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Diesel fuel system. Fuel system components 2. Fuel system components 1. Hall effect. Optical ignition system. Ignition System with optical sensor. Contact Breaker Point. Coil packs. Ignition coil pack. Oxygen Sensor. Air ratio. Hydrodynamic boundary lubrication. Cooling system components. Cooling components. Pressure testing radiator. Generic car v1. Thermastate. A mix of water and antifreeze. Solidworks rack & pinion motion study animation. Air and liquid cooler. Heat. Purpose of the following components used in petrol engines. Tools equipment and materials for vehicle maintenance. Rotary engine cycle. 4 stroke cycle Diesel. Cracker. Petrol and Diesel. Health and saftey practices. TheMainEngineParts. Engine. The Otto cycle. Fire Extinguishers. 2 stroke engines. Main engine components. Oxygen Sensor.