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30secondscv is created for a mutual benefit of both job seekers and recruiters to come at a common platform and connect with each other. We believe soft skills play a major role in terms of selection of an employee, hence, our concept of a job seeker creating a 30 second video of themselves helps them highlight their qualifications and KRA's for the recruiter.

How Make in India can Impact Job Growth – The progressive “Make in India” campaign by the Indian Government, to turn the country into a global manufacturing hub has become a topic of debate among the economists worldwide.

How Make in India can Impact Job Growth –

The crusade goes for engaging the nation’s assembling industry through an arrangement of principal changes. As the drive picks up energy, hypotheses on how the employment market will be affected are additionally in progress. There is a solid supposition constructing that India’s endeavor to achieve East Asia style fabricating development depends to a great extent on the livelihood era and yield. Specialists are taking distinctive sides on the normal results, however the demeanor of positive thinking can’t be denied. Career in Digital Marketing India – Did you know for over 1.5 lakh jobs were expected to be created by 2016 in the digital marketing in the year 2014 by the HR experts?

Career in Digital Marketing India –

In fact, 25,000 jobs openings were already launched in the year 2014 as per the reports. India is evolving as the digital outsourcing hub for ample of services that are inclusive of website design development, online marketing, online advertising, as well as social media. Besides the fact, that e-commerce businesses are constantly increasing, the rising request of advanced advertising is likewise provoked by the expanded utilization of web and cell phones. about the scope and career in digital marketing India: Search Engine Specialist. Tips for Winning at Life After College Graduation –

Tips for Winning at Life After College Graduation 1-Think Beyond Work Your career might be your main focus as you leave college, but remember that work isn’t everything either Go see the world, even on a budget or for free.

Tips for Winning at Life After College Graduation –

Go on dates. Keep up your own creative side projects. Amazing Job Search Strategies – 1.

Amazing Job Search Strategies –

Know yourself Start your pursuit of employment by taking an intensive stock of your intrigues, abilities, achievements, experience, objectives, and qualities. Make an itemized list. The way to a fruitful occupation inquiry is to perceive what makes you a one of a kind competitor and to convey this viably to an imminent boss, both verbally and in composing. 2.

Go for the Right Target Attempt to coordinate your abilities, hobbies, and qualities with the right vocation decision. Job Search & Strategy: Know Your Company before Interview-30secondscv. Career experts have advised to always research well about your potential workplace.

Job Search & Strategy: Know Your Company before Interview-30secondscv

We all have gone through that weird feeling, mixed of both excitement and nervousness, when we know nothing at all about the company that we got a call from, for the interview. But the good news is that digging into company’s past, present and future is much easier now than it has ever been. How to Personalize a Cover Letter. Can we make diversity recruiting methods work in today’s world? Most of the organizations are not happy about their ability to meet the recruitment objectives.

Can we make diversity recruiting methods work in today’s world?

The thing that is more disappointing is that, this particular inability is not due to lack of efforts. Most of the organizations think that they are forced to follow a particular cycle for the recruitment process, and if they try to experiment with the primitive methods, the stakeholders start focusing on getting more funding or building dedicated teams to improve diversity recruiting objectives rather than improving organizational commitment of the team. If we define organization commitment in a layman’s language, it is the individual’s psychological attachment to the organization. The organizations that are successful in getting diverse talents in their teams face a big issue, the issue of stability. Ways to turn your internship into a full time job. Ways to Break the Ice with the Colleagues at your New Working Space. Job Search & Strategy: Job Search & Strategy.

Video resume job site - Meaningful work is not just possible.

Job Search & Strategy: Job Search & Strategy

It is your birth right. We all face no problems when it comes to getting excited about the prospect of finding meaningful work. After all, this is something we all dream of – doing something we love and never having a feeling of working ever in life. But anything and everything is possible in life with right knowledge and tools. Internet is not the only tool that should be used for searching jobs. Use field specific research- trade publications & journals, job listing & professional resource sites and social media to search the jobs. Spotting a Bad Recruitment Consultancy. Many businesses and job seekers think twice before getting associated with a recruitment agency, because of not very good experiences they’ve had before.

Spotting a Bad Recruitment Consultancy

Boost Your Earning Potential. In this ever changing and dynamic environment, we need to pace up to maximize our income potential.

Boost Your Earning Potential

After all who doesn’t like to secure some cushion of comfort that gives peace of mind? So here are some factors that will distinguish success from failure: Certifications: Nowadays everyone has basic computer skills, and knows how to operate well on the web. How Important Is It To Bridge The Workplace Generation Gap? “Are organizations in danger of using generational stereotyping as an excuse for not engaging fully with the workforce to build business transformation solutions that drive improved employee retention and knowledge sharing?”

How Important Is It To Bridge The Workplace Generation Gap?

While the paper acknowledges that the (up to) five generations currently co-ha biting the workplace do have varying perspectives, based on different life experiences, the authors suggest that workers of all generations have more in common than we might think. Specifically, the report cites the research of Jennifer Deal PhD, author of Retiring the Generation Gap. Having studied the reality of multi-generational workforce extensively, Dr.

Deal believes the generational stereotypes are largely unfounded. How to Make a Great Video CV. Video Cv’s going all popular doesn’t really blow the traditional resumes out the water, but gives a better insight about candidates. A traditional CV outlines the skills, experience, and qualifications of a person, but a video cv highlights a person’s soft skills and personality. Therefore, a job-seeker should put forward How to Make a Great Video CV the best version of them while making a video cv. A Professional Appearance:-The most important part of making a video is the way you present yourself. So make sure to dress properly, look at the camera and speak clear in a noise free-zone.Highlight Only The Key Points:-Talk about your professional endeavors, your key skills that are relevant for the job you want to apply.

Things You Should Never Put On Your CV. Why 30secondscv Stands Out From The Rest Of Them? Video Based Recruitment Platform While many HRs and job-seekers waste their time, money and energy on endless interviews, yet fail to get their requirements satisfied, 30secondscv skips the unnecessary steps and lets you directly jump to the most important step. 30secondscv gives a feature which enables the job-seekers to upload a 30 second video to help them highlight their goals, experience, strengths and achievement, to create the best first impression.

Video Based Recruitment Platform