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Walkhighlands: Start of Black Wood and Dun da-Lamh fort. Copenhagen. Parking in Dartmouth Guide where to park close to your hotel Dartmouth. The perfect weekend itinerary for Valencia. 48EmailShare Did you see my last post about why I think Valencia is the perfect destination for a weekend escape?

The perfect weekend itinerary for Valencia

If you didn’t, check that out first! I fell head over heels in love with Valencia, Spain’s third city. It caught me off guard as I hadn’t expected to love the city so much. I’m finding myself telling anyone who will listen why they should visit! Top 10 budget restaurants and lunch spots in Florence, Italy. This weekend, food enthusiasts will be piling into the vast, early 19th-century spaces of the Stazione Leopolda in Florence for Taste, the city’s annual gastro-fest.

Top 10 budget restaurants and lunch spots in Florence, Italy

The event, now in its 10th year, sees producers and industry pros, plus an estimated 10,000 visitors, come from all over Italy and beyond for two-and-a-half days of tastings, round-table discussions and food chat. Tickets cost €20 (€15 if you book at and allow you to feast on free tastings of the best gourmet food Italy has to offer. Look out also for the peripheral Fuori di Taste, with gastro-events held all over the city during the weekend. Taste is open on Saturday and Sunday from 1.30pm-7.30pm and on Monday from 9.30am-4.30pm. If you can’t make this festival of food but are planning a visit to Florence, there’s no reason why you can’t still explore its food scene in depth.

10 of the best cheap eats in Florence. Tuscan cooking is historically at the root of Italian cuisine, and Florence has a strong claim to being the birthplace of Italian gastronomy.

10 of the best cheap eats in Florence

Today, while there are plenty of grand gourmet restaurants, this is also a city where you can still eat simple, hearty local dishes at extremely reasonable prices. Sit down at the red-checked table of an ancient trattoria, grab a place at a fiaschetteria (wine bar) or even stand up at a traditional trippaio (tripe stand), and you can feast off a style of cuisine using local products that hasn't changed in centuries. There are wonderful dishes for vegetarians – ribollita soup, barley salad, pappa con pomodoro (bread soaked with tomatoes) – while meat lovers will find themselves in paradise, from the classic Fiorentina T-bone steak, to tasty offal dishes, slow-cooked stews and rich game ragù. Here are 10 of the best places for a very fine feed. Casa del Vino Trattoria da Mario Il Teatro del Sale Il Vinaino Oibò Zoe Trattoria La Casalinga.

Nightlife in Valencia, Spain. 1 0Google +0 1 Where you go at night in Valencia depends on when you visit.

Nightlife in Valencia, Spain

The best area in the cooler months is historic Barrio Carmen, in the city center. Valencia is famous for its marcha (nightlife) and for its bohemian bars. Calle Alta is a good street on which to start your bar-crawl, as is the historic core around Plaza del Ayuntamiento. A longtime local favorite is Cafeteria Barcas 7, at the same address as the name (tel. 96-352-12-33), among banks and office buildings in the heart of town directly north of Estación del Norte. Best Places, Bars and Pubs to Go Out. Weekend in Valencia: a complete itinerary. Valencia might just be the perfect weekend destination: historic centre; a unique arts and science complex; sandy beach; lots of green space; fantastic food; and a great climate.

Weekend in Valencia: a complete itinerary

Spain's third city was established by the Romans, occupied by Muslims, and won for Aragon in 1238, when its influence grew until it was one of the most important Mediterranean cities of the 15th century. These days, it attracts nearly 2 million international visitors per year (about 80,000 from the UK). Many come for the extraordinary Las Fallas in March, a wild five-day fiesta in honour of San José, when hundreds of giant puppets are paraded and set on fire. But it is a party town all-year round – and if you miss Las Fallas, you can always visit the Museo Fallero to see the ninots (figurines) that have survived the flames. 9.30pm Head out to bar-hop and eat tapas in the Ciutat Vella (old town). 10am Spend the morning exploring the old town, where all the sights are within walking distance.

8 Amazing London Bars You Didn’t Know Existed - Secret_LDN. We enjoyed compiling this so much we’re thinking of starting our own little Secret London speakeasy.

8 Amazing London Bars You Didn’t Know Existed - Secret_LDN

So far we’ve got as far as the secret entry (tap 3 times on the lion’s head, spin around in a circle, shout ‘I’m a funky pineapple’ and cluck like a chicken). 1) Cahoots, Soho. Londonist. Koh Samui: readers' tips, recommendations and travel advice. Temples and Tesco Koh Samui is a relaxed and delightful Thai island just to the east of mainland Thailand.

Koh Samui: readers' tips, recommendations and travel advice

It offers many temples and large Buddhas: the temple of the Big Buddha, for example, is a major meditation centre with a 39ft golden Buddha erected in 1792; while at the Wat Plai Laem temple there is a huge, eye-catching, 18-armed Goddess of Mercy statue in the middle of a lake. Not everything is quite so picturesque: on a drive around the small island I spotted three Tescos (Tesco Lotus, as they are called here). At a local coconut plantation monkeys are trained to climb the palm trees to bring down the coconuts.