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LA Middle School Curriculum Resources.pdf. Video: The King's Breakfast-Read A Loud. Common Core Spring Training. Standards-Aligned Writing Assignments Use the Turnitin library of essay "prompts," which are aligned to Common Core and state standards, to better support writing instruction in the classroom.

Common Core Spring Training

Your feedback on their effectiveness among students will help get these writing assignments “in shape” and become more useful tools in the classroom. Benefits Early access to 60 Common Core-aligned prompts to help students prepare now The opportunity to inform and guide Turnitin product direction Sponsorship of a project of your choice for up to $2000! Bring Your Own Content. Tasks, Units & Student Work - Common Core Library. Keywords (optional) Enter keywords (e.g., K.OA.3, informational text, arguments, quadratic equations, etc.)

Tasks, Units & Student Work - Common Core Library

Grade (select at least one) Subject (select one) NYC educators and national experts are developing Common Core-aligned tasks embedded in a unit of study to support schools in implementing the Citywide Instructional Expectations. Educators may choose to adopt these resources in their entirety or adapt the materials to best address students’ diverse needs. English. Literary Devices. Definitions of Literary Terms. Literary Terms Absurdist tradition refers to twentieth-century works that depict the absurdity of the modern human condition, often with implicit reference to humanity's loss or lack of religious, philosophical, or cutural roots.

Definitions of Literary Terms

The term may be applied to any work of literature that stress an existential outlook, that one depicting the lonely, confused, and often anguished individual in an utterly bewildering universe. Conventions such as plot and dialogue are routinely flouted--as in the idea that a work of literature should be unified and coherent (in a linear progression). Allusion: A figure of speech making casual reference to a famous historic or literary figure or event or work of literature. 8th Grade Resources - City Life.

Middle School Core State Standards of Utah Curriculum Units & Resources. High School Core State Standards of Utah: Curriculum Units & Resources. Perfect Resume Builder and more. Language Arts. LANGUAGE ARTS - The Learning Network Blog. As we do after Memorial Day each year, this week we are looking back and collecting the year’s teaching materials for each subject area, so teachers can find them all in one place.

LANGUAGE ARTS - The Learning Network Blog

On Wednesday, we posted a list of all of our social studies, history, geography and civics ideas. Below, all our E.L.A. and arts-related posts. Artificial intelligence. Common Core State Standards / CCSS Units of Study. Johnson, C (Honors/English) / Bomb. Open Educational Resources. Utah's Open Textbook Projects Utah has geared up to begin providing teachers, students, and parents with materials to support the Utah Core Standards, instruction, and teaching.

Open Educational Resources

Created by groups of content and teaching experts, including university faculty, district and school specialists, teachers, and USOE staff. Science Utah’s first OER project was science. USOE has been working with science for over several years. Secondary English Language Arts The Utah Core Standards support student access to increased non-fiction/informational text to ensure that all students are prepared to meet the reading and cognitive demands of college and careers.

Digital Books Secondary Mathematics Utah adopted the integrated mathematics model. For more information about Utah's Open Educational Resources, please contact the USOE content area specialist for that subject. Additional Resources OER CommonsFind free to use learning and teaching content from diverse content providers from around the world. Teaching the Process of Learning. We can't accomplish much in a second.

Teaching the Process of Learning

Blink. Breathe. Take a step forward. We can do 60 times as much in a minute, and 3,600 times as much in an hour. Our truly great accomplishments come from combining the little things we do in seconds into long, complex processes that take days or weeks or months. NOVA Education. The Search for Superorganisms From landfills to the deep sea, superorganisms are redefining life and our search for it on other planets.

NOVA Education

From NOVA Next | Apr 20, 2016 What’s the Physics Behind Texting? Lesson Plan of the Day. View a selection from our Lesson Plans of the Day featture below.

Lesson Plan of the Day

Or, if you are interested in viewing lessons by subject, click on one of the following pages: The ArtsHealth and SafetyHistoryLanguage Arts and ReadingMathPhysical EducationScienceSocial SciencesTechnology Balloon Volleyball Stuck indoors? Set up a net, blow up a balloon, and play balloon volleyball. (Grades 3-12) 12/03/2010 Guide Word Game Students locate dictionary guide words in this timed team game.

Bury Those Negative Thoughts This powerful activity will help bury students I cant thoughts and build perseverance. Biograph Chat Conduct interviews with historic figures in a TV talk-show format. About Me. Appendix_B.pdf. Authentic Assessment Toolbox Home Page. To the Authentic Assessment Toolbox, a how-to text on creating authentic tasks, rubrics, and standards for measuring and improving student learning.

Authentic Assessment Toolbox Home Page

Inside, you will find chapters on A good place to start -- In this chapter I identify the characteristics, strengths and limitations of authentic assessment; compare and contrast it with traditional (test-based) assessment. Why has authentic assessment become more popular in recent years? When can it best serve assessment needs? After a brief overview, follow a detailed, four-step process for creating an authentic assessment.

All good assessment begins with standards: statements of what we want our students to know and be able to do. Authentic assessments are often called "tasks" because they include real-world applications we ask students to perform. Popplet. - Bare Books. Free Downloadable Reciprocal Teaching Resources. Inspirational Teaching Videos: Covering Common Core, Math, Science, English And More. Best Practices. Free Personal Learning Styles Inventory® Personality Tests.