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Why Most Epoxy Pipe Lining Adhesions Fail (How Nu Flow gets it right) Pipe lining is a trenchless technology that can extend the useful life of your pipes and stop pinhole leaks and leaks at the joints and seams.

Why Most Epoxy Pipe Lining Adhesions Fail (How Nu Flow gets it right)

It’s even been known to restore severely corroded pipes. However, if the liner and pipe are not prepared correctly, the liner may experience a loss of adhesion, which would significantly reduce its expected lifespan and function. Common Problems with Epoxy Pipe Lining CIPP stands for Cure-in-Place pipe. During this pipe restoration technique, a PIPP (Pull-in-Place Pipe liner) is pulled through the pipe, inflated and left to cure inside the pipe. Improper Pipe Assessment Prior to Installing the LinerImproper Preparation of the Existing PipeImproper Installation TechniquePipe Lining Adhesion Failure Hazards of Improper Installation and Pipe Lining Adhesion Pipe lining adhesion refers to the process where the epoxy or glue on the pipe liner adheres to the existing pipe.

Non-Pressurized Epoxy Lining vs. Pressurized Epoxy Coating. When it comes to lining the pipes in your residential building in Chicago to stop leaks and restore their durability, do you need a non-pressurized epoxy lining or a pressurized epoxy coating?

Non-Pressurized Epoxy Lining vs. Pressurized Epoxy Coating

If you’re thinking about restoring your potable water lines, it’s quite likely that you need a Cured-in-Place pipe (CIPP) coating. If you need your drain lines restored, a Pull-in-Place pipe (PIPP) liner is probably the answer. The Difference Between Pressurized Pipes and Non-Pressurized Pipes. A Smart Look At What HVAC Filter Maintenance *Really* Does for Your Building. When it comes to HVAC filter maintenance, the filter is often taken for granted.

A Smart Look At What HVAC Filter Maintenance *Really* Does for Your Building

Each type of air filter has its own expected useful life. This is usually printed on the packaging or available in the owner’s manual. 'On' or 'Auto'? Cooling Efficiency for Your Multi-Unit Residential Building. As a Chicago property manager, you may be wondering if it is more beneficial to set your multi-unit residential building's A/C fan to “on” or “auto” and what to tell your residents about cooling efficiency in the summer.

'On' or 'Auto'? Cooling Efficiency for Your Multi-Unit Residential Building

Here at Althoff Industries, we want you to understand the settings on your HVAC system so that you can make an informed decision. “On” and “Auto” Thermostat Settings When you look at your thermostat, it has settings for heat, cool, on and off. Obviously, the heat and cool settings control the temperature of your air. The “On” and “Auto” settings control your fan. Custom Table Venting Solutions for Your Manufacturing Facility. Proper ventilation and indoor air pollution control is essential in manufacturing and industrial facilities.

Custom Table Venting Solutions for Your Manufacturing Facility

The dust and fumes created by some industrial processes, like cutting, sawing and painting have been known to cause pneumoconioses as well as other chronic lung diseases, cancers and temporary and permanent disabilities, according to the World Health Organization. As a manufacturing supervisor or shop owner, we, here at Althoff Industries, understand that you want to ensure your employees breathe clean air. Controlling Indoor Air Contaminants with Custom Table Venting Solutions During thermal and plasma cutting, welding and manufacturing operations, fumes and dust are created.

If your shop is unventilated or inadequately ventilated, these fumes build-up and can be inhaled by your employees, even if they wear masks and the appropriate personal protective equipment. HVAC Solutions from Althoff Industries in Chicago for Improved Indoor Air Quality. One Stop Shop for Commercial and Residential Building Services. Having a singular resource for both commercial and residential building services can make the maintenance of your Chicago properties easier, faster, and more affordable for both you and your residents.

One Stop Shop for Commercial and Residential Building Services

As a Chicago property manager, it is a sure bet that you will often find yourself asked for references regarding work done on the inside of tenants or owners unit. Rather than having to locate vendors or leaving your owners to fend for themselves, you can refer them directly to Althoff Industries, a trusted resource that you already have a relationship with. Althoff Industries is one of the few full service infrastructure businesses that completes both commercial and residential projects.

Air Conditioner Routine Maintenance Optimizes Efficiency. One thing every home and business owner counts on when the warm spring temperatures arrive is that turning on the A/C equals relief.

Air Conditioner Routine Maintenance Optimizes Efficiency

However, did you realize that every year an A/C system operates, it loses approximately 5% of its efficiency? 10 Secret Tips from Great Property Managers. Do you want to be the best Chicago property manager you can be?

10 Secret Tips from Great Property Managers

Of course you do! A great property managers will be able to reduce expenses, improve resident comfort, and keep owners happy. If you want to retain residents and build your inventory of successful properties, try these top ten tips that successful property managers put into practic. Keep up on maintenance requests. Quickly addressed maintenance issues are one of the major keys to retention. 4 Free Ways Your Chicago HOA Can Reduce Their Energy Consumption.

Is your Chicago HOA or AOAO cringing every time the monthly utility bills are opened?

4 Free Ways Your Chicago HOA Can Reduce Their Energy Consumption

HOAs can occasionally feel a bit powerless when it comes to energy consumption; after all, buildings need energy to operate. But there are numerous ways that you can save energy without having to stretch the budget. Here are a few free ways that your HOA could promote energy conservation. 8 Ways to Improve Your Property Manager HOA Relationship. If this sounds like a variation of the old "how to win friends and influence people" routine, it is.

8 Ways to Improve Your Property Manager HOA Relationship

But getting along as a property manager in business and keeping everyone happy in the HOA and on the same track actually isn't that difficult, if you remember these basic principles. Just remember the advice you learned as a child: Always tell the truth. Property Manager Tips to Prepare Residents for Special Assessments. As a military tactic, surprise may be the way to success, but as a property manager it is the last thing you want when it comes to dealing with a special assessment for needed repairs or replacement of deteriorating building systems. It is a rare and fortunate homeowners association that has never had to deal with a special assessment. The first rule of operation for Chicago property managers and HOA boards is to prepare and anticipate problems that may occur by performing preventive maintenance.

Even under the best of circumstances, however, there may be occasions when a special assessment becomes necessary. We have written before about the advisability of completing a Reserve Study and setting aside adequate funding for planned rehabilitation as well as emergency repairs. But, things happen. How a Property Manager Creates Raving Fans During a Renovation. Being a property manager is not always easy, but you already know that. When major building renovations are needed, the best way to win friends is to play "make believe. " Pretend you are the tenant and do those things that would satisfy you. Schedule the work well in advance, be upfront and honest with your tenants, and then be available for some hand holding. Acknowledge that routines and schedules will be disrupted, whether the work is for cosmetics like fresh paint and new carpet or messy, loud and stinky like roof replacement or parking lot resurfacing.

When work is a response to plumbing problems or electrical irregularities, fully explain expected improvements. Chicago Property Managers: Avoid Costly Water Damage. Are you a Chicago property manager worried that your building may suffer from water damage or pipe issues, especially during the chilling Chicago weather? There are many things you can do as a property manager to protect your building from damage, though they do require conscientious and proactive maintenance. By working with a skilled maintenance partner, you should be able to reduce the major risks regarding water pipe issues in Chicago condo buildings.

The Dangers Related to Water and Pipe Damage There are two major concerns when it comes to winter damage: water damage and the damage to the pipes themselves. If pipes leak and cause water damage, the water damage could extend over multiple units, costing a significant amount of money. Identifying Issues Before They Occur. Do You Know What Content Resonates with Your B2B Target Market? One of the most important questions a business should be able to answer is who their B2B target market is. If you don't know your target audience, you won't be able to create B2B content marketing catered to these potential customers. You'll be blindly sharing things you hope will work. Doing anything blindly isn't fun... or productive. Submit a link. How to Adhere to Holiday Protocols For Property Managers.

The holiday season brings exceptions and challenges to many situations. As a Chicago property manager, you're undoubtedly aware that having protocols and procedures in place are absolutely essential for the proper maintenance and control of your properties. To head off any issues before they become serious, property managers may want to establish clear strategies for dealing with the holiday season in advance. Rules and Regulations Regarding Decorations Some tenants may want to get fairly extreme regarding their decorations, and there are some decorations that naturally take place in common or visible areas, such as balconies or on walkways.

Your primary concern with decorations should be maintaining safety. Should You Optimize Your Facebook Business Page for SEO? 4 Unique Ways Property Managers Can Spread Holiday Cheer. While it might be out of character, expensive and inappropriate to buy gifts for each tenant during the holiday season, just a little bit of thought and effort from property managers can lift spirits and prompt a lot of good will during the coming year.

Don't Worry; Be Happy: You might dread winter weather, but you can warm the public spaces in a building with visual and sensory hints of the season. Place a simple Norfolk pine in a pot in the lobby; add bowls of cinnamon-scented pine cones in appropriate places, or drape pine boughs and decorative bows over your entry doors. How Does Cold Weather Affect Your Building Infrastructure? Local SEO: Why It's Important, and How to Use It. Local SEO is, in basic terms, using keywords and data that include local information like your city and address. It sounds simple, but location specific seach engine optimization can make a remarkable difference in your marketing strategy…depending on your circumstances.

Let's find out more. Target a Niche to Win at B2B Content Marketing. Energy-Efficient Property Managers: Go Green to Save Green. Going green doesn't have to be expensive -- far from it! What's friendly to the environment is usually friendly to your wallet, too, especially when utilities are involved. By creating an energy-efficient and cost-conscious maintenance plan, you'll be able to improve your property management company's bottom line, reduce tenant expenses, and ultimately increase owner profit. Improve in-unit and common area insulation. How Long it Takes to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking. A common question we get when working on SEO is "when will I see the changes"? That's understandable: Businesses want a way to see if all this search engine optimatizion work is also changing the site – increasing traffic, improving page rankings, etc.

It's All In Who You Know: A Property Manager's Best Allies. The ability to build relationships is a key skill of an excellent manager. It is important when they are working with tenants, with owners and with vendors. Out of the three, vendors may be the most neglected when it comes to building relationships. This may be because, as opposed to tenants and owners who ultimately pay property managers, managers are on the paying end of their relationship with vendors. Wise property managers, however, will nurture and grow their relationships with vendors. The reason is simple. Why Vendor Relationships are so Important. How to Approach Your HOA with Property Management Budget Needs. The #1 Key to Resident Retention: Property Manager Maintenance. One of the easiest ways to keep your residents happy as a Chicago property manager is to simply make sure that their day-to-day lives are a little easier.

Tenants may enjoy occasional community events, prompt billing statements, and cordial communication, but what really makes their lives easier is the security in knowing that their maintenance requests will be answered right away and without fuss. Residents First: Property Managers Protect from Unforeseen Emergencies.

5 Top Tips for Happier Tenants as a Residential Property Manager. Barrier or Opportunity? Cushion.