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From the 15th of January we will begin full-power development. Still, we won't have a big team, but it will be enough to finish the evolution from the old game and old engine to Torque3D. What should you expect in the future? , not much until March. We will be working on a server-side technology - server clusterization - and, finally, we will finish the seamless and continuous world. Secondly and a very important, difficult thing is a streaming (client side). Entropia Universe. The model for realizing this vision is based on a commercial collaboration between MindArk and its Planet Partners.

Entropia Universe

Both parties bring their own expertise to the table, MindArk in technology and operations of virtual worlds, the Planet Partner in game concepts and content, marketing and business operations. Since 1999 MindArk has invested over 60 million USD to develop Entropia Universe. MindArk now offers Planet Partners to be a part of this and use our technology in building and maintaining entirely new planets in Entropia Universe. There is no text book definition of a Planet Partner company. However, to successfully create and maintain a planet, a Planet Partner should have a long-term perspective and a secure and stable economy for development, marketing, personnel and planet operations. For more information about the Planet Partner model and the Entropia Platform, visit MMORPG.

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