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Massive Whale Sculpture By Adrián Villar Rojas Warns of a Species Under Threat. Adrián Villar Rojas's representation of a whale in the Patagonian forest is haunting My Family Dead looks eerily real The statue is located outside of Ushuaia, Argentina.

Massive Whale Sculpture By Adrián Villar Rojas Warns of a Species Under Threat

Home - Elisabeth Buecher. Banksy's Brexit mural to be torn down and sold for £1m in 'second chance' for family. Banksy’s Brexit mural is to be torn down and sold for £1m after the mysterious street artist targeted a family property empire for the second time.

Banksy's Brexit mural to be torn down and sold for £1m in 'second chance' for family

The mural, which shows a workman chiselling a star way from the EU flag, appeared on the side of an abandoned amusement arcade near Dover’s ferry terminal on Sunday. The Godden family are reportedly set to sell the mural, having lost a High Court battle to sell another piece by the artist on a property in Folkestone three years ago. According to the Telegraph, Jeremy and Jordan Godden have hired Robin Barton, who runs the Bankrobber Gallery in Mayfair, to sell the artwork for £1m. Erwin Wurm: Artworks. William Turner - The complete works. Statement — John Edmark. If change is the only constant in nature, it is written in the language of geometry.

Statement — John Edmark

Much of my work celebrates the patterns underlying space and growth. Through kinetic sculptures and transformable objects, I strive to give viewers access to the surprising structures hidden within apparently amorphous space. While art is often a vehicle for fantasy, my work is an invitation to plunge deeper into our own world and discover just how astonishing it can be. In experiencing a surprising behavior, one’s sense of wonder and delight is increased by the recognition that it is occurring within the context of actual physical constraints. The works can be thought of as instruments that amplify our awareness of the sometimes tenuous relationship between facts and perception. The Embroidered Secrets of Maurizio Anzeri. >> As long as something creates a reaction it’s alive << says Maurizio Anzeri, the Italian born artist from the city of Loano.

The Embroidered Secrets of Maurizio Anzeri

Known for his series of eerie portraits or photo-sculptures, a term used by himself to describe his portraits, Maurizio’s work will be presented this month at the Baltic (25 June - 11 October 2011) and will mark his first solo show in a major UK institution. Yatzer caught up with Maurizio Anzeri and discovered the man behind the embroidered vintage photographs who is enjoying an extraordinary moment in his career. Paul Klee - paintings, biography, and quotes of Paul Klee. Biography - Arne Quinze. ‘Cities like open-air museums – it sounds like an idealistic dream, but I am striving to realize this dream.

Biography - Arne Quinze

Confronting a public surrounded by art every day. Art has a positive influence on people and their personal development: it broadens their horizons and renders them more tolerant towards differences in society.’ Title Designer - Dan Perri. Animator - Terry Gilliam: The Miracle of Flight. Painter - Georges Seurat. The artist Georges Seurat is best known for originating the Pointillist method of painting, using small dot-like strokes of color in works such as "A Sunday on La Grande Jatte.

Painter - Georges Seurat

" Synopsis The artist Georges Seurat was born on December 2, 1859, in Paris, France. Painter - Marc Chagall. Graphic Designer - Abram Games: Famous WW2 posters. Sculptor - Willard Wigan: micro-sculptures. Stencil graffiti artist - Blek Le Rat. Origami / Sculpturer - Mademoiselle Maurice. Photographer - Prokudin Gorskii: 3 colour photos. Sculpturer / Artist - Guy Laramee: Carved Book Landscapes. (click images for detail) For the better part of three decades multidisciplinary artist Guy Laramee has worked as a stage writer, director, composer, a fabricator of musical instruments, a singer, sculptor, painter and writer.

Sculpturer / Artist - Guy Laramee: Carved Book Landscapes

Among his sculptural works are two incredible series of carved book landscapes and structures entitled Biblios and The Great Wall, where the dense pages of old books are excavated to reveal serene mountains, plateaus, and ancient structures. Architect / Designer - Thomas Heatherwick. British designer Thomas Heatherwick founded Heatherwick Studio in 1994 to bring craft, design, architecture and urban planning together in a single workspace.

Architect / Designer - Thomas Heatherwick

Today a team of 200, including architects, designers and makers, work from a combined studio and workshop in King’s Cross, London. Rather than identifying with any particular style or aesthetic, Heatherwick Studio is best characterized by its working methodology. The studio explores and tests responses to produce a design that fulfils spirit and letter of the brief in an inventive way. This process is independent of scale: from developing a chair or a masterplan, the same system of collaborative inquiry and experimentation is applied. The studio’s completed projects include a number of internationally celebrated buildings, including the award-winning Learning Hub at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University and the UK Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010. Sculpturer - Seo Young Deok: Chain Sculptures.

The human body and its formation lie at the core of the Korean artist Seo Young Deok’s work who is preoccupied with the stories told through the human figure.

sculpturer - Seo Young Deok: Chain Sculptures

His solo exhibition 'Dystopia' took place at the INSA/Arko Art Centre in Seoul from 26 October 2011 until 31 October 2011 and showed his nude sculptures made meticulously in welded metal chain links piece by piece. Seo Young Deok presented a number of nude sculptures, some lying on the ground, some hung on the walls.

Artist / Scientist - Leonardo da Vinci: hand illustrations. Photographer / Film Maker - Jamie Beck: cinemagraph. Here at theMET, we’re always looking for creative projects that catch our eye.

Photographer / Film Maker - Jamie Beck: cinemagraph

More than anything, we love posting about work that pushes boundaries, showing our audience something that has been changed, flipped or spinned into something magically different. Then, we see it as our job to find out the story behind such projects. What inspired the artist or photographer to start down that path? What do they hope others get out of their work? A few days ago, when Met member Mark Huckabee put up a post called Astounding Animated Gifs, we knew we had to dig deeper. Before we go into that more, enjoy these lovely cinemagraphs that they sent directly to us.

What’s been the response like, so far, on your animated gifs? Sculpturer - Bruno Catalano: In Search of Missing Pieces. ‘In Search of Missing Pieces’ is a series of original sculptures by French artist Bruno Catalono. Caught my eye big time! Via My Modern Met. Artist - Lorenzo Durán: Leaf Sculptures. Photographer / Artist - Sara K Byrne: Double Exposure.

Portland-based photographer Sarah K. Byrne recently wrote and filmed a detailed tutorial on how to make multiple exposure photographs using a Cannon 5D Mark III camera and accompanied the article with some great examples of her own work. Artist - Nigel Tomm. Photographer / Film Maker - Von Wong. Photographer / Artist - Sigmar Polke (Wikipedia) Sigmar Polke (13 February 1941 – 10 June 2010) was a German painter and photographer. Polke experimented with a wide range of styles, subject matters and materials. In the 1970s, he concentrated on photography, returning to paint in the 1980s, when he produced abstract works created by chance through chemical reactions between paint and other products.