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Your Guide to Successful Cooling Tower Operation During Cold Weather. If you’ve read The Old Farmer’s Almanac for the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017, you know that January is forecast to be cold with lake effect snow forecast for the end of January.

Your Guide to Successful Cooling Tower Operation During Cold Weather

During the cold temperatures and snow, there are certain things you should do to keep your the chiller of your rooftop unit operating at peak efficiency. Cooling Tower Operation During Cold Weather When it comes to chiller or cooling tower operation in cold weather, you may notice that outside temperatures that fall below a certain degree result in inefficient operation or a failure to restart after turning off.

For example, let’s say your chiller operates as expected when the outside temperature is above five degrees, and it will continue to operate until it reaches the inside thermostat setting. Once it reaches the desired indoor temperature, the unit turns off (as it should). Winter Operation of Cooling Towers can Improve Chiller Efficiency 1. 2. 3. 4. What Happens When the Board Ignores a Plumbers Pipe Assessment. What to Know Before Your Next Condo Building Repair Bankrupts Your Reserve. Does your Chicago condo have adequate reserves to take care of any emergency maintenance problems that may arise during the course of the year?

What to Know Before Your Next Condo Building Repair Bankrupts Your Reserve

A good rule of thumb is to have 10 percent of your normal operating expenses as your reserve fund. This money should be set aside in a separate account and used for emergency maintenance. This means that if your annual operating expenses are $300,000, you should have $30,000 earmarked for emergencies. Funding Emergency Condo Building Repairs When Your Reserve Fund is Low Thrity-thousand dollars is not a lot of money when it comes to replacing the entire roof of a condo or the entire HVAC system, and if you’ve already spent most of your reserve funds for the year, you may be forced to create a special assessment to cover any further emergency repairs or critical capital improvements.

3 Reasons to Retrofit Your Parking Garage Ventilation System. Is your enclosed parking garage inflating your energy bills?

3 Reasons to Retrofit Your Parking Garage Ventilation System

According to an article by Parking Exec, 66 percent of all energy that is used in an enclosed parking garage is used by the standard mechanical ventilation system. Thankfully, you can retrofit your garage’s ventilation system with new technology and remain compliant with IMC and ASHRAE. IMC and ASHRAE Enclosed Parking Garage Air Quality Requirements IMC and ASHRAE’s indoor air quality requirements revolve around the buildup of carbon monoxide (CO) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2). ASHRAE section 5.15 relates to the air quality of attached parking garages.

Why Polybutylene Piping Could Lead to Structural Pipe Failure. Do you have polybutylene piping in your Chicago residential building?

Why Polybutylene Piping Could Lead to Structural Pipe Failure

If you do, you may want to schedule an inspection and start making a plan for its replacement. Polybutylene water pipes are extremely susceptible to chlorine corrosion. Over time, the pipes degrade from the inside out, leading to leaks and catastrophic failures. Successful Plumbing Predictive Maintenance Starts with This. When it comes to maintaining the pipes in your high-rise residential building, should you choose a plumbing predictive maintenance plan or a preventative maintenance plan?

Successful Plumbing Predictive Maintenance Starts with This

If you already have a preventative maintenance plan, you are doing good, but taking that plan up a notch and turning it into a predictive maintenance plan can further help you avoid unexpected major repairs. Plumbing Preventive Maintenance Plumbing preventive maintenance is maintenance that is performed in order to prevent expensive problems and significant periods of downtime for your critical systems. In the plumbing and pipe restoration world, this translates into getting annual plumbing inspections and replacing sections of pipe that are at the end of their useful lives.

Unfortunately, if all your pipes are the same age, they may reach the end of their useful lives at the same time, forcing you to quickly replace all your pipes before they burst. Avoid Resident Maintenance Claims by Proactively Preventing These Risk Factors. Are you taking steps to prevent resident maintenance claims in your apartment building, condo or co-op’s public areas?

Avoid Resident Maintenance Claims by Proactively Preventing These Risk Factors

Multi-unit residential buildings are prone to having maintenance problems and personal injury accidents in the indoor public areas and out on the grounds. Thankfully, there are proactive steps you can take to reduce your emergency repair bills and accidents, like slips, trips and falls. Can You Dig It? Not When It Comes to Restoring Plumbing Pipes. Are you looking for a no dig solution to your building's plumbing problems?

Can You Dig It? Not When It Comes to Restoring Plumbing Pipes

Trenchless pipe restoration is often called the “no dig” solution when it comes to repairing and restoring plumbing pipes in large, multi-story residential buildings, stadiums, parking garages, colleges and various other public venues. It’s also cost effective and can be accomplished faster than traditional pipe replacement. Proactive Preventive Plumbing Maintenance Tips for Property Managers. One of the most easily overlooked systems in multi-unit residential buildings is the plumbing system.

Proactive Preventive Plumbing Maintenance Tips for Property Managers

If the faucet works, the toilets flush and there’s no visible water on the floors, ceilings and interior walls, the system is generally left alone. Join Us in Celebrating the First Ever World Trenchless Day on September 22, 2016. Today is the first ever World Trenchless Day, and our professional pipe lining installation experts and staff members would like you to help us celebrate it by learning about trenchless technology and how it can help you provide your residents with clean water.

Join Us in Celebrating the First Ever World Trenchless Day on September 22, 2016

The Importance of Clean Drinking Water Clean drinking water is essential for health and life, and with lead contaminated water making its way across headlines in the United States, it’s important to have your water tested for lead and other contaminants in order to ensure that your residents are drinking the cleanest water possible.

Contaminated water can cause intestinal and stomach ailments, like nausea and diarrhea. If the water is contaminated by lead, it can cause developmental delays and harm to internal organs in children. In adults, lead contaminated water can cause heart and kidney problems. Benefits of Trenchless Technology. Should You Implement Energy Saving Submetering in Your Chicago Apartment Building? Managing a multi-unit residential building in Chicago means that you know exactly how much electricity your entire building is using on a monthly basis, and with electricity rates on the rise, you may be looking for ways to lower your overhead costs and help your residents save money on their monthly utility bills.

Should You Implement Energy Saving Submetering in Your Chicago Apartment Building?

In older buildings, epseically those built in the 1940s and 50s, one way to accomplish this task is with an electric submetering retrofit for each unit. Master Metering VS. Submetering. Have You Heard? Proactive Preventive Maintenance Keeps Tenants Happy. When it comes to your building’s maintenance, are you reactive or proactive? Reactive maintenance means you perform very little preventive maintenance in favor of fixing things once they’ve malfunctioned or completely broken. Proactive preventive maintenance means that you have detailed maintenance schedules, and you check for things like excessive wear and tear before the machine or system completely breaks down.

Here at Althoff, we recommend that property managers and superintendents in Chicago seriously consider the pros and cons of reactive maintenance versus proactive maintenance when it comes to their long and short term budgets and keeping their tenants comfortable and happy. 3 Liabilities That Determine the Lifespan of Your Potable Water and Drain Lines. How durable is the plumbing system of your multi-unit residential high-rise in Chicago?

While most plumbing pipes are designed to last between 20 and 70 years, the installation, pipe material and composition of your municipal water can have a negative or positive effect on the lifespan of your potable water and drain lines. Let's take a close look at each of these plumbing pipe liabilities. 1. The Installation Expertise of Your Plumbers. Boiler Preventive Maintenance Before The Cold Winds Blow. With the temperatures starting to cool and fall rapidly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about fall boiler preventive maintenance for your Chicago building. When heating equipment malfunctions or breaks, it tends to do so on the coldest day of the year or on a holiday, like Christmas or New Years, which can add hundreds of dollars to your repair bill.

In order to avoid heating equipment catastrophes, you should take steps to ensure that your boiler is ready for winter before the snow, cold temps and howling winds start. Boiler Preventive Maintenance Tasks Here at Althoff, we want you to stay safe and warm this winter, which is why we recommend performing preventive maintenance on your boiler before the start of the season. Performing fall preventive maintenance before each winter can help ensure that your boiler is operating correctly and that there are no excessively worn parts that could break during the heating season. Is a HRV Retrofit the Right Solution for My Building? Modern buildings are designed to stop indoor/outdoor air transfer in order to make them more energy efficient.

Unfortunately, this can lead to the buildup of heat and especially moisture, which can cause damage to the structural components of the building. If you’ve noticed moisture on the windows or along certain interior walls in your Chicago multi-unit tenant building, you may want to consider installing an HRV, which stands for Heat Recovery Ventilator.

Residential Buildings, Ventilation and Energy Efficiency Having an energy efficient building means that inside air and outside air mix limitedly, usually only when someone opens a door or a window. Is Your Water Lead-Compromised? Protect Your Building Now. 3 Demand Control Ventilation Benefits for a Sustainable Building Design. Improve Comfort and Energy Efficiency with an Energy Recovery Ventilation System. What Long Term Revisions to the EPA Lead and Copper Rule Mean for Plumbing. Because of recent awareness of lead pipes and lead water contamination across the United States, especially in Flint, Michigan, it’s no surprise that the EPA is revising the rules for lead and copper. As a building manager in Chicago, you’ll want to be up-to-date on the changes so that you can make the best decision when it comes to ensuring the safety of your resident’s drinking water.

What Long Term Revisions to the EPA Lead and Copper Rule Mean for Plumbing. How to Deal with a Plumbing Emergency on a Tight Budget. When you have a plumbing emergency, knowing what to do and how to pay for it can expedite the repair process and help limit the amount of water damage on the affected floors and inside the units. 4 Hazards of a Poorly Maintained Ventilation and Exhaust System. Most modern buildings utilize a mechanical system to maintain the indoor comfort of the staff members, residents and visitors. The mechanical system used is typically the HVAC unit. The Value of the Plumbing Contractor Property Manager Working Relationship.

Creating Optimal Air-Flow: Your Apartment Building Ventilation System. Apartment building ventilation systems should provide your residents with fresh, clean air while controlling the loss of climate controlled air and humidity. This can be accomplished with a variety of ventilation systems, including natural, mechanical and hybrid systems. When Trenchless Pipe Repair is Not the Best Option for Your Building.

Laying the Groundwork for an IoT Smart Building with a BAS System. As winter approaches, you may be thinking about the high costs of heating your multi-unit residential building in Chicago and the increased lighting costs that come with reduced sunlight. Thankfully, reducing your overhead costs may be as simple as utilizing a Building Automation System (BAS) with the Internet of Things (IoT), and once you install the system, you won’t just save money during winter, you will save money all year long.

Know the Answer to These 3 Questions Before You Have a Plumbing Problem. Know the Answer to These 3 Questions Before You Have a Plumbing Problem. How To Make Your Packaged Rooftop Unit Last Longer with Preventive Maintenance. Residential Pipe Lining: Solves Clients Leaky Roof Drain Plumbing Problem. Top 4 Multi-Unit Residential Plumbing Mistakes. Why Your Elevator Machine Room Likes to 'Play it Cool' 'Tenant Star' Programs: Occupying Tenant Space Efficiently. A Future Look at Your Commercial HVAC System. Which Leaks First? Copper vs. Plastic Water Plumbing Pipes. 5 Reasons to Have a Building Performance Assessment Done This Summer.

Two Common Types of Plumbing Pipes Used in Multi-Unit Residential Construction. Stop Chemical Leaching from Plastic Pipes with Epoxy Liners and Coatings. Get Better Indoor Air Quality Management Results By Following These Tips. Stop Detecting Leaks and Start Solving the Problem with Epoxy Pipe Lining. Pipe Retrofitting Solution for Leaky Pipes.

Is Your Environment Leading to PVC Pipe Failure? 5 Questions Every Property Manager Should Have about their Plumbing Pipes. Understanding Energy Benchmarking and Its Importance for Your Residential Building. Top 4 Reasons Your Chicago Building Is Experiencing PVC Pipe Failure. A Frozen Air Conditioner is Not a Sign that Elsa Made a Visit. Is Your Building Plumbing System About to Become Your Worst Nightmare? An Energy Efficient Chiller HVAC System Replacement Assessment Plan. From Aircraft Carriers to Your Potable Water Pipes: Trenchless Pipe Technology. 3 Common Locations for HVAC Refrigerant Leaks. Is Your HVAC System Allergic to Cottonwood Seeds? 6 Plumbing Factors to Keep In Mind for Your Chicago Building Renovation.

Urban Myth or Reality: Leave Your A/C System at a Constant Temp? Low Water Pressure: A Sign of an Impending Disaster You Don't Want to Ignore. Why We Don't Believe in 'Band-Aiding' Your Plumbing Pipes. 5 Signs it's Time to Call a Pro for Air Conditioning Repair in Chicago. Waste Drain Vent Pipe Corrosion Leads to Big Problems.

20, 70, 100? At What Age Will Your Chicago Plumbing Pipes Burst? #1 Modern Convenience Taken for Granted in Chicago Multi-Unit Buildings. Improve Resident Comfort Levels with this HVAC Installation. Behind The Walls: A Plumbing System for Multi-Unit Residential Building. How Pinhole Leaks in Copper Piping Can Lead to Tenant Disaster. Attracting Millennials to Your Residential Building with Green Features. How Internal Pipe Coating Saves Money vs. Pipe Replacement. The Power of Prevention for Your Chicago Building Plumbing Drain System. Inspect Your Multi-Unit Hot Water System to Prevent Higher Utility Bills. A Property Manager's Responsibility to Clogged Common Area Drains. April Showers...Bring Damaged Plumbing Drain Pipes.

The 65 Degree Question: When Should You Get Your Chicago A/C Serviced? Inspect your Copper Plumbing Pipes to Prevent Future Problems. How Long Does the Trenchless Pipe Relining Process Take? Pipe Restoration Services: Proven Technology Worldwide. A Facility Managers Answer to Stadium Plumbing Pipe Problems. Go Green With Your Facility This Spring.

Listen: It's a Millennial Homebuyer Knocking. Why We Charge for a Plumbing Pipe Assessment. Water Pipe Assessment Solutions to Fit Your Budget. Awesome Company Culture Attracts Millennial Building New Hires. What You Can Expect During a Pipe Lining Assessment. Up To Code Solutions for Life Safety Regulations at Your Chicago Property. Corroded Plumbing Pipes are Ticking Time Bombs. Why 'Out of Sight, Out of Mind' Thinking Leads to Big Plumbing Problems. Fresh Ideas to Increase Your Building Product Sales with the Large Builder. The Skills Gap Facing the Building Industry. The Future of Building Maintenance for Chicago Property Management. 7 Steps to Hiring a Chicago Contractor for Condo Building Repairs. Six Environmentally Friendly Plumbing Solutions for Property Managers.

Worth 1000 Words: Tell Your Building Materials Story with Instagram. Protecting Drinking Water from Lead In Pipes. A Chicago Property Manager's MidWinter Building Check-Up List. Chicago Property Manager: Tankless Water Heater vs. Traditional. Why A Lighting Upgrade is a Good Idea for Your Chicago HOA. 12 Facts Chicago Property Managers Should Know About Going Trenchless. How the Building Industry Attracts the Female Homeowner on Pinterest. How to Fix a Salt Corroded Garage Drain Pipe. Why Routine HVAC Maintenance is Important - Year Round! Who Needs to Say 'Yes' in the Building Products Market Is Surprising. Mapping for the Building Products Market. A Chicago Property Managers Guide to Saving An Aging Plumbing System. Energy Retrofits for a Chicago Property Managers Building.