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35 Brilliant Advertisements. View: 47 (More) Brilliant Advertisements [High Quality Photos] Oh No!

35 Brilliant Advertisements

Looks like you’re using ad-blocker. Please disable on our site to support RSVLTS. Thanks! VIEW: 47 (More) Brilliant Advertisements [High Quality Photos] Related. BP Global alternative logo designs. Best Rebranded Logo - Popular Choice Designer: Laurent Hunziker Location: Paris, France Website: Votes: 16,463 Inspiration for the idea: "The silhouette shape comes from a very moving picture I saw of this poor bird in panic, glued in oil...

BP Global alternative logo designs

Best Rebranded Logo - Judges' Choice Designer: Alexander Hettich Location: Nuremberg, Germany Website: Votes: 4,193 "It's the face of the BP sunset: the shining green brand - which suggests a clean ecological image - drowns in a pitch black, dirty, sticky, puddle of oil. "The single drop of oil at the bottom of the logo symbolises BP's hunger for oil: exploiting almost every corner of the world, squeezing out even the last drop of oil while ignoring important safety issues. " Why the judges chose this logo: "It's simple, clear and effective. "The image of BP's sunflower disappearing into a sea of oil also communicates that the sun is going down on BP's dirty business. Best Illustrated Logo Location: Sarasota, Florida, USA. 12 Creative Business Cards.

Forget putting QR codes on your business card in order to stand out from the competition.

12 Creative Business Cards

Check out these 12 very cool, creative approaches below. If you own or have received a unique business card yourself, let us know in the comments below! (via Ultimate creative business cards collection. Pause Home Entertainment's iPhone speaker card.

Ultimate creative business cards collection

Kol Kid Crayon Business Cards you can draw with. Tattoo Business Card. Adrian Tan, Lighting Designer's Light Card. Tennis Academy's business card. FedEx card that looks like an envelope. STRIK Creative Concept Control agency's business cards. Make Vancouver's miniature scribble slate. Six Taste's edible business cards Brothers Landscaping's turf business cards. Kyalin's before and after business card demonstrates the slimming capabilities of the brand. Awesome Circle Animal Logos With Tom Anders Watkins. Hi, today I have an aspiring logo designer for your inspiration.

Awesome Circle Animal Logos With Tom Anders Watkins

Tom Anders Watkins, he is 19 year old and still studying Creative Advertising at the University of Lincoln (UK). Let’s take a look some of his awesome animal logos that we found on Behance, all of his logo below was designed using only basic shapes and minimalist techniques. [afiliasilogodesignebook] 23 Brilliant Logos With Hidden Messages. Big Ten Big Ten is an academic union which was founded in the year 1896.

23 Brilliant Logos With Hidden Messages

Until 1990, this union consisted of 10 universities, but in June 1990 Pennsylvania State University was added. They didn’t want to change their name, so they added the number 11 to the logo. This logo doesn’t seem to hide much at first sight, but it gives you a little insight in the philosophy behind the brand. Eighty-20 Eighty-20 is a small consulting firm. Fedex This is probably one of the best known logos with a hidden meaning. Continental Continental is a manufacturer of tyres.

Toblerone Toblerone is a chocolate-company from Bern, Switzerland. Baskin Robins The old logo of Baskin Robbins had the number 31 with an arc above it. Sony Vaio. Google logo designs. Powerful and Creative Ads. Great series of creative and powerful ads… Clever Ads Billboard.

Powerful and Creative Ads

Anti-Abuse Message That Only Kids Can See.