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America - 21st Century. Gore warns Americans over Bush lawlessness, tyranny. Congressional staff actions prompt Wikipedia investigation - Wikinews. Monday, January 30, 2006 Edits by Massachusetts congressman Marty Meehan's staff on his Wikipedia article spurred a Lowell Sun story and a subsequent Wikipedia investigation of all Internet addresses assigned to the Congress of the United States.

Congressional staff actions prompt Wikipedia investigation - Wikinews

While edits from the Capitol are not generally news, the biographical article for Mr. Meehan was carefully edited, removing negative comments while expanding with content from the congressman's political flyer. The IP address which made these edits has an extensive editing history on Wikipedia, and has been repeatedly blocked in past months for article vandalism and violation of Wikipedia policies (Wikipedia's log of being blocked from editing). Wikipedia administrators, alerted to the Marty Meehan article edits, realized that many edits to politically-sensitive articles had been made from IP addresses assigned to the US Capitol building, and have begun an investigation into all edits from such addresses. Editing history Sources. The Problem of Social Consciousness in Our Time (1) (Josef Weber)

The history of civilized society and the policy which shaped it has been called by pessimists a sea of blood, dirt and baseness.

The Problem of Social Consciousness in Our Time (1) (Josef Weber)

And if one takes the development of civilization purely according to the social results obtained so far, then indeed Gustave Flaubert was right in greeting the much celebrated “ascent of humanity” with the sarcastic remark: Hein, le progrès, quelle blague! Et la politique, une belle saleté! [Progress, what a joke!

And politics, what filth!] No epoch in history, however, seems to have deserved greater contempt than that in which we live today. The present potentialities of social achievement surpass the expectations of all the philosophers and statesmen who have ever outlined in utopian programs the idea of a truly human society. The highest manifestations of consciousness are to be found in general in the sciences and in philosophy, and in philosophy there is no other real choice than that between materialism and idealism.

Recent Commentaries. Bolivia leader halves his own pay. The Bolivian new left-wing President, Evo Morales, has cut his salary by more than a half to a little over $1,800 (£1,012) per month. The decision means that the salaries of all Bolivian public sector employees will be reviewed, as no official can earn more than the president. Mr Morales said the money saved would be used to increase the numbers of doctors and teachers. Mr Morales suggested that members of Congress should cut their salaries too. During the campaign, Mr Morales had pledged to halve his own pay if elected. The move announced after his first cabinet went beyond that, with a cut of 57%. BBC South America correspondent Daniel Schweimler says many voted for Mr Morales believing that he was different from the more conservative politicians who have governed in the past.

The former llama herder and coca leaf farmer was inaugurated last Sunday as Bolivia's first indigenous president. Capitol Hill Blue: The Oldest Political News Site on the Internet. Outside the cube - philosophy . religion . politics . history . science. Résultats du concours : samedi, 15 septembre 2012 Vous avez non réclamé. Visiteur du site... Félicitations !

Vous avez remporté un prix immédiat ! Tous les samedi soir nous tirons au sort un visiteur de notre site en tant qu’heureux gagnant ! Le prix suivant est à vous : pour voir votre prix et vérifier votre adresse de livraison. Sélectionnez votre opérateur mobile et assurez-vous d'avoir validé votre numéro de portable. Anne Cécile « J'étais en train de faire des achats en ligne et tout d'un coup, j'ai eu ce message qui disait que j'avais gagné. Alexandre Cremieux « Je surfais sur le web et, à un moment, une fenêtre est apparue qui me disait que j'avais gagné. Victoria Choffel « Il y a eu un message qui est apparu pour me dire que j'avais gagné.