test Price Rs. 9500 At thyrocare Offers Packages - 3HCare. When An Ultrasound Of The Urinary System Is Prescribed? Get Valuable cost Plus Cancer Screening Test. Low-Cost Basic Cancer Screening Test. Ultrasound Of The Heart: Possibilities Of The Method, Features Of The Conduct And Cost Of Diagnosis. How to Take a Brain MRI? 3d And 4d Ultrasound During Pregnancy. CANCER SCREEN ENHANCED Price Rs. 7000 For Profile Package At thyrocare Offers Packages - 3HCare. CANCER SCREEN PLUS Price Rs. 6300 Profile/Package At thyrocare Offers Packages - 3HCare. CANCER SCREEN PLUS Price Rs. 6300 Profile/Package At thyrocare Offers Packages - 3HCare.

CANCER SCREEN BASIC Price Rs. 5500 Profile/Package At thyrocare Offers Packages - 3HCare. CANCER SCREEN BASIC Price Rs. 5500 Profile/Package At thyrocare Offers Packages - 3HCare. What Is Radiology? What To Do If Your Head Constantly Hurts? Know Liver Function Test (LFT) Cost in Delhi - 3hcare. Trusted Diagnostics Pathlab and Test Center In Delhi NCR. Child mri. Repercussions of eating fast. Diagnostic Imaging Of The Chest. CT, MRI, Ultrasound, And X-Ray: To Be Afraid Or Not? Period despite cramps. Some Unconventional Reasons For Headache You Are Not Aware Of. Ultrasound/USG Test - Pregnancy, Prostate, Abdominal, Breast Scan at Lowest Price. Ultrasound in 2020. TMT: Treadmill Stress Test. Why Is Computed Tomography Important For Diagnosing Diseases Of The Circulation? Using The CT Method (Computed Tomography) In The Diagnosis Of Oncology.

What Is fMRI And When It Is Performed? What Are The Causes Of Chest Pain? Prostate Ultrasound With Biopsy. FAQ About Prostate Ultrasound. Ultrasound Diagnosis Of Ectopic Pregnancy. A Complete Rundown On MRI Scan. The First Pregnancy Ultrasound After An In Vitro Fertilization Treatment. Important Pointers To Consider For A CT Scan In Case Of Suspected Abdominal Injury. What are the causes of hepatitis? Who provides the best health packages in Delhi? Which is the best CT scan center in Delhi?  Common Types Of Hepatitis And Their Causes. Different Types Of Ultrasound Screening.

What Is The Point Of CBC Test And A High Blood Count? Computed Tomography: What Is Important To Know? Spinal Tumour And Its Treatment – MRI Needed. Scanner, MRI, Radio: Which Exam For Which Indication? Tests To Detect Oesophageal Cancer. Chest CT Scan: The Best Way To Detect Lung Cancer. Renal Failure And Diagnosis. Applications And Need Of Doppler Ultrasound Test. Abdominal CT And Diseases In Which It Is Necessary. MRI Of Pregnant Women- Is It Safe? When To Have Your Prostate Examined? What Is PET/CT And What Are Its Benefits?

Liver Function Tests in Delhi/NCR.

Mri Scan Centre Near Me In Delhi/NCR

MRI Scan Centres Delhi - Contrast, Plain 3T/1.5T MRI at Lowest Cost. What You Need To Know About Measles In The US And Vaccination? Explained: Can Typhoid Get Relapsed? How To Determine The Cause Of "Knee Pain"? Indications For PET/CT Of The Whole Body. MRI Of The Brain (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Renal Failure And Its Treatment. Thyroid Cancer And Its Diagnosis. Check Complete Blood Count (CBC) Test Cost. Book MRI Scan Centre At Best Price. How Does Contrast Affect The Kidney?