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Mesurez votre présence sur le Web. How to Reduce Your Website's HTTP Requests. Every time you surf the web, there's a whole world of technical stuff going on behind the scenes.

How to Reduce Your Website's HTTP Requests

Developers and engineers are usually the ones living and operating in that world, while some marketers -- especially those who aren't super confident in their technical expertise -- tend to shy away from it. But marketers need to have, at minimum, a general understanding of what's going on behind the scenes of their website. Why? For one, metrics marketers tend to be responsible for can depend heavily on the back-end development of a website. For example, the number of HTTP requests your webpage requires affects page load time, which ultimately influences user experience, bounce rate, and other key metrics.

What is an HTTP request? To see how strong your website is, check out our Website Grader tool for a detailed report of your website's overall performance. Eye-Tracking Study: How Consumers Use Mobile Apps. Which types of content do people spend the most time viewing on mobile apps?

Eye-Tracking Study: How Consumers Use Mobile Apps

Should publishers present images first? How much does load time impact engagement? Plastic Mobile recently set out to answer those sorts of questions by examining how consumers interact with the mobile commerce applications of Best Buy, Hyatt, and Pizza Pizza. The attentional and emotional activity of 30 paid participants (14 men, 16 women) was measured with EEG neuro-headsets and eye-tracking glasses in the study.

The researchers observed as the users downloaded and opened the three apps, browsed products and services, went to check out, and made purchases by entering personal information. Below, key findings from the report. 46 outils pour surveiller (légalement) la concurrence. De nombreux outils sont actuellement disponibles en ligne pour gérer votre « e-reputation », suivre l’impact d’une campagne de marketing mais, également, pour « espionner » la présence en ligne de vos principaux concurrents.

46 outils pour surveiller (légalement) la concurrence.

Quoi de mieux que ces longues soirées d’hiver pour rentrer dans la peau du parfait petit Sherlock Holmes du web et explorer le potentiel de certains de ces outils… Bien entendu, les outils d’analyses et de monitoring sont nombreux. Certains sont payants, d’autres sont totalement gratuits. La sélection proposée ci-dessous est donc loin d’être exhaustive mais se veut être une sélection d’outils pertinents et utilisables gratuitement par chacun. Vous vous demandez si votre site a plus de succès que celui de votre principal concurrent ?

Une fois cette première évaluation réalisée, Websitegrader va analyser l’efficacité d’un site web au travers de divers paramètres (trafic, SEO, réputation,…) et vous soumettre un rapport. Comment les marques vont se servir de l’intelligence artificielle. Comment évaluer la maturité digitale d’une entreprise ? - Matthias Moreau. De nombreuses entreprises ont des difficultés à fixer les objectifs de leur transformation numérique.

Comment évaluer la maturité digitale d’une entreprise ? - Matthias Moreau

Comme je l’exposais dans mon premier article, la transformation digitale doit être accompagnée. How to Make Your Startup Go Viral The Pinterest Way. On Thanksgiving, Pinterest’s co-founder Ben Silbermann sent an email to his entire user base saying thanks.

How to Make Your Startup Go Viral The Pinterest Way

It was fitting, as Pinterest was born two years ago on Thanksgiving day 2009. Ben had been working on a website with a few friends, and his girlfriend came up with the name while they were watching TV. Pinterest officially launched to the world 4 months later. Some startups go crazy with hype and users right after launch. And some don’t. Take a look at Pinterest’s one-year traffic on Compete from Oct 2010 to Oct 2011, which is the picture in this post, and shows Pinterest rising from 40,000 to 3.2 million monthly unique visitors. Backing out of Compete’s numbers, we see Pinterest grew about 50% month over month from a base of zero since its inception (on average, smoothing the curve).

Note these numbers are approximations and also do not count the significant traffic the service sees from mobile (Pinterest’s app currently takes the #6 social spot in the iTunes store). Damien Verdier, MailJet : "L'email est le canal marketing le plus sécurisé" - Advertising - Eye-Tracking Study: How Consumers View Display Ads. Do consumers actually notice online display ads served on Web pages?

Advertising - Eye-Tracking Study: How Consumers View Display Ads

Which format of ads do people look at and engage with the most? To find out, Meditative conducted an eye-tracking study of 39 participants of mixed ages who were assigned certain search tasks. Digital display ads were shown in the leaderboard (728x90), skyscraper (300x600) and big box (300x250) positions across both Web-page mock-ups and actual sites. With data from the study, the researchers were able to generate heat maps showing the length of time spent looking at various parts of the pages, as well as gaze maps indicating where people clicked. Overall, 16.6% of the ads that were served to study participants were viewed (e.g., 50% or more of their pixels were in view for a minimum of one second).

Leaderboards, the horizontal ads served at the top of pages, were seen most (25% more, on average, compared with big box ads) and were also noticed most quickly.