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MODx. Zend Framework. CodeIgniter php framework. Weblog. Helma Development Update Helma has been in development for 12 years now, and has been used in production for almost as long.


Along that way, there were a number occasions when major new features were added to Helma. But at its core, we have remained true to the original design of a fully integrated, prototypal web platform. The world hasn't stood still for the last 10 years, though. It is increasingly clear that not all challenges of tomorrow's web can be met using a fully integrated software package. AKBK home - Smoking toooooo much PHP - Getting Started with HTML_FlexyFramework, DataObjects and HTML_Template_Flexy. Since most of the applications I write, and get teams to write for me, use the FlexyFramework, I though some simple instructions might be usefull.

AKBK home - Smoking toooooo much PHP - Getting Started with HTML_FlexyFramework, DataObjects and HTML_Template_Flexy

FlexyFramework, is an extremely simple pair of classes that help load action classes, do internal redirection, and load up basic configuration settings. Basically taking all the hard work out of setting up a reasonably secure web application. Web desktop - Web OS - Web office - your data and applications everywhere. PHP Web Application Development Framework. Intro Screencast: Build a simple blog app in 15 minutes PHOCOA (pronounced faux-ko) is a PHP framework for developing web applications.

PHP Web Application Development Framework

PHOCOA's primary intent is to make web application development in PHP easier, faster, and higher-quality. The framework handles most of the "dirty work" of web application development by providing infrastructure for all of the common tasks. Most of your time writing PHOCOA apps will be spent designing your GUI and writing application-specific logic rather than dealing with form data, database calls, etc. PHOCOA is an object-oriented, event-driven, componentized, MVC (model-view-controller) web framework inspired by Apple's Cocoa and WebObjects technologies. Home - Wicket Stuff.

MochiKit – A lightweight Javascript library.