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How to Build a 3D Printing Business. Disclaimer: Building any business comes with certain concerns involved, so proceed in any business venture with extreme caution and do so at your own risk.

How to Build a 3D Printing Business

It is the dream of many to reach for the stars and strike out on their own. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well especially in this uncertain time where conventional jobs are being lost almost on a daily basis due to current circumstances. People from all walks of life are stepping out on their own to become their own boss and if you feel the drive in this direction, consider the 3D Printing industry. Adapting 3D Printing for the Most Vulnerable Among Us. Disclaimer: If you are intent on making 3D Printed items for anyone with a disability, do so at your own risk and with proper guidance from the patient’s physician.

Adapting 3D Printing for the Most Vulnerable Among Us

Safety should always a top priority with 3D Printers. Please continue at your own risk. Have you ever watched a race, whether live or on television and realis ed that the one racing is disabled? Maybe, they have a limb missing or some other type of disability. Another amazing feat is watching contestants in the Special Olympics. Giving Sight to Those Without Losing sight is one thing that many people fear. Braille books are remarkable and a wonderful tool for the blind, but what about the world of art?

3D Printing a Retro Game Console. How 3D Printing Can Put Ultimate Creativity and Fun in Your Life Through Your Favorite Retro Game Consoles Disclaimer: When 3D Printing retro game consoles, be careful to not violate any copyright laws and always utilise the mechanics of these devices at your own risk.

3D Printing a Retro Game Console

We live in a unique time in history. We live in an age where you can have groceries delivered to your home within just a few hours of ordering and practically an entire lifetime can go by while we are endlessly surfing the web. So much information, fun, and entertainment is great, but where did it all start. When did we first begin immersing ourselves in a virtual world? If you grew up in the late 70s or early 80s, you had an Atari or Nintendo game console. New 3D Printing Prosthetics for 2020. How New and Improved 3D Printed Prosthetics Are Making a Positive Impact on the World We Liv In Today The loss of a limb is not uncommon, but for those that lose a limb, whether on the battlefield, car accident, or for any reason, it can feel devastating.

New 3D Printing Prosthetics for 2020

Patients that have lost a limb often feel less than human and with the design of traditional prosthetics, that feeling does not always go away. As humans, we want to feel as though we are a part of the group. Our imperfections stand out, in our own minds, making it difficult to adjust to such a drastic change. 3D Printing is working to change that notion and so far in 2020, the efforts have been well received. More Realistic Prosthetics Realism is important to any patient that loses one or more limbs. The beauty of 3D Printed prosthetics is that each piece can be customised to fit the needs of the patient instead of the mass-produced models of old. Natural Movement. 3D Printed Advanced Robots. How This Once Science Fiction Based Technology Has Finally Come to Fruition Robotics is a technology that has been around for many, many years with various levels of success.

3D Printed Advanced Robots

Most of us can recall the movie iRobot in which Will Smith must defeat a large number of humanoid robots that have virtually taken over the world. We truly hope this scenario never plays out in real life, however advancements in robotics technology has certainly come a long way. Although many ideas and scientists from all over the world are the driving force behind advanced robotics technologies, it is 3D Printing that is making a supreme impact in advanced robotics for 2020. Pollen Robotics. What’s New in 3D Printing for 2020. Industry Accomplishments, New Materials, and Where Do We Go from Here?

What’s New in 3D Printing for 2020

Disclaimer: Safety is the number one priority when using 3D Printers for any purpose, so please keep projects safe and perform them at your own risk. 2020 has certainly been a unique year in many ways. The pandemic has caused extensive grief to some areas, but the 3D Printing industry is, thankfully, not one of them. 3D Printer sales are thriving for both home and commercial needs. 3D Printing has proven instrumental in the current shut down of many areas of the world as it allows for social distancing and automation.

On the home front, 3D Printers provide children and parents with an artistic outlet and a means to make necessary items around the home that would otherwise be inaccessible at this current juncture in time. 3D Printers are essential and have had a notable impact on many industries this year. New Materials Self Driving Cars An Emphasis on DIY A few months ago, the world as we know it changed dramatically. 3D Printing Pumps. Another Way 3D Printers Are Disrupting Many Industries (Please be safe when producing your 3D Printed pumps and do so at your own risk.) 3D Printers may have started out as a means of printing a 3-dimensional piece of art, but this unique form of manufacturing has evolved into an entity all its own. 3D Printing has begun to impact industries of all types and has enabled average people, who would ordinarily have to order replacement parts for the items the own, to take the act into their own hands. 3D Printers can print practically anything these days and is, yet again, impacting another industry. 3D Printed pumps may seem like a very small thing, but when you think of exactly how many household items and manufacturing needs involve pumps, the implications are amazing.

3D Printing Pumps

3D Printing Nano Machines. What Was Once Thought of as Science Fiction is Quickly Becoming an Amazing New Reality Take a look around you right now.

3D Printing Nano Machines

No matter where you are, no matter what you are currently doing, there are man made and natural objects of virtually every size within site. These objects, however, may not be the only things you are looking at. Many products that we cannot even see are making a huge impact on the world. Nano machines are something that we have seen in science fiction movies for many years, but in today’s technologically advanced world, they are not science fiction any longer. 3D Printers are helping to bring nano machines to life, impacting the world around us even when we cannot physically see them.

The Markforged Mark Two Onyx. Uses, Benefits, and Everything You Need to Know About This Remarkable Machine.

The Markforged Mark Two Onyx

3D Printed Entertainment. What You Can Print with Your Very Own 3D Printer to Keep You and the Whole Family Entertained 2020 has certainly brought about some changes to our everyday routine.

3D Printed Entertainment

People are staying home more now than ever before and ongoing lockdowns have made some of us a little stir crazy. Finding activities to keep the kids entertained can be a challenge, but if you happen to have a 3D Printer, you can make a mundane afternoon into a fun and enjoyable time for the whole family. Types of 3D Scanners. Take Your 3D Print Projects to the Ultimate Level with the Right Type of 3D Scanner Whether you are new to the 3D Printing world or have been doing it for decades, you have likely seen a 3D Scanner. These tools enable you to avoid complicated design needs and essentially take a picture of what you want to design and make alterations they see fit. Like 3D Printers, there are a variety of 3D Scanners available today, so for those looking to make their 3D Printers do more than they ever thought possible, here are the types of 3D Scanners to know about. Photogrammetry. DIY 3D Scanners.

This Do it Yourself Project will Take Your 3D Prints to the Ultimate Level We live in a world where the more you can do for yourself, the better you feel about the project. Artists today want to have their hands in every element of a project and when it comes to 3D Printing, being involved in the whole process is what it is all about. Artists, manufacturers, hobbiests, and professionals all use 3D Printing for making what they want, and need come to life, but what about conception.

Conceptualising a project and designing the elements can sometimes be a chore, but what if there were an easier way to get it all done. Adapting 3D Printing for the Most Vulnerable Among Us. 3D Printing a Retro Game Console. New 3D Printing Prosthetics for 2020. How 3D Printing is Helping During the Coronavirus Pandemic. Disclaimer: For those looking to help with the Coronavirus Pandemic through 3D Printing, do so at your own risk and please abide by all local and official laws.

News about the spread of the deadly Coronavirus is everywhere these days. We hear daily reports of infection and death rate numbers ever increasing, but amid the negative news, certain industries are producing hope. Medical advances are slowly gaining ground against the spread of this virus. Doctors, nurses, and hospital employees are on the front line of this pandemic and we can thank their dedication and determination in helping the infected and possibly infected among us.

They need all the help they can get, and 3D Printers have been instrumental in helping these advancements and valuable people the world over. Government Red Tape Whenever the average citizen decides to do something for the betterment of humankind, there is likely a government regulation staring them in the face keeping them away from realising their goal. Multi Metal 3D Printing. The act of 3D Printing is not a seemingly complicated process. Generally speaking, a material is placed in the machine with the sole purpose of generating a 3D Printed piece that is comprised of one type of material. In order to add an additional material, a new filament must be added and extruded directly on the piece. The thought of including two different materials within one piece was once just a dream, but thanks to Aerosint, a Belgian Based 3D Printing company, that dream has become a reality. A Partnership That Made It Possible Aerosint is the company credited with the production of the first multi metal 3D Printed object, but they would not have been successful without a partnership with Aconity 3D.

Generally, with this 3D Printer one simple alloy could be produced at a time while utilising specifically designed melting points to fuse multiple metals together for a cohesive final product. Retooling of Equipment. Disclaimer: When choosing to retool manufacturing equipment for any purpose, do so at your own risk and always abide by local health regulations for the health and safety of your employees and clientele. We live in interesting times. The world is in the midst of a pandemic that we all hope will get better soon but has the potential to get much worse before it gets better. Our demand for medical needs and essentials for the home has grown exponentially as more people are excluding themselves from events and practicing social distancing. Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing. When we think of 3D Printing, images of a fluid like substance emanating from the 3D Printer building upon layers of material to form a solid model tend to be what we see. Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing.

Manufacturing is an industry that can be seen in every country throughout the world. The truth is we as humans need things and it is the manufacturing sector that has been instrumental in bringing to light everyday items and specialty items humans require on a daily basis. Everything to Know About 3D Printed Jewellery. Have you ever ventured into the jewellery store to find that perfect piece for you or someone you love?

The sheer amount of choices these days is enough to make the average person’s head spin, but for the most unique people with the most unique tastes, it can be impossible to find the exact piece of jewellery. Manufacturers introduce new pieces all the time, but they remain mass produced for the most part. Retooling of Equipment. 3D Printed Sneakers in 2019 - 3D Printed Sneakers. Disclaimer: For those thinking of 3D Printing their own sneakers, footwear is a complicated concept, so please be careful, use the right materials, and print sneakers at your own risk. 3D Printed Sneakers in 2019 - 3D Printed Sneakers.

3D Printed Houses in 2019 - 3D Printed Houses. Disclaimer: Please obey all local safety regulations and building codes when 3D Printing homes for residential and commercial use. There is a lot of debate on what humans need to survive, but according to every study, our human needs at its very core all include shelter.

3D Printing in the Marine Industry. Boats, Ships, and Yachts, Never Looked So Good. 3D Printing Techniques and Tricks to Improve Your Final Design. 3D Printing has become the ultimate way print practically anything you desire. Seasoned 3D Printer enthusiasts have been making beautiful creations for many years, but if you are new to the industry, there are some things you will want to know. 3D Printing Software to Invest in if You Are Serious About Producing Quality 3D Printed Models. 3D Printing has become the ultimate way to take designs and bring them into reality. It allows for maximum creativity is adaptable into industries such as the medical field, automotive, space, and many other facets of life.

For those that embrace the world of 3D Printing, they find an enjoyable activity with maximum benefits. However, like most aspects of industry today, software is a necessity. Why is 3D Printing So Popular? A Look at How the Industry Has Changed and Positively Impacted Other Industries Throughout History. Why is 3D Printing So Popular? - STEM and 3D Printing - How 3D Printing is Opening Up Doors for Kids in Schools to Better Their Future Potential (As with all projects and inventions, we encourage you to wear proper safety glasses and seek the help of an adult for any projects that could potentially cause harm.) Kids are our future and are now raised with an emphasis on technology. Teachers have strained to discover new ways to have a positive impact on children’s future and STEM has proven highly beneficial in schools the world over.

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