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How Virtual Customer Service Keeps Businesses Afloat During The Pandemic. The pandemic has affected different industries in different ways.

How Virtual Customer Service Keeps Businesses Afloat During The Pandemic

At the core of the new standards of business operations are two options: you can either let the pandemic estrange or strengthen your customer relations. While there are plenty of ways to ensure your business survives the economic downturn, establishing a virtual customer service needs to be on top of your list. What is Virtual Customer Service? Sometimes referred to as Digital Customer Service, Virtual Customer Service is providing customer care, assistance, and solutions over digital channels. Instead of helping customers face-to-face, brands answer queries or solve issues through: EmailLive ChatSocial MediaDigital/VoIP Call ServiceVideo ChatBusiness Website Other than answering customer questions or fixing problems, a virtual customer service associate can also handle other responsibilities.

Executive Assistant vs Administrative Assistant: What’s the Difference? - 20four7VA. If you’re thinking about getting help in managing your business, then you’re bound to decide between getting an executive assistant vs administrative assistant.

Executive Assistant vs Administrative Assistant: What’s the Difference? - 20four7VA

Having appropriate support can spell the difference between managing a business and barely getting by. You’re better positioned to focus on your core responsibilities, pursue your business ideas, and have an equally satisfying personal life with an executive or administrative assistant to share the workload. Wix vs WordPress: Which Website Builder Is Better? - 20four7VA. Planning to build or improve your website?

Wix vs WordPress: Which Website Builder Is Better? - 20four7VA

If you do some research on the best website builders, you are sure to find Wix and WordPress on top of the list. The Wix vs WordPress battle can be confusing, especially for beginners. To find out which is better, you need to compare each platform’s long list of features and decide which one suits your business more. 23 Freelance Blogs for Business Owners - 20four7VA Blog. Small business owners today are blessed with an incredible wealth of information about starting and maintaining a business — from freelance blogs for entrepreneurs to complete online courses.

23 Freelance Blogs for Business Owners - 20four7VA Blog

Now, you don’t have to fly across the country to listen to industry leaders. You can just whip out your phone and watch Ted Talks on YouTube or listen to podcasts on Spotify. You can take classes online or watch webinars for interactive learning without even leaving your living room. However, there’s still something special about reading blogs when it comes to getting information and actionable tips about doing business. 30 Tasks for Your Graphic Designer Virtual Assistant - 20four7VA. People have a tendency for partiality when processing visual information.

30 Tasks for Your Graphic Designer Virtual Assistant - 20four7VA

A report has revealed that 90% of transmitted information in the brain is visual. From a business perspective, this means that companies that include visual content in their campaigns are more likely to elicit a better response than those who don’t. While it is logical to hire the best graphic designer you can find no matter what the cost, it’s not viable for many brands. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, graphic designers make $50,370 every year on average.

For many businesses, the average price that designers charge may be out of their financial plan. Hire Administrative Virtual Assistant & Executive. 5 Types of Internet Marketing You Need to Know - 20four7VA. Consumer behavior and marketing channels are so closely related that they often affect each other.

5 Types of Internet Marketing You Need to Know - 20four7VA

The evolution of marketing from print advertising in the early 90s to TV and radio broadcasting in the mid-90s, and then finally to internet marketing shows that. Unlike traditional advertising that only consists of 4 categories (print, broadcast, phone, and direct mail), internet marketing is still evolving. In fact, online marketing is just as dynamic as the behavior of the consumers. As the demands and preferences of people evolve, internet marketing also takes on various forms. 9 Low-Budget Small Business Internet Marketing Tips - 20four7VA. There’s no denying the significant role of digital marketing in business.

9 Low-Budget Small Business Internet Marketing Tips - 20four7VA

It’s key to opening your business to a wider market. It also makes your brand more noticeable in a sea of competitors. It comes as no surprise that business owners blow thousands of dollars to follow the trendiest internet marketing tips to make more sales and win more customers. While investing in marketing is definitely worth it, indiscriminately spending a lot of money on campaigns isn’t exactly a good decision. In fact, it’s not a feasible move at all for entrepreneurs who are working on a tight budget. How much do businesses spend on marketing? Being in the loop of things helps in making informed decisions – and in creating a marketing plan, it is no different. The Manifest 2019 conducted a survey that studied 461 businesses on how much they spent on advertising.

Online Marketing 101 for Small to Midsize Businesses - 20four7VA. Small to midsize businesses (SMBs) have unique marketing requirements and challenges that traditional, large companies don’t encounter.

Online Marketing 101 for Small to Midsize Businesses - 20four7VA

As online marketing becomes increasingly necessary, the need for SMBs to find appropriate promotional techniques also grows. The problem is that many SMB owners don’t know where or how to start. Thus, many SMB owners find themselves stranded in marketing plans designed for bigger companies. A 4-Part Social Media Marketing Strategy for Beginners - 20four7VA. Small businesses have been dubbed as the backbone of the American economy, what with 99.9% of American companies being composed of privately owned establishments.

A 4-Part Social Media Marketing Strategy for Beginners - 20four7VA

While there are many reasons for the rise of small businesses, the most significant is arguably that of a good social media marketing strategy. Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become the equalizer that evened out the marketing arena for big companies and their smaller counterparts. What is a Virtual Assistant? - 20four7VA. As fast and stable internet connection and effective cloud software became easily available worldwide, more employees have begun looking into work from home opportunities.

What is a Virtual Assistant? - 20four7VA

In fact, according to a report from Buffer, 99% of remote workers would like to work remotely for the rest of their careers and 95% of them highly recommend working remotely as a freelancer or virtual assistant to their peers. Consequently, more and more business owners, especially startup entrepreneurs or those operating smaller businesses, are recognizing the incredible value of outsourcing work to remote staff, particularly to virtual assistants. SEO Tips: Boosting Ranking Using Pinterest. Why is Pinterest SEO important? Over the years, business owners and digital marketing professionals have tested and tweaked different search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to raise brand awareness. To boost their website ranking in Google and other search engines, they have invested in blog posts, keyword research, on-page SEO, page speed optimization, and good design — all of which are important ranking factors when it comes to SEO.

However, optimizing your business website just once isn’t enough. SEO is a dynamic practice. It evolves with both search engines and user preferences. One interesting SEO trend to note these days is that Pinterest playing a key role in obtaining a higher search engine ranking. If you scour the internet for the best ways to boost your website ranking, you’ll find that social media has become a staple in online business marketing. One platform that shows promising potential but hasn’t yet been explored as much is Pinterest.

4 Ways to Increase Business Growth by Outsourcing Marketing - 20Four7VA. How to Create a Killer Social Media Marketing Strategy. These days, more and more businesses are choosing to focus on digital marketing instead of blowing their marketing and advertising budgets on traditional offline methods like events, and TV, radio, or print ads. 10 Social Media Tricks That Will Boost Your Sales - 20Four7VA. Social media has played a huge part in giving smaller online businesses and startups a competitive advantage over bigger, more established companies. Because of social media, local stores and new eCommerce and retail companies are now able to reach a wide, even global, audience without having to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on traditional marketing and advertising methods like TV and radio ads, billboards, and massive events and promotions.

5 Ways to Increase eCommerce Sales Through Instagram - 20Four7VA. Imagine launching a business with only a handful of products to sell, zero business experience, and no ad spending. In fact, they plan to get a buzz and generate sales through Instagram traffic alone. Sounds too risky, right? But for Portland Gear owner Marcus Harvey, this strategy gave him $5,000 in sales on the first day of launching his store. This incredible story proves that Instagram has a massive influence on how successful a business can be. But how exactly does one increase sales through Instagram?

How to Become a Part-Time Virtual Assistant - 20Four7VA. In today’s fast-paced world, idle time is a thing of the past. 20Four7VA Virtual Assistant Services United States: Hire The Best!