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Clear Toy Storage Bags (with drawstring closure) Why do kids like toys with so many itty bitty little pieces?

Clear Toy Storage Bags (with drawstring closure)

I guess it increases the fun factor. Tiny brushes. Tiny shoes. Tiny tea pot sets. Tiny cars. So that’s what I did. I made a clear vinyl cinched-up pouch……that she can easily tote around with her little rubber-clothed dolls inside. No more anxiety, wondering where all the little pieces of your children’s toys will go. Just bag it up and make it fun for them to put all their pieces back into their special bag. See? Now, just imagine a whole collection of these……filled with all sorts of things. A perfect way to keep things organized. Would you like to customize your own clear toy storage bags? Supplies: Main Fabric (The amount you need will depend on the size bag you make…….make your calculations below to decide how much you’ll need)Thicker Clear Vinyl (At Joann’s, I bought 17 gauge vinyl I think. First, choose what size bag you want. Bottom Circle Piece: whatever size you want your circle to be Turn the tube right side out. Fabric Storage Boxes (per your request)

Okay, the fabric storage box tutorial is here.

Fabric Storage Boxes (per your request)

(Sorry for the little tease last friday and no actual tutorial. We were trying to get on the road for our trip to ID… things got crazy last week. But we’re here. No está disponible. Sometimes it's easy to think up names for patterns...but this one proved a little more difficult.

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I thought literally and laterally, and then thought a little longer, until suddenly the 'Open Sesame! ' exclamation as a door is finally opened popped into my this is the Sesame Doorstop Pattern. I first started making doorstops several years ago and have given them countless times to friends and family as gifts (they make a perfect present for someone who seems to have everything...and I've always enjoyed picking out colours and fabrics that I think might fit into the person's home), as well as selling them in my own shop.

When I first sewed the square and cross that attaches the handle to the top of the doorstop, I can remember the tingle of delight I felt at this little detail, which I'd seen on a doorstop in a shop several months earlier. It's a detail that still delights me, having made over forty doorstops since then. Florence x. No está disponible. O.K.

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Get ready for it … this one’s a doozy. Doozie? Doosey. It’s a humdinger. It looks high end with a side of huge impact, It costs next to nothing, And even if being “handy” to you means replacing your regular lightbulbs with eco-friendly ones … you’ll be able to do this in 3 minutes flat. Opaque glass shades found at second hand store … Craft Room, Part 1 (covered cardboard storage boxes) Well, craft room stuff..

Craft Room, Part 1 (covered cardboard storage boxes)

And it keeps growing and growing. So the time came to organize. And of course have a little fun with it. So…….I made these storage boxes completely out of old cardboard boxes covered with a little fabric on the front.. **And ended up being surprisingly thick and sturdy And each box pulls out separately with it’s own little handle opening… (And once again, I’m using fabric by Laura Gunn……and loving it!) They are perfect for stashing all sorts of supplies, tools, and odds and ends. And they sit nicely above my work space. Interested in those cubbies? There was a retail store that had gone out of business at the mall and all of those little cubbies were slots for shirts or something in the store.

A tip? Those shelves holding the storage boxes are scrap pieces of wood that I found in the bargain bin at Home Depot. Another tip? That roll of paper hanging below the shelves is a roll of kid’s art paper (for the art easel) from Ikea. First, gather some old cardboard boxes.