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Dear Mom, Today in church we had a lady talk about her experience with cancer. She has stage 3 non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Elizabeth's Lace Elizabeth's Lace
Chiacchierino della nonna Con il centro di Renulek mi sono fermata a questo giro, come lo vedete nella foto. Mentre stavo facendo l'ultimo giro la mia amica Marina mi ha comunicato che proprio quel giorno ricorreva il suo quarantesimo anniversario di nozze; ho deciso immediatamente che quel centro sarebbe stato suo, così ho finito il giro e glielo ho regalato. Mentre realizzavo il centro ho fotografato gli sviluppi intermedi e ho notato che ci si può fermare anche prima ottenendo comunque ottimi risultati. Le spiegazioni per l'esecuzione si trovano sul blog di Renulek.Buon lavoro a tutte, ci vediamo la prossima settimana. Chiacchierino della nonna
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[home] [gallery] [patterns] [how to tat lace] [shop] [tatty links] [contact] Below are the motif patterns I have available. The patterns in this section are FREE and are for personal use only. Just click on the desired icon to see a larger picture and to get the pattern. The patterns are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you do not haveAdobe Acrobat Reader, it is a free download. Tatted Motifs Tatted Motifs
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Tatting with a Crochet Hook Please compare the photo of a crochet designed for tatting with a regular crochet hook. The tatting crochet hool has a straight non-tapered shank similar to a tatting needle while a regular crochet hook has a tapered shank and often a wide spot for ease of handling in the center. Tatting with a Crochet Hook Instructions from 1869 Godey's Lady Book Vol. 78, page 271.
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Tatting & nothin' else Tatting & nothin' else Yup, well known for it too!!! It's something that Nick and I have in common - a love of bags! Not posh bags, expensive bags, but downright useful bags!! Wherever we are we seem to be drawn to bags. We buy bags and then find that the 'new and REALLY useful' one that seemed like our dreams come true in the shop turns out to be flipping useless!!!
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Simple and quick! I took the pink butterfly and some of my other tatted bookmarks and jewelry to the consignment boutique where I sell some of my work. The shop owner, (who loves my tatting) didn't want to carry bookmarks at first -- "I've had other bookmarks here, and they just sit..." but couldn't resist keeping just a few of mine at the shop Butterfly bookmarks Butterfly bookmarks
Tatting Abbrev. This edging was inspired by Anne Orr's pattern from J. & P. Coats "Crochet, Cross Stitch and Tatting" Book 14 ©1923. It has been revised and redesigned by Dagmar Pezzuto – 2014 © Tatting Abbrev.
Bella Patterns Bella Patterns Free Patterns Many tatting authors have posted their patterns for free on their web sites and lots are listed here! If you like one you have worked you should e-mail the author and let him or her know. A study of the Classic Wheel Pattern