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2ndoffice is a part of Intelegencia company which has its headquarter in Philippines – an outsourcing company provides online business services to various clients.

10 Reasons to Use Infographics for Your Content Marketing Strategy. If you could have a bird’s eye view of all the people using their mobile phones to access and share information, you would be amazed.

10 Reasons to Use Infographics for Your Content Marketing Strategy

The number of data produced every minute is enough to fill every device’s memory capacity – from Facebook videos to tweets. Considering the condensed environment in the online world, anyone would struggle to stand out without the right strategy in place. When users are scrolling through their feeds, most brand posts typically go unnoticed. In-your-face advertisements are generally disregarded. No one wants to see a pitch in between posts of friends and family. So how can brands effectively grab the user’s attention without coming off as salesy? What are infographics? Infographics are visual representations of information, whether it’s to show history, tips, or even a strategy.

Become an Effective Virtual Assistant with These Important Traits. How to Run your eCommerce Businesses in COVID-19? by 2ndoffice. Forum and Community Moderation Services in Philippines. Keep your website forum and community active and orderly with our help.

Forum and Community Moderation Services in Philippines

If you have a fast-rising and promising forum or online community and need a dedicated team to moderate it, then we are the company to go to. Our forum and community moderation services are among the best in the industry, so you’ll have consistent orderly discussions and a lively community. Our experienced forum moderators are well-versed in select industries, which enables them to effectively handle difficult situations in forum boards and keep online communities alive and empowered at all times. We believe that forums and web communities shouldn’t be stiff and strict, but fun. If you want a thriving web community, hiring us is your best option. 3 Important Things to Consider While Choosing Your Amazon Photo Editi…

Untitled — Bookkeeping Tasks Small Business Owners Should... Amazon Listing Optimization Service. We offer Amazon listing creation and optimization using the latest tools strategies If you want to rise as a leading name in the Amazon eCommerce field, you need to be careful with the way you showcase your product listings on the online platform.

Amazon Listing Optimization Service

To build credibility to your product listings, consider using well-constructed titles coupled with great descriptions and images. We can help your online business thrive with our outstanding Amazon SEO services. Listing a Product on Amazon If you’ve only begun selling on Amazon, listing new products could seem to be a bit tricky. eBay Photo Editing - 2ndoffice Philippine Outsourcing. We provide photo retouching service to enhance your product’s images to meet eBay standards Make Your eBay Product Photos Look Great and Consistent!

eBay Photo Editing - 2ndoffice Philippine Outsourcing

eBay photo editing has become an essential aspect for eBay selling businesses lately. Since the online shopping experience vastly differs from the traditional shopping experience offered by a bricks and mortar’ store, photography plays a crucial role in amplifying the online shopping experience and making it more visually appealing. Product images in your eBay store must necessarily feed all the five senses of your customers to be able to convince them to make a purchase. It is no surprise that humans choose things that look good on the eye. SEO Copywriting Service - Philippines. Affordable, top notch SEO copywriting services for you In this age of E-commerce, almost every business relies heavily on the Internet to sell products or promote services.

SEO Copywriting Service - Philippines

As they say, it’s either you go online or be at the end of the line. Avoid it by availing our top notch copywriting services. With over 10 years of experience handling SEO copywriting tasks for international clients, we have perfected our craft and helped all our clients grow their business through a strong online presence. Let us do the same for you. Why eCommerce Outsourcing Is Hurting Your Business. Outsourcing is a common practice that entrepreneurs use to alleviate the stress of a growing business’ workload.

Why eCommerce Outsourcing Is Hurting Your Business

Some hire freelancer writers, others opt for a full-time VA and some business owners hire out everything that is automated. But as most entrepreneurs learn over time, some things are better off in-house. Professional Amazon Image Editing Services. Exceptional photo editing that meets the standards of Amazon Marketplace.

Professional Amazon Image Editing Services

Product Photo Editing - 2ndoffice Philippine Outsourcing. Overview They say images are everything when it comes to online selling.

Product Photo Editing - 2ndoffice Philippine Outsourcing

It is the only thing that connects the buyer to the product visually. A great looking image is what separates you from the competition. eBay, Googl stores & Amazon has certain standards that sellers need to meet to sell on their marketplace. If you do not meed these standards, these marketplaces will not let you sell onto their website and may even suspend your account. eCommerce Product Data Entry - 2ndoffice Philippine Outsourcing. Hire eCommerce Virtual Assistant - 2ndoffice Philippine Outsourcing. Overview Virtual Assistant”– this term has been buzzing around for quite some time now.

Hire eCommerce Virtual Assistant - 2ndoffice Philippine Outsourcing

Many companies are searching a VA who could help with the accomplishment of certain business tasks. What, exactly, does a virtual assistant do? A virtual assistant (VA) is someone who is skilled in providing administrative, technical and/or creative business support services. They work offsite as well, thus the term “virtual.” Amazon Online Personal Assistance. Amazon Virtual Assistant : Outsourcing Tasks to an E-Commerce Professional What is an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

Amazon Online Personal Assistance

The term virtual assistant or simply VA has been making rounds within the eCommerce industry for a relatively long period of time now. A lot of companies, whether small-scale or large-scale, are considering this option and are searching for qualified VA’s to handle administrative, technical, or creative support services. Virtual assistants work offsite as they provide various types of services depending on their corresponding skill sets and what the clients require. How successful are virtual assistants? Growing your business is one thing, but managing it is another. 2nd Office offers a variety of virtual support from providing online secretary services to a multitude of other technical and/or creative support, such as Google Product Listing Ads Management, Website Promotion Management, Email Marketing Management, and Consulting.

Amazon Online Personal Assistance. eBay Store Design Templates. Creating professionally designed eBay stores at cost-efficient rates. Overview Having an eBay Store Design is an effective way to boost sales by an average of 30%. Here at 2nd Office, we offer professional designing at reasonable figures, we are dedicated to providing 100% satisfaction guarantee for all clients across the globe. We focus on creating an effective store design that best suit eBay, considering that it is one of the largest auction sites in the world. At Intelegencia, our team of web development and graphic designer professionals gives you all the possibilities and options of designing your store on your own preference; we simply suggest and execute based on your choices. Our pool of talented developers creates store designs that work with almost any platforms, including: