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Is DNA hyper-communication a native internet? - Health Supreme - moziax: index 2007/02/20: version 0.9.15 new functionnalities and improvements 2006/08/20: version 0.9.14 bug corrections and improvements 2006/07/10: version 0.9.13 improved engine, look, and manual ! 2006/07/04: version 0.9.12 with italian support ! 2006/07/03: version 0.9.11, call number selected from web page ! 2006/06/24: version 0.9.10 with support for 2 new locales New version 0.9.9 with Extension Manager support ! New version 0.9.8 with Firefox-1.5 support ! PayPal donations - moziax: index
AJAX powered chat applications reviewed
This is psyced, a scalable multi-protocol multi-casting chat, messaging and social server solution to build decentralized chat networks upon, released as open source. Powerful, not bloated, not too hard to get into. psyced supports the following protocols and formats: PSYC, XMPP S2S, IRC, TELNET, HTTP, SMTP, OAuth, XML, RSS. It also has limited/experimental code for the following things: Clients using XMPP C2S, Java Applets, Status.Net, Twitter API, WAP, NNTP. psyced communications server psyced communications server